Benjamin Watson a former American football tight end for New Orleans Saints has spoken
out on what he believes to be a man’s role in preventing abortions.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” on Fox News Watson explained that men have the ability to prevent abortions.

“We’re living in a time, Martha, of abortion on demand,” Watson — explained. “We’re living in a time of relativism. And while I would agree that these happen in very rare instances where someone would wait nine months before having an abortion, the fact still remains that whether it’s at nine months or whether it’s at eight days or 18 days, when the heart is developing, when the baby is breathing, it’s still the same life.”

Watson further explained that there needs to be an advocate for parents who may not be able to take care of the child considering their circumstances. 

“It’s important to not only be people that stand for abortion as if it’s some sort of political stance — which it kind of turns into sometimes — but be someone that stands for whole life,” he explained. “Be someone that’s willing to support not only this baby that’s coming into the world, but also to support the mother and the father that may be in crisis, whatever they may be going through.”

Watson went on to note that pro-life people have no problem in supporting unborn babies lives but perhaps they should take into consideration the situation of the parents. The mother could be faced with a difficult decision, if we take time to support the woman perhaps abortion can be voided.

When MacCallum asked Watson about his message for men Watson said, ” “Look, men are in a role of leadership in many areas,” Watson began. “Men are protectors. We are providers.” — having a unique responsibility in helping to prevent abortions. 

“Many women would not be seeking abortions if the men involved in their lives were doing what they were supposed to be doing,” he concluded. “And that’s a challenge to myself, that’s a challenge to all men who are listening, that’s a challenge to men everywhere to step up.”

Women should not be the only ones to provide the decision to have an abortion. Having a real man in your life means to have someone who is able to stand by you and think through the decisions you are contemplating. Men have a huge role to play in preventing abortions and Women need someone who can stand by them through times of difficulties.

Watson has long been vocal about his faith as a Christian.

In 2017, Watson offered vocal support for those demonstrating in the March For Life, giving his own speech at the event. During his speech Watson explained, “The reason why I stand for life is because I believe God created all life. And we live in a world that is anti-God in a lot of ways.”

Here you can watch Watson’s interview with MacCullum:

Watson has to spoken out againt VA governers debate in one tweet:

Dana Homsi