Trump trolls Hillary ‘bigly’ from his website

By Juan Bibiano
Twitter: LibertyDragon1

President Trump truly is the ultimate troll. If you go to his website and try to enter a URL that doesn’t exist, you will be taken to a “non-existent” page that uses an image of Clinton.

Try it out for yourself. I used this URL:

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Jack Bibiano AttachmentsMay 6 (5 days ago) to Goldfiremedia, William Jack Bibiano is a crypto-investor, space enthusiast, and music entrepreneur currently located in Clarksville, TN. He is also a huge advocate for the message of liberty. The moment he was awakened was when he witnessed the 2012 Republican debate, where libertarian legend Ron Paul was the only one with a real difference in opinion. The question was about a national ID card. Everyone thought it was a good idea, until it got to Ron Paul. “NO! That’s preposterous. That is NOT what freedom is all about.” said Paul. This was a huge wake up call, and ever since, Jack has been a staunch advocate for liberty and a moving force against the global elite! Follow me on twitter - @LibertyDragon1