When Joe Biden announced that he had nominated Kamala Harris ( who previously dropped from the presidential race fearing a loss in her own state) as the Vice presidential candidate, The democratic party, The mainstream media, left-wing social media and other members of the left simultaneously erupted in joy and relief. Everyone hailed her nomination as “historic” “ unprecedented” and “progressive choice.” Why? Because more than an woman she was and is seen as the ultimate representative of black and Indian Americans which clearly signalled the intent of the democratic party:

 A.Exploit to the maximum the already strained race relations in the US for votes

B. To portray any criticism of her as a racist attack

C. Woman Card

Harris too used this to the maximum by constantly uploading pictures of her from the past and from India while declaring her pride in her heritage and her rise to the top “despite the odds”

But all this cannot mask the troublesome history of Kamala Harris’s public life and her history of opportunism and corruption which stain her political past.

Here we look at 3 reasons why she can and will be seen as a corrupt opportunist by those who have suffered at her hand.

  1. Corruption Charges: Harris has a long record in this particular issue and the following are just some examples of her record on this issue.

In 2003, when Harris announced her campaign for the San Francisco district attorney election she signed a form declaring that she would stick to the city’s spending cap of $211,000 but immediately broke the same rule by raising $621,000. After facing the wrath of the San Francisco Ethics committee had to pay a record fine of $34,000.

If you think that is shady, wait for the next one. Before her time as DA the Catholic Church in San Francisco and many Catholic priests were prosecuted on sexual misconduct charges and case was still on the line when Kamala Harris took over as DA. She had already accepted large donations from the Catholic church by then for her campaign. So what did she do as a DA: Harris buried all the evidence including the documents on St. Ignatius College preparatory school which was the key connecting point under the pretext “ to protect the victims”. This sparked outrage from all sections including SNAP- Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, the largest and most active victim group who called it “full of shit.”  This not only buried all the main evidence but also prevented other possible victims from coming forward. To put it into context : while 50 other cities were prosecuting priests for sexual abuse, San Francisco under Kamala Harris prosecuted exactly ZERO by covering up the evidence.

Again, when San Francisco Police Department gathered crucial evidence and acted on many San Francisco night clubs which ran prostitution rackets illegally they were blocked by Kamala Harris’s orders. Still the PD went ahead, conducted sting operations and arrested the owners. The cops claimed they were “ slam-dunk cases.” Mysteriously Kamala Harris simply dropped the cases. Nobody knows the real reason but it could be due to the fact that one of the owners was closely associated to Willie Brown, former Mayor and Leader of State Assembly who Harris previously dated while he was still married and who appointed her in two state commissions while they were dating.

Also when she was the AG in 2015 the Obama’s  Department of Justice went after dietary supplement companies with the Federal Trade Commission itself winning  $200 million settlement against Herbalife while attorney Generals from 14 states opened investigation into nutrition companies. Even prosecutors from Harris’s own office sent her a long memorandum stating the need for Herbalife to investigated. But Harris blindly refused to investigate without even giving a reason for the refusal. It may be because Herbalife and other nutrient companies were represented by her own husband’s law firm.

She also  withheld information about a corrupt police technician who intentionally sabotaged her own work and stole drugs from the lab. When Harris refused to prosecute the technician a Judge pulled her but she counter-attacked the Judge and lost the case. More than 600 cases handled by the technician had to be dismissed.

The same pattern of collusion and corruption can be seen in many other cases in her tenure including the Ricardo Ramirez case, Amanda Kiefer Attack case and the case.

  • Wrongful Conviction: Kamala Harris is not only an expert in colluding with the corrupt and letting off criminals but also in prosecuting the innocents. Especially minorities.

Consider the case of George Gage, an electrician with no criminal record who was convicted of sexual assault by Harris’s team. Later it was found out by the judge that the prosecutor withheld key evidence which could exclude the convicted man including medical records. When the case went into Ninth Circuit court who put the case in mediation which was signal for Harris to withdraw, she refused to budge and Gage is still in prison for a term of 70 years.

When Kevin Cooper, a death row inmate who trial had allegations of racism and corruption had requested for a DNA test to prove his innocence, Harris again refused until she was exposed by newspapers. Same with Daniel Larsen who was convicted for 28 years to life even though there was compelling evidence for his innocence. Or the conviction of Johnny Baca in which false testimony was presented and was only realized after a video surfaced and caused her national embarrassment.

Each time Harris used legal technicalities as weapons to prosecute the innocent in her personal quests.

  • The Ultimate Opportunist and Hypocrite: Harris also has a long history of flip-flopping on key issues and views to suit her current ambition and thirst for power. She frequently changes her own stance without any guilt while preaching about “integrity” at every turn.

Consider her stance on police body cameras which she strongly opposed in 2015 and opposed a bill requiring her office to investigate police shootings. In 2014 she laughed off the idea of legalization marijuana but reversed her stance in 2018 as public opinion changed and even joked about smoking it herself. She also supported death penalty then.

She has also in the past never much highlighted her Indian heritage in favour of her black roots but suddenly with the intention of wooing Indian Americans and Asians she has been using it conspicuously on her social media account. But, when she was asked about key issues by Council for Foreign Relations, she refused to even  acknowledge the Indo- Pacific pact nor has responded to many key incidents occurring in India for years only remembering them during her run for presidency.

She has constantly used her office for her own political gains and never stood on her own stance unless it benefitted her publicly. No wonder she was exposed by Tulsi Gabbard and had to end her campaign. But her regressive politics again gained a new lease of life when she was nominated VP by Biden and the democratic party as stated above only chose to highlight her gender and race rather than her shady past and destructive politics.

If the unthinkable happens, then this will be the second-in-line of command for the USA. After reading all the above, that would be a very dangerous situation.

Come on, America. You can do better.

By Charlie Mason