As many of you know the mainstream media lies to a great extent and continues to lie even when a great majority of their audiences and their targets continuously point it out, however many people continue to believe the lies that target people to portray them in a way that the mainstream media wants them to be seen by the general public. One man, one main target who over the years has continuously been lied about by the government and the main stream media is Tommy Robinson, hero to many, but why have they and are still relentlessly targeting him?

If you’re reading this and you Follow Tommy Robinson on all his social media platforms, you will see videos, live stream videos, comments and captions where Tommy continues to battle the lies that are being told about him, but to those of you that don’t really follow him and his social media platforms will possibly believe the lies that the mainstream media continues to try to brain wash you with.

Tommy Robinson once said, “tearing out a mans tongue does not prove him a liar, it only proves that you fear what he might say”, and this is what the mainstream media and especially the government are trying to do to Tommy.

At the time that WoolRich Crown Court was dealing with “Darren Osbournes”( 48 year old man from Cardiff, responsible for the Finsbury Park attack on the 19th of June 2017, he was accused of driving his van into Muslims who were gathering around a mosque in London, one died at the scene and at least 8 were injured) case, it was reported in the national mainstream media that the crown prosecution service states direct contact between Tommy and Darren via social media. Tommy states on one of his YouTube videos (link below), “i was not contacted by the CPS to inform me that this incorrect claim was being made. I was not warned at all before the start of this trial that my name was going to be used in the opening of a terrorist trail, to prepare my family for the threats and everything that was going to come.” In the YouTube video he then continues to state: “National news papers and journalists then went on to claim Mr Osbourne had received a direct twitter message from me, that’s completely untrue, completely false.” Tommy’s solicitor at the time went through the process of ascertaining whether the misrepresentation of the situation was made first by the press or by the prosecution.


As a result of Tommy’s misrepresentation by the press and/or prosecution not only was Tommy and his family receiving threats of violence and death threats but you-tuber “Ali Dawah” started a campaign to find and publish where Tommy lived. Ali Dawah published a video saying: “A lot of you guys might be asking, what is Ali Dawah doing in a dark place at nighttime? Tommy Robinson can answer where we are he knows where we are”. This then led to an address Tommy’s family lived in ten years ago at the time being outed as his current address all over social media. Tommy then goes on to say “after Ali  Dawah claimed that i lived at number 4 multiple twitter accounts began sharing this old address with photos of the property putting an innocent family in danger”. “It coincided with an online campaign from hard-left activists and Muslims, who were encouraging people to kill me and kill my family, my wife and children.” He had a twitter user who goes by the name “the joker” encouraging people to break into Tommy’s property, “to stab me, stab my wife and stab my children to death”. Tommy and his family received multiple other threats due to the lies the mainstream media has told. This includes videos where Muslim men are saying to Tommy, ” i will cut your mother, ill rape you will eat your mother then ill beat you cause your small, 15″ pal look at that” as the man was referring to his biceps. Another video stated: “I’m telling you i will kill you and take your merchandise, you bloody kuffar pray to your lord because i will kill you and take your merchandise.” These are just a few examples of the hate, death threats and violent threats Tommy Robinson and his family have had to suffer due to the mainstream media and their lies,there are thousands more out there.

Andrew Lawton on the stage at Tommy’s trial on the 23rd October stated that the reason he was there that day was to “come here and cover the facts, that’s why I’m here thank you. Here are the facts that Andrew solely came to Tommy’s trial to state:

1.”My personal favorite was about our friend “Ezra Levant”quote, “he needs to be arrested and hes whipped up hate” is what they said”.

2.”Before the proceedings even started this is what they said about Tommy quote: “he is in contempt of court there’s not really any doubt.”

3.”You see one of the great members of the law enforcement team that have done a lot of great work today said to them at the time there were about 15 hundred people, they said “lets just say a few hundred, quote because “we don’t want to give it any credit.”

One of the most recent lies being told about Tommy is that he “stands to make £1m’ on US speaking tour, which Tommy him self has stated several times on live stream videos and on photo captions, “I’ve not been offered a penny for my American arrangement.. fake news as usual.”

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Another lie that has been told by the mainstream media about Tommy is that he bought a £950k house out of the money that has been donated to him which is again lies as Tommy states on this post:

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I urged people to not believe everything that the mainstream media try’s to tell you, they have a lot to answer for. We have to stand together to stop this and many other things from happening.

By Alissa Cook-Gray