It’s been three years since Trump won the presidency of the United States. These three years have been quite entertaining for the political observer  with punches & counter punches of Trump vs the Democratic party. Sometimes Trump had to fight his own party. His campaign went through a long investigation by Mueller and came out clean. He was on constant warfare with the mainstream media which tried very hard vilify Trump and his administration through various false claims and negative coverage while downplaying his good work.

With 2020 election ever approaching more & more Democratic candidates are throwing their hat in the ring to face Trump. We at Goldfire Media think that Trump would win the 2020 election and with a better margin than 2016. These are the reasons why:

Trump’s Economic Performance

Trump had achieved more in his 3 years than many presidents in 2 terms. According to the latest statistics unemployment fell to 3.6%, the lowest in 49 years! Unemployment for African-Americans fell to 5.9% , the lowest on record. Veteran’s unemployment is in the lowest in 20 years. More than 2.5 million new jobs were created. Consumer confidence is at an all time high. Almost 3.9 million Americans were lifted off from food stamps. GDP is growing at a 3% plus rate. He got USA out of the disastrous NAFTA deal & the Paris Climate Agreement which had cost millions of American Jobs. The National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB) revealed that Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35 year record high in August 2018. More than 6 million Americans received tax cuts bonuses & benefits. All these a just a few of Trump’s economic achievements.

Democratic Presidential Candidates

Right. Now to the fun part. Nothing makes Trump supporters more happy than a look at the potential democratic candidates gearing up to face Trump. When Trump got elected in 2016, a lot of democrats grumbled about old white men dominating the politics in the US. So they got the perfect solution to the problem: older white men. Both the gold medalist in Grope Olympics Joe Biden & Bernie “Climate Change is Racist” Sanders are both older than Trump and they are leading the pack. Kamala Harris, the great MS-13 defender is playing the customary woman card this time along with Elizabeth Warren, the first fake Native American presidential candidate. And Beto O’ Rourke. Okay, lets be honest here Beto isn’t winning anything. Except maybe a Ping- Pong tournament. A Ping-Pong tournament with a 5 year old kid. A blindfolded 5 year old kid. A blindfolded 5 year old kid with one leg.  Most of mainstream media has all these candidates with a good lead on Trump in their “polls” which means Trump will absolutely mop the floor with whoever wins the nomination. And bodyslam Beto into oblivion.

The Antics of the Left

On November 6th 2016 the entire liberal left collectively lost it’s marbles when Trump won and started blaming everything from Russian hackers, Wikileaks to voter suppression rather than their own inept candidate. Many thought then that the left moderate themselves and move more to centre after the drubbing they took but surprise! The left went even more insane to point of extremism. Trump supporters were attacked in restaurants and streets. Beverages were poured on them. They were blocked from giving speeches on campuses. They are being banned from social media, they were censored. The Democratic party went from being the party of the middleclass American to the party of the extreme left-wing nutjobs with 569 pronouns outraged at the mere existence of conservatives all the while being confused of which bathroom to use. Many traditional democrats were & still are being shocked by the direction their party is going are leaving the party in droves. The BLEXIT movement saw a significant exodus of African-Americans into the conservative family. Once the party of JFK, the Democratic party now became the party of the likes of Ilhan “ Somebody” Omar and AOC, the dancing socialist, people who openly expressed their hatred for the American way of life. From calling to impeach a president for something he was cleared of to getting offended by George Washington paintings in the freaking University of GEORGE WASHINGTON the left stooped so low that they struck oil.  More & more Americans are moving away from the left and their regressive hate filled politics. All of this bodes well for Trump and the Republican party.

The Abortion Issue

2996. That’s the number of 9/11 victims on that fateful day. That’s also the number of babies aborted each day in the USA. That is 120 babies per hour.  1 baby aborted every 30 seconds. By the time you finish reading this article almost 3 babies will be aborted. Think of that. A 9/11 everyday. Instead the victims will be the most vulnerable and defenceless Americans of all. In New York, more black babies are aborted than born. All under the name of “choice” and “rights”. Ever since Planned Parenthood was caught selling baby parts the Pro-life brigade took up the fight a notch higher.  More Americans are waking up to the horrors of abortion. Still, the Democratic party stands staunchly with their stance on this issue. Shockingly, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris who is against death penalty for MS-13 gang murderers has no problem with abortion. This is also the stance of most of the Democratic candidates. Trump secured a huge win for Pro-life supporters by appointing 2 conservative judges for the supreme court. Many Pro-life Americans see this issue as one of the strongest issues to vote for and Trump delivered. He is the most Pro-life president in a decade. We can be pretty sure that this ever increasing number of Pro-life voters would be strongly voting for Trump come 2020.

All said and done it looks like Trump is set for huge win in 2020 unless the democrats unleash a virus that makes the frogs gay and make every American vote blue. Other than that MAGA is going stay still 2024. And when that does eventually happen, remember you heard it first from GFM.

By Asish Samson