Trans’Woman’ breaks natural-woman’s skull as Transgenders continue to dominate women’s sports

Women have had to fight several battles in society all through out history to be where they are today in America. To be a women who works hard, provides, and is an amazing mother is well applauded in our current society. A women who wins awards and opens doors for the women of the future is something I think we can all be proud about. Society has long since progressed from the time where women still couldn’t vote and because of those who stood up and fought for change, the women of the 20th century are doing great. It’s fair to say that women hold so much importance in all our lives, what they add to our world is irreplaceable. I’m happy to see that today women can have leagues and lanes of their own to dominate and succeed in without worry, specifically I’m referring to sports and anything that requires clear separation of a women and man.

Yes, a women could very well become a construction worker but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s man who will dominate in that lane simply because the way a man’s body is created. You cannot change biology and it is proven hundreds of times over that the capacity of a man’s strength will always surpass the capacity of a women’s strength. This doesn’t mean that women are better than men or men are better than women, it simply means that we were created differently and we are different. I believe it’s important to understand that the body of a man is very different from the body of a women, especially when we’re talking about sports.

For as a long as women began to compete in sports like weight lifting, baseball, basketball, track, or even participate in the Olympics it was clear that women and men were to be separated. This has been the case for several years and because of that women have earned countless awards, medals, and have broken world records in their respected fields. Men have also done the same against other men in their respected fields. Unfortunately it seems like women won’t be succeeding or winning in sports any longer if nothing is done about the rising problem. Men who claim to be born in the wrong body and are now Identifying as a women are wrestling, running, swimming, and out-sporting women in all fields. Not only are they destroying women sport but they’re robbing medals, awards, and world records that women have acquired through sheer talent and hard work.

Example, Mary Gregory who only recently came out as transgender celebrated a huge win on an Instagram post after breaking multiple records previously held by women in just one day.

“What a day, 9 for 9! Masters world squat record, open world bench record, masters world dl record, and masters world total record! Still processing, full meet recap to come a bit later but I do want to thank a few people,” Gregory wrote on Instagram.

“As a transgender lifter I was unsure what to expect going into this meet and everyone — all the spotters, loaders, referees, staff, meet director, all made me welcome and treated me as just another female lifter.”

Gregory is having a good day but I wonder how those women who trained weekly, competed for years, and worked hard to break those records feel right now. Imagine waking up to find out that a Man who just recently became a Transgender women came and swooped up all their hard work in one single day, that really must suck. It’s okay though let’s continue to rob women of sports and their hard work because the world want’s to ignore biology and facts in the name of inclusion. Not everyone was feeling inclusive over Gregory’s wins, Former British Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies, who won a Silver Medal in the 1980 Summer Olympics was not happy at all. “Male body with male physiology” and that a “woman with female biology cannot compete. It’s a pointless, unfair playing field” said Sharron.

Gregory isn’t the only one and professional competition isn’t the only fields that this is taken place in if that’s what you were thinking. Young women in high school are also facing these issues as the problem has trickled itself down to College and High school Sports. At the State Championships for Girls two Transgender high school sophomores Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood came in first and second place, in the 100-meter race winning the top prizes at the State Open Finals June 4th. Currently there are 17 states which allow transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions, according to Transathlete. Fallon Fox one of the most known transgender female fighters in the world, former MMA fighter, broke the skull of her natural-born women opponent Taika Brents.

Before problems between Natural-born women and Transgender women get even worse I believe its best to give Transgender women their own category. Allowing Natural-born men to compete against women is actually harming women in more ways than just one. Caster Semenya a South African track and field Olympic champion, is one of the women who is clearly dealing with some hardships of her own. Caster was born with a difference in sex development (DSD) which means that she’s a biological woman but naturally has higher levels of testosterone due to her Hyperandrogenism. She just lost an appeal to compete in sport, they told her if she wants to continue competing as a woman, she has to reduce her testosterone levels through therapy. Meanwhile, transgender men can continue to compete and steal opportunities from women no questions asked. The 28-year-old South African, will now need to take medication to reduce her testosterone if she wants to compete internationally at events but Transgender men can simply identify as a women and begin to dominate women sports.

Speaking out against any of this apparently warrants you the title of Trans-phobic and Bigot. Long time LGBTQ activist and lesbian, Martina Navratilova is one of many who are not happy with what’s happening in sports. Truth is, none of this is even remotely inspiring or uplifting for natural-born women at all. Martina wrote on twitter “You can’t just proclaim yourself a female and be able to compete against women, There must be some standards, and having a penis and competing as a woman would not fit that standard”. The Tennis legend, continued to voice herself to the Sunday Times of London where she was obviously against Transgenders involvement in sports. A few days later after the article’s publication, Athlete Ally, a New York–based LGBT-rights organization, expelled Navratilova stating that her “recent comments on trans athletes are transphobic, based on a false understanding of science and data, and perpetuate dangerous myths.”

Here’s my opinion on all of this. Just like bathroom laws I believe Transgenders should have their own lane for sports. I don’t want sports to be taken away from anyone just because I don’t agree with. I don’t want bathrooms taken away from anyone, Transgenders should have as many rates as any other human being in society. Although we cannot just simply be ignorant to facts, biology, science, and the un-comfort of others. We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that a women would not feel comfortable using the same bathroom next to a natural-born-man or the fact someone isn’t okay letting their young daughter into a bathroom where Biological Males can also enter freely. This is the same with sports but even to a much higher degree because we’re not just talking about using privacy and using a toilet.

There are obvious biological reasons why its unfair, dangerous, and too confusing to allow Transgender people to simply hop into which ever competitive sport spectrum they feel like. Having a lane to themselves where they could compete against other Transgender male or female opponents is the best decision for all. Let Transgender people break and set their own records as they compete among themselves, it’s not rocket science. Watching women sports get dominated, watching women get beat up in physical sports, and watching all the progress women have made in sports get stripped away by natural-born men is not Empowering. I think women are so special and I believe there is way more to being a women then getting surgery and identifying as one, I hope feminists could back me up with that.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

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  1. This is some bullshit. Transgender athletes shouldn’t be competing against non transgender athletes. If an athlete is not allowed to use performance enhancements drugs( like ex: steriods) in competition because it gives an “unfair advantage” then a transgender woman( a man artificially enhanced to replicate female gender) should not be BOXING against a female born female. The transgender woman would have an unfair advantage. THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE THE DIVISION OF THE SEXES IN THESE TYPES OF SPORTS. Men box other men and women box women thats how it’s suposed to be due to their physical make up. Regardless of how much hormones and surgery a person gets and what sex one chooses to identify themselves as the FACTS REMAIN that genetically they are STILL the sex they were born under. If a transgender woman( male to female) wants to box then they should be boxing other transgender women( male- female) or MEN and the same goes for transgender males ( female-male).

  2. Dana white you should be fucking ashamed of yourself for letting fights like this happen he is still a man despite of his looks crying fucking shame

  3. It’s funny how women celebrate with feminist chants when shit goes their way, especially when a man is being shitted on, but get in their feelings when a man dominates a woman in any way. Stop being one-sided and play your part, and stop with the “women can do anything a man can do” bullshit because clearly that’s not true.

    We both have our strengths and weaknesses, which is why we need each other. Simple science..

  4. Well yes and no. Men are in general stronger than women but some women are stronger than some men so it is not a 100 percent absolute. A woman who works out all the time can definitely be stronger than a guy who stays on the couch all the time and there have been girls who have legitimately beat boys wrestling etc but when it comes to something like this where a lot of working out is required there are some differences. The best thing to do is whatever you are born as even if you become a transgender in terms of competition, that is what you need to compete as. If a woman chooses to take on a transgender that is her business but it should not be something required.


  6. What about Transmen winning men’s boxing titles?? That’s happening?? Some things should be what they are private.. genitalia doesn’t dictate gender identity cavebrains.. There’s gotta be balance.. very one sided and bigotry minded opinions. I’m a professional athlete too and complete with both.. And play Thrash Metal. Another male dominated world.. Trans movement is real.. Old dogs learning new tricks. Wanna think old fashioned.. give back all ur technology and medical advancements.. go Back to the cave with ur Cavebrain ways.. Transpride xox. Good day.

  7. What about Transmen winning men’s boxing titles?? That’s happening?? Some things should be what they are private.. genitalia doesn’t dictate gender identity cavebrains.. Therea gotta be balance.. very one sided and bigotry minded opinions. I’m a professional athlete too and complete with both.. Amd play Thrash Metal. Another male dominated world.. Trans movement is real.. Old dogs learning new tricks. Wanna think old fashioned.. give back all ur technology and medical advancements.. go Back to the cave with ur Cavebrain ways.. Transpride xox. Good day.

  8. They’re calling you a transphobic bigot because you’re acting like one, ya dumb cuck.

    It’s not fair that LeBron James was born so big either. Deal with it.

    And the singular of “women” is just “woman,” by the way. (Ya dumb cuck.)

  9. This is a fight between a MAN and an IDIOT! She knew it was a man and chose to fight HIM! HIS strength did not diappear with his beard!

  10. I’m sorry I can’t get over the fact that you refuse to say WOMAN instead of women🤦🏿‍♂️ I’m cringing at how acceptable it is. Oh the article has a point tho

  11. Overall, ppl are going to still fight over labels and categories and whatnot. This is one subject that everyone will have to accept change. Everyone should be able to understands one’s self physically in regards to other individuals. It’s insulting to athletes for someone who knows physically, they hold an advantage over their peers, and knowingly turn a blind eye. I find it simply rude. Everyone would have to change for there to be inclusion, maybe since men are identifying as women would still have to compete with other men (having leagues to not be gender limited). that’s years of changing the mindset of the generation before and so on. A lot things would have to be change. But for this offset in the scales of competition it’s an obvious blatant disregard to the authenticity of sportsmanship.

  12. I’m sitting here reading this ignorance as some of u people Kno nothing of what u speak about no one Kno what tht woman or trans woman have been through in life it’s funny how no one can build something up with out tarring others down if u choose to stay blinded by ur ignorance then so be it. Trans people fight just as hard to survive as half of u bigotry ass haten mofos do u couldn’t walk a mile in there shoes so shut the hell up as for the bathroom comments as a trans woman who endorsall the bullshyt. Sociaty has to offer grow the fuk up thx

  13. Didn’t read all that as too long but
    Your correct at beginning and
    Gay and bi – lesbian I understand
    But you cannot change a mans appearance it’s like change in a ape 🦍
    To be human ;;
    I no friend I have family where as I won’t mention who are lesbian and transgender full sex change penis into vagina boobs still masculine features which can always tell and a transgender hitting a women is like say a women has a hammer 🔨 and transgender is sledgehammer – and they are so so scary as the feelings they carry inside them
    A man being a women noooo
    Not in sport am shocked I don’t no what goes on to day as don’t watch the news or listen to adverts:;
    My friend was and still is a body builder he was so strong not today full of water pure strength and when he hit omg / so a women wanting to be a man
    Fighting a women is equal/ did you no
    Racist is not just colour religion – sexual ie gay bi TS TV etc etc lesbian
    Years ago like when slavery of a black person hidden away no out in the open
    Women & man
    Monkey 🐒 and ape 🦍
    Easy comparisment
    I am 6:1 – was a sprinter very fast jumped fences over 6ft – not back flip straight jump years ago as I am 54 now
    I was fastest sprinter for my year and a girl black girl as there bones structure was different she was faster than me:;
    This world woah shocking for a women
    Gladiator versus light weight.

  14. Yes it’s truly sad that they allow this travesty to happen these men can’t hack it as being a real man so they want to go beat up women they should not be allowed to fight with women that’s crazy
    regardless whether you change your sex or not whatever God made you that’s what you are, this is a sick world we live in.

  15. So a man beat the hell out of a woman. How is that ok in ANY sense? Wtf..this is disgusting. And completely wrong.

  16. THAT’S A NIGGA! I dont care how many hormones that joker takes! That’s going to always be a man. Whomever is responsible for these fights need to be in JAIL RIGHT ALONG WITH THIS SHE MAN THEY GOT BEATEN WOMEN! I don’t see how they thought this would be a fair fight when we all know men will always have more power than women in a fight. Put that Joker in the ring with Mayweather and let’s see what happens.

  17. They need to stop letting these MEN and BOYS compete in girls and women’s sports. If they don’t want to compete as men or boys than either don’t compete or compete in a transgender category.

  18. «You cannot change biology and it is proven hundreds of times over that the capacity of a man’s strength will always surpass the capacity of a women’s strength. *This doesn’t mean that women are better than men* or men are better than women», why did the author here, who obviously is a man who has a need to self boost his own lame confidence, state this here about women in this article where it states everywhere else about men’s “superiority” to women? There’s nothing at all that can relate in his article where they’re any better than men. This guys‘ got a few issues. Because he’s quite aware that any fighter (especially pro) girl would ruin his ass any sec.
    Am I the only one who’s able to spot this psychology in the article?

  19. If I were a female athlete I’d refuse to compete against transgenders if all the athletes did this just like the NBA did with Magic Johnson the association would yield!!

  20. To Faerie Tanith, why do folks try to INTENTIONALLY confuse simply things and PURPOSELY make, what is simple complicated.

    DON’T no body care about individual bathrooms, that either men, woman or transgenders can use.

    The problem comes in, when you want to allow men, who IDENTIFY as women, to enter into a multiple stall female restroom.

    The SAME way transgenders DON’T want their free will to be forcibly removed, is the SAME way women DON’T want their free will/free choice to be forcibly removed.

    Who is to determine the tie breaker? Because somebody will lose and since it’s about safety FIRST, men who IDENTIFY as women, DON’T get to come into a multiple stall restroom period, but restrooms that ONLY have one stall, who cares because you can lock the door safely, do your business and leave.

    What you tried to do Faerie Tanith, is justify one issue, by bring up another issue, thereby INTENTIONALLY trying to confuse the two, like one justifies the other, when it DON’T.

    Then on top of that, you tried to make it seem like men and women AREN’T physically different in strength, by speaking about their differences in a double talking perspective, that belittles the difference, then thereby making the differences seem like that they are NOT important, and that these differences DON’T matter, when they do matter because they are FACTUAL DIFFERENCES/the difference between the strength of a man compared to a woman, that makes a fight between the two NOT fair.

    Can a man fight his wife in their EVERYDAY lives, with his defense being that men and woman are equal in strength? NO

    So, why is it OK, in a sport like boxing?

    And as a woman, why would you say, that a women who fights a man in the ring is acceptable, just because he IDENTIFIES as a women for?

    You CAN’T beLIEve that to be true, and that it is OK, even if you where a man, because then that speaks volumes about YOUR character and if you do beLIEve that, would you allow your daughters boyfriend to fight her in their EVERYDAY lives? NO

    Because REMEMBER, that you said, that their is NO difference between the STRENTH between men and woman.

    This ISN’T acceptable….and STOP trying to make it acceptable, with YOUR double talk.


  21. That is a man, fighting a real woman @ the end of the day.

    My question is, WHY would she fight a man, in the FIRST place?

    Now is it OK for men to fight women because the man identities as a women? NO

    He still has the strength of a man @ the end of the day.

    That man, has NO VICTORY….., he just physically assaulted a women @ the end of the day, and the world says, that this type of behavior is acceptable, WHEN IT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    @ the end of the day, he might identify as a women but when he bust a nut, during sex, he is releasing sperm NOT eggs, so he is a man @ the end of the day, that physically assaulted a women, AND THAT IS ASSAULT.

    That Part

  22. A man should not be able to compete in a woman’s sport. Idc if they got their little pee pee whacked they were still born male. It is unfair.

  23. Enough is enough!!! If you were born a man no surgery is going to make you a real woman. You are still men at the end of the day!!!

  24. When a man can experience monthly cramps, monthly vaginal bleeding, breast soreness and all things that come with being a woman, then will he be accepted as a woman. Some of these women are competing, fighting, racing, etc…. during their time of the month. While a transgender woman is happily going about their days without experiencing Mother Nature. I think it would be better if there was a transgender category in all sports. In most things, women cannot compete with the strength of a man, whether he wants to act as a girl or not….. it will always be an unfair challenge.

  25. The amount of transphobia and general bigotry on this page is fucking staggering. Everyone in the comments deliberately misgendering the woman, that one asshole saying “Men are allowed to hit women now? Sign me up.”, the rants about bathrooms, just… you’re all fucking disgusting.
    First of all, I hate to break it to you but if you live in a house with other people, chances are you’re using a unisex bathroom. Allowing a transgender person to use the same bathroom as you isn’t creepy or disgusting. It’s no different than what you do at home in your own damn bathroom. And secondly, cisgender women are being told they can’t compete in sports like this if they have naturally high testosterone. Here’s the thing: testosterone isn’t a male thing. Just as oestrogen isn’t a female thing. Both men and women produce BOTH hormones. A man can produce more oestrogen than average, and vice versa. There’s been news of a woman (I can’t remember her name) who was born female, identifies as female, and yet is being told she cannot compete in her sport against other women because she naturally produces a little too much testosterone.
    You want to sit there hurling abuse at literally anybody you can huh? Fucking monsters, the lot of you.

  26. There is no such thing as a transgender woman or man. They try to appear to be of the opposite sex, but appearance doesn’t define sex. If you were born with a penis, you are a man – PERIOD. Chopping off an appendage does nothing to change the biological sex. That is not possible without changing the DNA.

  27. I can’t believe someone paid you to write this. It literally reads like a high school drop out wrote it. I mean every other word is “women.” And it’s never “a women” you twit.

  28. He should be arrested and charged with assault. WE CANNOT ALLOW TRANNYS TO DESTROY OUR YOUNG WOMEN!!! Give them the Trans-League and let them eat EACH OTHER!!!!! Transgender is a mental illness and it should be treated as such. These people shouldn’t be ALLOWED to compete in sports AT ALL! You don’t go to the drag races with a 4 cylinder because it’s not a RACE CAR! THIS ASSHOLE IS NOT a Woman and should NOT BE COMPETING AS ONE!!!!! Put them in a mental hospital where they belong and let them fight their way out if they want to fight so bad! Dammit.

  29. All that will be left to women will be prostitution , misogynist and trans will take the rest .


  31. How is this even a conversation? What the hell have we become when we have to look away from obvious realities so not to “offend” some marginal snowflake. If you are a trans-gendered man than, so be it… I am not denying you any rights or common dignities or courtesies because of your lifestyle choices. BUT you ARE STILL A MAN! (and visa-versa) You can’t reconstruct and redefine scientific biology with irrational emotional demands.

  32. I think these trans women aren’t competing with men anymore because some weren’t at the top spot at their sport. How is it a natural woman born with too much testosterone can’t compete with women but a man who lives as a woman can?? How is that fair?

  33. If there is no advantage/disadvantage to transitioning……then WHY are the trans so hell-bent on competing with women….why NOT compete with the men?? There’s no biological difference, right?? 🤨🤨

  34. This is all sick! I can’t believe this was even published. Genetic and biological makeup says that you are a man. No matter how many implants hormones you ingest you will always be a man genetically your DNA in your chromosomes says that. it’s simple science. Transgender men and women need their own League of sports where they’re challenging others like them that struggle with gender identity. This is so unfair and I cannot believe the women athletes that are allowing themselves to be put in a position where they’re competing against transgenders on any level. At some point you have to stand up and just say no I won’t do it! I don’t like to see a transgender man or woman compete against another transgender man or woman in a sport of choice now that would be worth watching this other bull crap… it’s just sick!

  35. There’s no such thing as transgender! It’s a made up word. You’re born male or female that’s it!

  36. Messed up men get charged 4 beating a woman but these men get away with it. Thats not right get in with ur own kind.But Americans are idiots cuz they Ok everything they cry about.

  37. This is fucked up, these men are taking over and this needs to come to an end, u-trans need to wake the f****** you are not women! F****** disgusting.

  38. Please get an editor with grammar skills to read and help with final copy. The concepts and ideas are publishable, but, oh my, there are just so so many errors that distract a reader, it is hard to stick with it. I am a University professor, and would have sent this paper back for revision.



  41. A poster above says hormone therapy reduces bone density etc. Is that not reversed with training? An athlete trains to get stronger, no? Also we have to remember a male body has traits that aid in strength by mechanical advantage. He has more ribs and a smaller pelvic that enables muscles to yield more force and tighter control of the body.

  42. I don’t give a crap what they call themself , they are men’s and don’t belong in women competitions

  43. It’s a violation of natural law.
    Unfair to all women athletes.
    Sanctioned cheating and must be stopped!!
    All female athletic records both amateur and professional should be restored immediately!
    And establish separate competitive events for them and their kind.
    This has become so absurd and ridiculous that is turning women’s sports into a sideshow joke that deserves more respect and protection than this. Trans..whatever!!! Its unfair and cheating plain and simple. DISCUSTING!!!!!

  44. AMERICA WANTS TO BE FIRST IN EVERYTHING, STUPID COUNTRY SO ASS BACKWARD ,WHY WOULD a country fight over a restroom forever when it not the most important issue the country has ,wasting time abd money .i still get pissed off when the country allowed one man to change the way elementary kid started their days decades ago.the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE well……………………………………there is only men and women in the world , everything else isc FRANKENSTEIN

  45. I do believe that Transgender persons should be able to compete in sports, however, a man who has reached puberty a beyond and then changes to a woman is still genetically male. He has the power of a man. It is completely unfair to the female gender, who were women all their lives, to be subjected to a beat down by a genetic male. That is why sports are separated to provide fairness for each gender and weight class. My personal opinion is that a transgender section should be included in the sports and they can then fight each other according to gender conversion and weight class.- that would be a fair fight.

  46. TRANSGENDERS should NOT ! be allowed to compete against Women. You are and will always be, A Man. Get your own sport. You wanna be a woman but you wanna apply masculine strength to this sport. Make up yo damn mind.

  47. How can a “writer” write a 1,500 word article and not know that “women” is the plural of “woman” and that the two are not interchangeable. Do it once, maybe a mistake. Do it 74 times is special needs.

  48. This is the most ridiculous conclusion that men can become women just because they feel they are, and vasa versa. Every athlete should protest against this madness. People are going with the flow mindless. What happened to what is right instead of being bully but the idiots of the lgbtq wxyz. That’s why this world is upside down. People have lost their minds. Keep feeding into their perversion.

  49. Wow! Men beating women! Where’s the press on this? And where’s the fairness! Really?

  50. We women are still fighting fights that we shouldn’t have to. If they wanna compete, start their own leagues and leave us be. The next thing they gonna want to do is give birth. Can we have something to ourselves damn it!

  51. Lol now women don’t like the gender ambiguity.
    I thought women loved all this gender fluidity. There’s no difference in a nan and a woman. Women can kick men’s asses up and down the street huh? I say let the ass wippings begin

  52. That is so NOT fair…. That one trans girl fighter in particular is HUGE she ain’t even on female hormones and she still has her nuts. She is still driven by natural male testosterone which essentially makes her still 100% male. They need to up the requirements on trans athletes (M-F) should be required to have had the gonads/testicals removed and on estrogen for a minimum of 1 year. This should ensure all testosterone production has stopped and the body has dropped down to the physical strength equal to that of a biological female…..

  53. I work out daily and years to compete in my sex and age category….Women have fought for years and still fighting for our own rights and breaking the glass ceiling…we don’t need some man born with a dick to come into the women’s world of sports and compete against us! Women can’t be play NCAA or NFL Football, we don’t play against men in Women’s NCAA or NBA…why do you think you can come in our world of sports and fight? Is it you are not man enough? Fight like women have for centuries and get your own category…shame on the sport who is allowing this horrible crap to take place….I will quit watching that sport!

  54. I agree, transgenders should have their own, “everything.” It’s not fair to natural born women and I’m not phobic anything, but fair is fair, and the transgender is going to win everytime.

  55. You mean to say dudes continue to beat on women all in the name of equality and yall dumbfucks keep watching/ and paying for them to do so… If they want to fight how hard would it be to do trans only league? Or is that not equal enough for you damn snowflakes?

  56. So basically a man with boobs beat the shit out of a female…couldn’t beat a man so …

  57. So sorry that we have come to this Where generations fought for equality and rights has woman Now to have to begin the fight all over again,to gain equality in sport.I am sad that woman ate continually overlooked and dominated by men.Transgender men are men they take hormones to prevent them having male characteristics how can they claim they are woman chromosomes do not lie Once again woman are fighting for fairness and recognition

  58. I read some real racist sexist aparthied sociopathic bullshit here today on this transgender ( white male) vs natural born women in physical sports. And sharing public rest rooms. This is an insidious repugnant sociopathic development. NO ! to sharing public restrooms between transgender (white male’s) and natural born women ( that’s just perverted. NO ! To physical sports competitions between transgender ( white male’s) and natural born women. THAT’S JUST CHEATING !!!PLAN AND SIMPLE !!! What kind of low life sick MF would even want to do that !!?? And believe in thier sick perverted minds that that’s “FAIR” competition ?! WTF ??!! YEAH , I don’t FN think so “man”. Stupid people come up with stupid idea’s. transgender (white male’s) should absolutely NOT be allowed to comingle with natural women in these area’s. It totally clinically insane !! Just say HELL FN NO !! to the fn stupid shit !
    Maurice , JP
    Staff Seargent US Air Force
    Honorable Veteran

  59. This is disgusting, will these transgenders understand that, if you were born a boy, you will grow into a man. Not a women. They should not be allowed to compete in womens sports!!!!! Not fair to real women…for that you might as name the sport qhere they are competing Unisex Sports, since it is MEN against WOMEN…

  60. First of all,I am begining to think that all of you are a little crazy with mental illness. As for the comments, yes women did ask to be equal to men in the case of equal pay for equal work. When you lump every one into groups such as saying women wanted to be equal and you got it,well I am a woman who was not in that group because common sense tells me that I am not equal in strength but brain power I can be to a man. Also not to speak for others but I am sure that there are other Trans women out there who are really ashamed that other Trans women remember because you all lump us into groups depending on our biology not by the individuals that suppodsly fits into those groups,for fighting women who they know they will beat. We all have a win when it comes to this issue because people of all genders are proving just how stupid some memberd of our groups can be. I guess today men real men, have a win because today it’s all about the women and the Trans gender people. Way to go human beings, it’s your day to see just how stupid half of the people in your group can be when we get lumped together as one depending on our labels.

  61. Thank Obama and his manwife for this bullshit. Trans, gay, homo, lesbian, bisexual whatever. It’s not natural for men to be with men and women to be with women. It’s a sin and you have emotional problems. If this is your life then yes, being honest about it is great, but don’t expect me to make accommodations to satisfy you! If you go into a bar and get your ass kicked it’s because you offended someone with this unnatural disrespectful showing. I personally don’t care if you want to eat the crotch of your own sex but don’t promote this behavior as normal. It’s not! Or we would all be born hermaphrodite.

  62. If these transgender persons want to be identified as transgender then they should be competing against other transgender person and not natural men or women .. to even allow theses events to happen is a mockery to women’s sports and has to stop. Do you see a transgender man competing against other natural men No because they are not genetically built like men and will lose every time

  63. Shame on you for promoting a story that happened over 5 years ago.

    Fallon Fox is a piece of shit, but hasn’t fought since 2014.

    Your website pushing click bait from years ago is akin to the momo bullshit.
    Fuck you.

  64. If a woman chooses to compete against a man and gets her skull broken, that’s her own dam fault. Until women understand that men are superior we will continue to see this trend but that will never happen.

  65. As has been said by a few with brains, just to semi quote one, “I think transgender should have their own category for sports because like it says in the article it is definitely not fair for the other opponents. You think it would be common sense but apparently not” Easy stuff


  67. My opinion is that You can’t change your DNA. If the officials were to test DNA and yours is male then you shouldn’t be competing in women’s sports. You can be whatever yo want to be and identify as a women but if your DNA says you’re a man then women sports is out for you.

  68. First of all, he was born a man. Second of all, these people is condoling Domestic Violence. So again why is this born a man fighting a woman. This shit is crazy, and everyone that allow this to take place needs to be held (Accountable) ASAP.

  69. This shit is crazy as fuck. He was born a man, transgender does not mean he was born a wonen. Everyone that allow this to take place needs to be held (Accountable) ASAP. 😡😡

  70. This shouldn’t even be an argument, that’s what stupid. The fact that we actually got here at all, arguing about biology. Fuck!

  71. The ‘B’ in ‘LGBTQ’ states that there are only 2 genders. Let that sink in.

  72. This is just pathetic. They can’t compete/win against other men, so they ‘become’ trans to dominate/defeat women? And they’re proud of their ‘accomplishments’? Ludicrous. Petty. And I’ll leave it at that. But kick them out of women sports!

  73. We have to respect woman fighters. This wasn’t an untrained woman the trans fighter got into the ring with. These fighters know the risk of injury. That said. If the trans fighter did not transition until after male puberty then they are entering a weight class they do not belong. Even male fighters are separated by weight class : lightweight heavyweight etc.

  74. Out of all the crap in this journalisms story … no one has even made the comment about this … let me lay it out for everyone … any boxing match or title fight both parties have to sign a contract that means this woman knew the competition was transgender no one forced her in the ring .
    2nd and most important I didnt see anyone say anything about how many natural born women TAKE testosterone for competition especially body building … so, all this hype about trans people is just another way for people to go back to simple minded black and white racist BS.
    3rd and last if you are gonna quote the bible or use bible terms please dont mix your religion into it no where in the bible does it show Adam and Eve got married so how can you refer to it as God created them to be example for marriage . Also, lovers of self , looking at another woman in a lustful way is a sin ,but how many will bash you for that these days in the bible there is no degree of sin … God didnt say pick and choose the other persons sin. It says to love your enemies and worry about yourself not judge others . So, thats whats wrong with all this cause not one of you are innocent of sin and have your own homosexuality or transgender sins in your closet just might be in a different categories.
    John 3:16

  75. I say to all of you this ask the woman whose skull got cracked how she feels about a transgendered man. We don’t know what the chemical treatments this person has been taking have affected his/her physiology. To put this person in the ring with a real woman without knowing this is criminal. A strength test should have been performed to determine if the punching power of the Trans was to great to be in a boxing ring with a person of lesser punching power. As for a person choosing their gender, that’s their decision. It effects me either one way or the other as long as you are staying in your lane and not in mine. No I am not homophobic I just like real women.

  76. There are only two genders male and female, and there those with GID (Gender Identity Disorder) who haven’t figured out what sex they are, which is a mental disorder. If you are born a male you are a male. If you are born a female you are a female, and that won’t change no mater what you think you are.

  77. So now men can dress up as women and legally beat and bash in the skulls of other women without consequence!? You pathetic excuses for human beings! This world is sick and if I saw a MAN simply dressed as a woman, (maybe with a boob job) beating a woman in a fighting sport or anywhere else I would jump in and beat his piece of sh** coward ass into submission. This is a disgrace and I’m terrified at what this world is coming to! You pathetic sorry piece of garbage!! If you are to weak and cowardly to fight your own sex then crawl into your hole and don’t ever come out! Don’t bash women’s skulls in because you have some serious wiener issues you pricks! NOT SORRY!!! This MAN should be in prison!

  78. I have and will keep posting this ⬇️⬇️⬇️ whenever and wherever this topic comes up, until such time as this egregious THEFT of women’s sports victories and trophies comes to a complete halt!

    Those who know this is a LIE, need to STOP using the made-up words and terminologies of the LIE-makers. There are NO “trans-athletes,” only men who cannot legitimately compete against their own gender. Like the emotional COWARDS they are, they have co-opted women’s sports where they are assured FALSE victories. These are men who HATE women. These are men who would SUBJUGATE all women if only they could, and so they are doing the next best thing in their teeny, tiny, self-emasculated worlds; they are robbing women’s sports of FEMALE excellence. 🤬🤬🤬

  79. Wow for some reason I do not believe this story is true. Some countries are making gay lesbian and transgender behavior illegal by stoning. God said he would not flood the earth again and this group of people stole His rainbow and are doing the things that made Him mad enough to destroy the world. When it rains fire I hope this craziness burn up for good. That woman if this story is real should start the suing process.

  80. Womxn 2016: Men and women are equal! There are no inherent differences between the sexes!

    Womxn 2019: We’re tired of getting our asses beat by trans-women! They’re too strong, it’s unfair!!

    Well, that escalated quickly. Now do y’all see why we want you to stay out of the infantry? Or why we don’t want female law enforcement officers or firefighters?

    No, I’m sure it’s over your head still. The beatings will continue until y’all figure it out. This is bloody hilarious to watch.

  81. Now they know darn well a transgender male is still a male and he should not be allowed to go against any woman in any sport no matter how many surgeries they have they still have to testerone and they are still built like a man they are still men should not compete against any woman and any woman sports

  82. Lmfao . Now yall wanna complain. I think it’s very fair . Equality. This is what yall want right .. that is why the boy scouts is no more when girls can join the boy scouts and making it sexist . You want equality saying that a women is just as good as men . Yes and then fight for women to join Male sports because they identify as men . Well now domt complain and say it’s not equal no more .. people you cant have it both ways .. and you cant complain now that your losing .. just pick one. I love this ..

  83. So there should be a “transgender” category on sports? And let me guess… put the x’men with the x’men and the x’women with the x’women?

    And if one gets good enough fallow then to compete with other me? And vice versa with the women?

    Fuck y’all wowrd asses. A man is a man and a woman is a woman.

    And you black people who support this white people idiologies are morons.

  84. Wtf why is society so fucked up. Let men be men and women be women. Men cant give birth and women dont have a dick to impregnate another female. God didnt make adam and steve he made adam and eve. Shit like this shouldn’t happen. Fuck tards!!!!!!

  85. These aren’t men competing in these female sports, they’re fucking punk ass losers. Any man that steps in a ring and cracks a woman skull is not a man. In this case, he isn’t a woman either (women actually have my respect). Just a fucking eunuch that has mental issues and no cock. Fuck your feelings bitch.

  86. This needs to stop as everyone said the strength between the two are obvious, this should of never been allowed to happen, grow some balls and keep them separate no matter what! Born a man, men sports, born a women, women sports very simple!

  87. Just “men” putting on women’s clothes and saying I’m a woman. Born with a dick and still have a dick your a man. They know they can’t actually beat a real man so thanks to the shitty world we live in today they allow “men” to go up against women. So if i shave and wear a dress i can just step in and go up against women in whatever sport because that’s what I associate with is a pathetic excuse to allow them to compete against women. Bruce jenner was NEVER woman of the yr, born with a dick and still has a dick.

  88. At the end of the day they need to compete with men not woman period. You can’t have kids. They lie to obtain a man and never ever up front. You can’t bleed like us you can’t push out no babies as hard as you try your a fucking man mfer. Your a man Damon on my life these mfers need there own division strictly for trans because you dudes are getting a pass to beat on weman because you nip and tuck your manhood . We are the the backbones for the men. I’m disgusted with this shit.

  89. Of course that’s a damn man he gone whoop her azz Idiots are you people on drugs he still was born a man are you doing insane i would sue y’all azz

  90. It’s interesting how transmen don’t compete against cis men in sports but transwomen are steady competing against cis women…and, dominating.

  91. Lol we dont want to hurt his feelings so we let him break her skull. We’re such a compassionate bunch of idiots.

  92. No you’re not actually, lol. An equally trained man vs women, the outcome will always go to the man. As far as strength, and speed which is mostly what’s used for sports.

  93. An equally trained man as a women will always be stronger and faster, sorry to tell you. I guess God is misogynistic. This doesn’t mean women are better than men or men are better than women it simply means we’re different and we were clearly created to be different and better at certain things than our counterparts.

  94. Do you all remember that song ” anything you can do”? As women we have always had to fight for equality. Unfortunately, proving that means we must fight a “natural born” man. I agree there should be regulations such as being completely transitioned, but to say we are not equipped enough to push our limits beyond the comprehension of male testosterone is ludacris. We are just as equally strong of a man or trans-woman.

  95. Wow, this article and these comments are loaded with gender stereotyping misogyny . I can honestly say that any combat trained female soldier or even MMA fighter could easily kick my ass hands down. You’re painting a picture that all women are weaker and that simply isn’t true by any standard. Trans female athletes must prove that they’ve been on HRT for at least one year before competing. Not only does HRT reduce T levels to below. Cis female levels but it also reduces bone density, makes epidermal tissue much thinner ( allowing easier bruising and tearing ) , changes muscle tone and tendon strength. Higher estrogen levels restrict arterial circulation by increasing fibrinogen levels. There is just blatant misinformation and misperceptions about hormonal performance capabilities. Trans female victories are rare and it is unfortunate if another gets hurt but underestimating the capacity for strength in women ( especially when many train hard ) is misogynist in nature. In fact there are many woman that would love the chance to prove their abilities over what’s assumed as a superior competitor. Stop making shit up !

  96. Tf type of shit is this!?! That’s why I don’t believe in that community. How is this okay!?! If you a man fight a man. Shit crazy!

  97. Makes no sense…since they are so thoughtless maybe they should have Trans men fight men to see how that works out 🤦🏾‍♀️😒

    If you’re Tran man or woman good for you but stay in YOUR LANE or better yet MAKE YOUR OWN. I don’t care.. It’s WOMEN BOXING for a reason. He/she can take as many hormone pills and have surgeries to change their appearance… It doesn’t change who they ONCE WERE.

    The strength of a woman is not anywhere close to being one of a man… no matter how much she trains to beat him. STOP the madness .. A woman got her SKULL CRACKED!

  98. Those who oppose the trans community like to point to ridiculous situations like this as examples of how we are oppressing and hurting “Real Women”. As though these absurd situations are somehow representative of typical things trans women are doing. They are trying to paint a picture of us as nothing more than misogynistic men who are using femininity to prey on women. They are trying to say we are wolves in sheep’s clothing basically. But, it’s really they who are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to disguise their bigotry as moral outrage. There are overwhelmingly more examples of trans women being victimized because of their gender identity than there are trans-women who seem to be using it to take advantage of others.

  99. Horrid grammar and view

    Its sickening to see how much “normal” people ridicule trans people. Painting an image that trans people are trying to take from the normal. Maybe they are just trying to coexist and live amongst society based on who they are not who they were. These people go thru so much hardship due to harsh behavior from people like the ones making these negative comments. Yall need to start accepting facts that these are different times where technology, humanity, life is evolving and things arent as simple as science explains. Trans people are people too just like you and I.

  100. People can be who or whatever they want to be, I support that 100%, but transgender men should not be competing especially fighting natural women! And vice versa.

  101. Why is humanity so messed up. A man is a man even after he starts hormone therapy. He will always be biologically stronger than a biological female. He has all the advantage and he knows it. His wanting to fight a biological woman is sick on his part because he knows he can beat her. Chromosomes, brain and body structure makes him a male and that will NEVER change.

  102. Thier is no such thing as trans you are male or female it’s no fair to let weaker me mutilate themselves then compete with females! Compete against yourselves Cowards!

  103. “You can’t change DNA”

    You’re all idiots lmfao. That’s how humans adapt and change to all the world events for thousands of years. DNA changes, you’re just retarded. But you can’t fix stupid 🤷🏻‍♂️

  104. Funny how the article mentions a natural born woman who needs to reduce her own testosterone levels but fails to acknowledge that Trans* people ALSO TAKE HORMONES TO BLOCK TESTOSTERONE SO THAT THE FEMALE HORMONES ACTUALLY WORK. It’s great that they say they should have a Trans only category and I can roll with that. But you just blatantly stated that a natural woman has to do to compete but are completely retarded when it comes to what the hormones actually do.

    Short story: I agree that there possibly should get their own category. But who ever writes this garbage is fucking horrible at journalism and I hope they find a new job; preferably get educated first.

  105. Seriously.l? If you’re born biologically a male, why are you allowed to compete against biologically born females. Smh. None of their wins count and will never be taken seriously. Why cant trans have their own team? Or males fight males? I have no issue with trans or anybody for that matter. But i do have an issue with unfair BS.

  106. Seriously. Is this country dumb as shit? If you’re born biologically a male, why the fuck are you allowed to compete against biologically born females. Smh. None of their wins count and will never be taken seriously. Why cant trans have their own team? Or males fight males? I have no issue with trans or anybody for that matter. But i do have an issue with bullshit.

  107. This is scary… Its getting out of HAND what society dies to make accommodations for what isn’t right without thinkung about the consequences…a transgender man is a man..nothing will change that. That is why i believe this entire concept (transgender) needs to BE analyzed by pychology experts… No disrespect..but im just saying…

  108. You can’t change what you were born as, there are 2 genders female and male, transgender men who fight or compete against women should be ashamed of themselves

  109. Why aren’t we seeing transgender men competing in men’s sports? Cisgender female athletes have a right to require a level playing field.

  110. This is just dumb they shouldn’t be allowed to fight with NORMAL people yes I said it normal.

  111. DNA will always prove these will never be women ,no nip tuck or pretence will ever change their gender

  112. Ridiculous!!! A man is a man. A woman is a woman. A transgender is other. Get it right!!!

  113. a MEDAL means nothing if the person who wins it KNOWS it was an unfair and unequal match in anything of any gender and/or race… How you win is more important than winning…!

  114. I just think that transgenders need their own category, bathroom, island and etc… because you are neither in my opinion you can’t change dna period

  115. Firstly, it was difficult reading this article with women being used instead of singular, woman, starting with the title. Ok, moving on…The last paragraph asking for feminists to back you up “ain’t” gonna happen. Look how the LGBTQ denounced Martina Navratilova for speaking out and she’s a well known lesbian and feminist. Anyone who speaks out, as was stated in this article, is branded anti LGBTQ or phobic, which is absurd. As one of the commenters stated, not all transgenders want to compete with women or feel good about raking in fake gold. Therein lies the answer, the transgender community has to step up and say they want their own bonafide category just like the different weight/size categories in boxing etc. Their community has to demand their own category. Anyone else asking for it in this climate is labeled anti-inclusive which is overly sensitive and anti-sensible.
    Side note: You wrote a very good article. But please make sure you’re using correct wordage, besides the “women” thing there were a handful of other misused spellings/words which takes away from your credibility and makes it difficult to keep reading but I kept reading because, as I said, you wrote a good article.

  116. At the end of the day he is and always will be a man. Regardless of his sex change. Why would they put a man in the ring with a woman anyway. This trans shit is fkn ridiculous.

  117. I am a transgender woman and i wish there was transgender games
    But don’t blame us all for some stupidity of the others we are not all for transgender raking medals of fake glory.

  118. I think transgender should have their own category for sports because like it says in the article it is definitely not fair for the other opponents. You think it would be common sense but apparently not lbs.

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