CNN has been in disfavor with many lately for being called a “Fake News” website. Now they are openly using racial remarks against those who oppose their agenda. President Trump and Kanye West’s Lunch stirred up a firestorm of confusion with the left, wondering how a black person support President Trump. Their reasoning to this was referring to him as a “something that happens when negros don’t read”.

The panel consisted with Anchor Don Lemon and his guests Bakari Sellers, Tara Setmayer, and Scott Jennings. During the discussion, an uncomfortable and shocked Scott Jennings sat listening to the rest of the three laughing at these remarks. Tara Setmayer also was seen mocking his health, referencing that “No one should be taking Kanye West seriously, he clearly has issues, he’s already been hospitalized”.

This is not the first time race is the left’s only focus. This time, CNN was very clear and open about race being an important concept when pertaining to an individual. This leftist watchdog media group, who claim they view race as a meaningless phenomenon, just had their true thoughts of race revealed when the panel stated, “Black folks will trade Kanye West in the racial draft”, and that he is now “the token Negro of the Trump Administration”.

By Mike Jakob Klusa