David Cameron, age 52, resigned from his position as Prime Minister on the 23rd of June 2016 after he called a referendum to see what the general public wanted to do regarding our position in the EU, leave or stay. Cameron was hoping for the majority to vote stay and when he didn’t get the result he wanted he stepped down and left our country in a mess, which was a cowardly move as we are still facing the backlash of his actions.

Recently Cameron has decided that he wants back into politics as the Foreign Secretary, reports say this is because he is “bored sh#tless.”

For this to happen, Theresa May has to be removed from her position as PM which is already more than likely to happen. Not only are the general public fed up of her antics but several other politicians are fed up as well. Theresa May has proposed a 12 month brexit extension which there is no need for, yet again she is trying to prolong the inevitable. This extension will also cost billions of pounds in EU fees which as usual the general  public will be paying for in taxes. Conservative MPs have now told May to ditch her plans and make way for a new leader.


Not only does May have to resign for Cameron to be the foreign secretary but he also has to go through either a by-election or a general election, so if the general public have any sense at all they will not vote Cameron back in.

There is a massive shortage of qualified, logical leaders in the UK and David Cameron is on of the majority that is neither qualified to the level we need him to be nor logical. We need a leader that can see through the corrupt ways of our country.

Photograph by :Graham Flack/Red Sky Shepherds Huts/PA
Cameron has done enough damage, so if he his to be voted back in should he take charge of cleaning up the mess he has made and make us a clean break from the EU?
By Alissa Cook-Gray