In what could be one of the most attractive and anticipated events this election cycle if it actually occurs, President Trump has shown his enthusiasm for a new and fourth debate with Joe Biden moderated by famous podcaster Joe Rogan.

The president made his intention clear on twitter when he responded to a tweet by Tim Kennedy a prominent social media personality, Green Beret, Sniper and former MMA fighter with the phrase “ I do!”. Tim Kennedy had tweeted about his podcast with Joe Rogan in which Rogan expressed interest to moderate a  4 hour long debate between Trump and Biden with no other spectators involved.

As soon as Trump responded the tweet went viral ( as most of his do) and social media erupted with anticipation and speculation about the debate if Biden accepts too. Generally the two candidates take part in 3 debates with other moderate by various media channel executives during an election cycle.

Joe Rogan, a veteran UFC broadcaster is quite famous for his podcast “ The Joe Rogan Experience”. His podcasts have received widespread attention due to the diversity of his guests and the varied range of topics he covers  as well as his own talking points. He also recently signed a $100 million deal with Spotify. Most recently he hosted Bernie Sanders on his podcast during his presidential run. While Rogan endorsed Sanders, he changed his preference to Trump after Sanders dropped out.

During the 9/11 podcast he invited Tim Kennedy as guest and both spoke on several topics and then Rogan expressed his interest in moderating a presidential debate and that it should be streamed live without any edits. If the debate is accepted and occurs then it would be the first time that non-mainstream media platform conducting such an important debate.

Meanwhile Trump seems very enthusiastic to this special debate which most of his supporters on social media expressing interest. While Biden’s campaign has as of now remained silent. Biden himself may refuse as Joe Rogan has previously made negative comments oh him.

On the Friday podcast, Rogan himself expressed his doubts about Biden’s participation in the debate. “ I don’t think he can handle it. I’ve seen him fall apart.” President Trump himself recently shared one of the clips in which Rogan spoke about Biden during a podcast from November last year.

All said and done, the onus is on the Biden team to respond and make this happen or hide behind their own media heads , getting questions before the debates and biased moderation by Anderson Coopers.

By Charlie Mason