We have yet to see another attack directed at conservatives for practicing their first amendment rights. Over the past few months, we have seen similar attacks by the left.

Our freedom of speech is becoming suppressed. We conservatives are no longer given a platform or freedom to speak out before being attacked by someone who does not share the same beliefs. Anything conservatives do is now deemed he speech on racist for merely voicing our beliefs. These leftists have their own utopian socialist agenda. It almost seems like these leftists no longer want anything to do with the first amendment. If you don’t agree with him you will be attached for your beliefs. Are we heading towards another civil war?

    A student at the University of California Berkeley was punched in the face by someone while at a recruiting event for turning point USA.

A man wearing grey sweatpants and shirt walks up to student Hayden Williams telling him that he is “encouraging violence” before a man wearing a black shirt throws a punch at his face, walking away and yelling “fucking cunt.”

UC Berkeley TPUSA Vice President Mina Castro later came to the scene finding Williams “injured” and “torn apart”

“I called the police because we needed to file this up,” Castro said.

UC Berkeley has always had a history of violence with the left clashing with the right. Student Hayden Williams is one of many victims attacked on the right.

Here are two videos from different angles of Hayden’s attack:

Despite the lefts attacks, We must not be silenced. We have the freedom to speak out just as they do under the first amendment.  We have to take back our freedom as conservatives and show them and we are the better. By continuing to remain calm we will expose them for who they really are. Democrats will slowly step back from their party realizing the corruption of the Democratic Party has become.