New Yorkers are now fleeing, finding refuge in the sunny state of Florida. Florida has gained attraction from northeasterners not only for its sunny weather but for slow taxes and reasonable regulatory environment attract businesses here. Florida ranks sixth amongst states for new business creation.

Blue state refugees have now found a Safe haven in Florida. It seems that the residents of the Big Government state of New York are fed up with its blue state politics.

Two decades of conservative state leadership has made Florida the nation’s freest state according to the Cato Institute.

In the recent midterms, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum had a breathtakingly slim margin showing how quickly things can change. No state in the United States will permanently be red or blue thanks to our electoral college, any state can have a chance to flip to either Democrat or Republican.

Florida balances its budget and does so with an income tax, unlike the federal government.

In a two 2016 report it has been said that jobs have been the number one attraction for re-locators, making it fertile ground for Democrats to venture in Florida.  

American socialist Bhaskar Sunkara, at a far-left conference in Britian wondered why so many of his fellow New Yorkers are relocating to Florida.

We’re actually now fourth in population, people keep moving to Florida, I don’t know why. People don’t like the winter.

Sorry, Bhaskar, but it ain’t the weather, it’s the taxes! The data explains everything: in New York, income tax rates range between 4% and 8.82% and the corporate tax rate 6.5%. In contrast, Florida has no has known income taxes and Its corporate tax rate varies between 3.3% and 5.5%.

These far leftists are living in their own delusional world rather than facing the hard facts. The more honest far-left activists accept this truth and propose limiting capital flows in order to obstruct it.

New York is top in the U.S. in terms of its residents leaving for other states. A census data shows in 2015, New York had a population of 19.5 million. By 2016, it shrank to about 19.3 million, resulting in a net drop of 186,000 people. This has been an ongoing trend in New York.

While people may be moving due to factors such as, the high cost of living and brutal weather; an ongoing hike in taxes is the real issue here. New York is turning socialist, with its leaders finding taxing everything a solution to every problem this blue-state faces.

Dana Homsi