The Modern Conservative movement has become stagnant because of a fossil of it’s own making. This fossil is the concept that in order to win elections, you have to be anti-intellectual. Critically speaking, the conservative movement worldwide has only shot itself in the foot and lowered itself morally to the alt-left.

As we take a look at the rise of the new conservative age and with more young people identifying as Conservative then ever before we must ask ourselves where are the new conservative philosopher’s who are building the future of the movement?.

All we ever seem to see are people making videos on YouTube taking hits at easy targets and yet never actually sitting down and writing down what the future must be for Conservative. People like Roger Scruton and Peter Hitchens being ostracised from the mainstream because they actually took time to write down what was wrong with the modern conservative movement and how we can fix it.

The Modern Conservative movement has become a place where people can become famous out of a simple tweet going against the norm and making a quick buck out of it. In order for conservatism to be legitimate going forward we must be rid of these people. It’s sad for me to say this but even figures like Nigel Farage must go as they only seem to appear when they can capitalise maximum profits on a single issue rather then staying and sticking with the movement when things get tough.

it’s time to build a youthful intellectual conservative movement that can beat down the rise of the ethno-nationalist groups propping up after the collapse of the dissident right in Britain from the fallout of the free speech movement in 2019.

By Zack Goldsmith