Well, it looks like Great Britain continues to lose any semblance of free speech or freedom of press they had left. Two iconic rightwing figures have vanished in the night; sent down the memory hole.

As Tommy Robinson and Raheem Kassam, along with Politcalite, KipperCental, and UnityNewNet all get swept off of Facebook in the same timespan, one has to ask: What’s the move? Many are now expecting Theresa May to do something terrible with Brexit. She’s using Facebook to silence her loudest critics. She can’t take the heat.

Tommy Robinson, founder of English Defense League has been permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram for repeatedly breaking the sites’ policies on hate speech, Facebook said.

I guess telling the truth is being hateful, huh? I guess trying to prevent the world from turning to globalism is a hateful act?

The company said Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, broke rules that ban public calls for violence against people based on protected characteristics; rules that ban supporting or appearing with organised hate groups; and policies that prevent people from using the site to bully others.

The decision to ban Robinson from the social media sites could threaten his ability to reach large audiences.

Robinson is already banned from Twitter and the decision to cut him off from Instagram and Facebook will leave him reliant on YouTube as the only major online platform to provide him with a presence.
Facebook deleted the personal profile and disabled a fan page for Raheem Kassam, an opinion writer for The Daily Caller and a former chief adviser to Nigel Farage.

It wasn’t clear if Facebook disabled the page due to American or European politics. The company hired Nick Clegg, a former head of the U.K.’s Liberal Democrats, as chief of global policy and communications in October.

He got the attention of many big conservative voices. Even Donald Trump Jr.

And with their help, his Facebook got reinstated.

As it turns out, a Muslim activist was behind the purge.

Kassam, a former Muslim and former editor for conservative media outlet Breitbart London, is scheduled to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) later this week. Expect liberal minds to be blown.