Hi Patriots,

Censorship has been a big thing for us ever since late 2017, when you had organisations (like the Anti-Defamation League, Hope Not Hate etc…) declaring war on free speech and censoring platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It goes without saying that we are not anti-Semitic or in any way collectively discriminant against anyone. However our content and content creators are under heavy fire.

Within the last 24 hours – one of our popular community pages (The West Is The Best – which scored over 10,000 followers on Facebook within 6 months of existing) was permanently taken down without good reason. Moments afterwards, Juan Bibiano (our head of marketing, graphic designer, artist and a frequent writer for GFM) was banned permanently with no appeal. No reason was given by Facebook for either of these bans.

Goldfire Media’s main page has been shadowbanned indefinitely. Our reach barely scrapes 1% of our page audience.

I was banned on my profile 2 weeks ago for making fun of a racist black woman, who was calling all white people unconditionally racist. I’m no stranger to being banned from Facebook myself so I’ve pretty much gotten used to it but it’s getting to the point where we are being removed and heavily censored for no reason.

Another example of Facebook’s rampant censorship against us was when Harry Goldsmith was banned for a post he made YEARS ago when he asked his Facebook friends if they wanted to play video games with him. That is how low the bar is, the ban lasted 30 days.

Now I’m not going to pretend that censorship is only happening for us, it’s happening for the majority of outspoken conservatives across all major platforms. They came for Alex Jones, they’re coming after growing alternative media outlets us, then they will be coming after you.

And we should probably let the left wingers know they they’ll be coming for you next. It can just take one slip and then you fall into the category of ‘hate speech’, all because you misgendered someone or told a rude joke. This isn’t really about us, this is about all of you – we are just in the way.

As the managing director and editor-in-chief of Goldfire Media, I’m here to assure you that we aren’t going anywhere.

Get on Gab, it’s our next destination if Facebook steps up its game and bans us completely.

-Damien Taylor