Daily Domestic – Feds Rally, Renew Quintero Cartel Indictment

By: William Prophett

April 17, 2018

Today, the FBI delivered an extremely hopeful group of statements. The agency will now be taking an internal look on some of its largest issues, and publishing them! Some of the included categories are focused on protection of data for patients, consumers and enterprise. Fairness in Law Enforcement, and Use of Force Investigations are also topics that the FBI brought up in terms of some of the blind problems that naturally come with this sort of work. Spiritual Wellness is another topic that is being looked at closely and fairly. Agents are even posting Storytelling Blogs describing some of the most emotional situations and circumstances you can probably imagine.

Many Americans will view this as a cop-out, but along with probably more people I tend to believe what they publish. Do you personally know of many organizations that are actually concerned for the spiritual welfare of their employees, clients and customers? How about fairness in how the organization decides to exercise its rights? As a matter of fact, I can’t name one. Not even a hospital, and that is terrifying to me.

Today on the foreign front, the US and UN recognized government of Yemen are operating as a coalition to counter terrorism in the region. This is phenomenal news, and indicates that the President’s plans to further peace in the world are continuing to expand to the far reaches of the globe. This means hope, food, water, and protection for millions of people who are the proverbial sitting ducks. However, this comes in response to Iran using Yemen as a ‘laboratory’ of criminal and terrorist activities and refusing to talk peace. You may find it interesting that one Robert S. Karem, assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs still believes that a political option is the only one. I come from the thought-pattern that nothing can stop the United States Military.

In Mr. Karem’s defense, he did say, ‘”We need a stable, inclusive government in Yemen to provide security to the Yemeni people and to reduce and ultimately eliminate terrorist safe havens that are being used by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula — AQAP — and ISIS in Yemen.’ This is probably a well established opinion, but don’t think putting the cart before the horse every really works. We should be sweeping through these issues with great efficiency in 2018, and the fact that we are not is why the American public is demanding reform.

Also among new information, a Las Vegas man was sentenced to over 24 years in prison for receipt, possession, and the advertisement of child pornography. The FBI discovered Scott James Alva, 45, during an investigation of online peer-to-peer networks that are connected with federal child exploitation cases. In addition to 30,000 commercial files of exploited children, he had a personal laptop with thousands of files including very young children and infants. I consider these types of crimes to be somewhat connected to this war on ideological violence, and as we receive more updates you’ll get them as well.

The largest known story of the day is one of the FBI vs the Cartel, once again in this seemingly endless war on the minds and lives of American and Mexican populations. An unsealed indictment today, exposed one Rafael Caro Quintero as a member of Caro Quintero drug trafficking organization leadership, a faction of the Mexican organized crime syndicate known as the Sinaloa Cartel. Mr. Quintero is on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List as of Today. This is a DEA/ FBI Joint Investigation, and was charged out of the Great State of New Yoyk by Richard P. Donoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and James J. Hunt, Special Agent-in-Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), New York Division. I for one am very proud of this tag team. Great job people.

Daily Domestic – 7 Down

By William Prophett

Every day, you wake up and do your daily routine. You kick off the remaining sock, brush your teeth, and at some point you read some sort of information to kick start your brain. But do you ever stop to look at the content you are hearing or watching? Do you ever question the interests of the folks putting that information in front of your eyes? I would and have bet my own life on this, the fact is, we as a country don’t pay close enough attention to who we allow to influence us.


We promise you that this column will only present facts and data of the opinions of others. My intent is simple and obvious, to maintain your attention and to make you smarter. With that said, welcome to the Crime and Terrorism brief.

Today the FBI released a firm statement of Indictment of seven individuals in this April 2018 Federal Grand Jury. With crimes from Sexual Exploitation of a Child; Enticement of a Minor; Receipt of Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornography, to re-entry of a previously deported illegal, this was yet another clear cut case of the good guys against some of the worst people on Earth.

Thanks to United States Attorney R. Trent Shores, Juan Luis, AtaydeLuis, German Beltran-Quintero, Justin Lee Boyer, Tracy Allen Crawford, Logan Philip Davis, Larry O. Douglas, Jr, Thadeus Michael Horn. Tyrone Lee, Jerry Lee Manus, Elijah Kai Marler, Gerardo Regalado-Cuevas, Harvey Joseph Stephens, Jr, Curtis Dewayne Townsend, Rosendo Valdovinos-Garcia, Ady Yesinia Oscal, Jennifer Barraza-GarciaKong Meng Vang, and Erick Viveros were all carried to justice on a silver platter.

The FBI for the northern District of Oklahoma says,

‘This substantial group of indictments represents a wide range of federal offenses, including complex white collar, immigration, and large-scale drug trafficking crimes.  Several Project Safe Neighborhood cases involving violent crimes and firearms violations appear prominently also. “These indictments reflect the hard work of the dedicated federal prosecutors and support staff of the United States Attorney’s Office who are tirelessly committed to enforcing federal law and protecting the public whom they serve,” said United States Attorney Shores.

The following individuals have been charged with violations of United States law in indictments returned by the Grand Jury. The return of an indictment is a method of informing a defendant of alleged violations of federal law, which must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt to overcome a defendant’s presumption of innocence.’ April 16, 2018 – Justice.gov

So, just to be clear, we are talking about individuals involved in foreign drug and other criminal operations here on American soil. I can assure you that this will be a prime focus of this column, to tell the truth about a problem the government caused, and is dealing with at a dramatically increasing rate. A common myth among some is that the feds don’t care, but that I consider to be more of a political and psychological warfare problem that the feds will ultimately have to confront. And let’s be clear… I’ve carried a gun alongside retired federal agents, I know why these men and women do what they do. They wake up, serve, shave and sleep. Trust me, the armed mafia is more of an unofficial thing that becomes a problem with Veterans who are bored and back home. Which is another topic for another day.

Of the list of take-downs, this one stuck-out the most to me because of his clear and obvious racketeering behavior patterns. According to the bureau, ‘Larry O. Douglas, Jr.  Tampering With a Witness, Victim, and Informant by Physical Force and Threats of Physical Force; Tampering With a Witness, Victim, and Informant by Intimidation, Threats, and Corrupt Persuasion, and Misleading Conduct.  Douglas, 44, address unknown, is charged with physically beating a victim, and for providing the victim with support, affection and material goods in order to persuade against and prevent her from communicating to law enforcement of his commission of a Federal offense.  If convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of life in prison and a $250,000 fine for the Tampering With a Witness, Victim, and Informant by Physical Force and Threats of Physical Force charge, and a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the Tampering With a Witness, Victim, and Informant by Intimidation, Threats, and Corrupt Persuasion, and Misleading Conduct charge.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Tulsa Police Department are the investigative agencies.’ April 16, 2018 – Justice.gov

Another big ‘baller’ in the group was Elijah Marler, who was accused of possession of cocaine with the intent to sell, possession of firearm and controlled substances, felon in possession of a firearm, and ammunition. These are the sort of issues that stack up when our political system ignores a flawed correctional industry. I suppose we all do ride the gravy train of intent. Proposals from tougher military justice policy to banning weaponry have been affronted, which really doesn’t leave much room for debate as the second Amendment to the Constitution protects the rights of Americans to ban weaponry. Some are of the opinion that more laws won’t help. Please let us know your thoughts, so we can propose something of reason.

Groups of people with no plans to follow the laws or any sort of ethical code of conduct are both harder to reach, and harder to stop. However, with a community of Americans who care about their country, their planet, and what we allow to influence our children, we can stop any evil.

We are not talking about people who would kill you and I for nothing, just to check if we had ten dollars on us. What we are looking at is an organized, criminal, militant front that is clearly looking to expand its power within the true sanctuary of the United States of America. I for one am happy to see our officials doing something about it, as I would mention, under a Republican administration and Congress.

Theresa May Thinks the UK Would Benefit From Sharia Law


Theresa May states Sharia Law is being misused to oppress muslim women and has launched an investigation into the issue. OBVIOUSLY, most of us knew this for years, but, despite Islam’s oppression of women, Theresa claims Sharia teachings still benefit the people immensely. Can you really have equality between sexes under the reign of Sharia Law? You cannot forcefully take bits and pieces of a religion, by state, and expect its practitioners to willfully follow a reform that isn’t recognized by the religion’s leaders. And what are more laws going to do in the growing number of no-go zones and Sharia zones.


Theresa has shunned an ever growing problem, and now has little power in solving the new issues. Already, the Muslim immigrants and refugees have created no-go zones, where UK law does affect much, anymore, as police are told not to go there, for fear of the new, violent population.


In 2008, the first Sharia Law court was recognized, and the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury stated that adopting aspects of Sharia Law into the court system was ‘unavoidable.’ The UK now has over 3,000 mosques and about 130 Sharia Law Courts. Despite these courts lying within the UK’s tribunal court system, they often finalize rulings that contradict the common laws of the land. As time presses onward, the local Muslim population has called for Sharia Law to replace UK’s common law. In towns with large Muslim populations, they call for Sharia Law to become the only law. Some of these towns include Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, and Leeds. Their streets are already plastered with posters stating, “You are in a Shariah controlled zone, Islamic rules enforced.”

So what exactly is Sharia Law? Well, for starters, it derives from the Quran. According to Sharia Law, backed up by scripture form the Quran, if a woman is raped, she cannot testify in court against her rapist. Four Muslim men must testify on her account(Quran 24:13). A man can beat his wife for insubordination(Quran 4:34). A husband can divorce his wife whenever he pleases, but his wife needs the consent of her husband to do so. Men can have up to four wives, but women can only have one. Culturally, Muslim men often feel they have a sexual right to any woman not wearing a hijab. We see this as they practice ‘taharrush gamea’ on the streets in Paris and the UK. Taharrush translates, roughly, to harassment. Taharrush Gamea is what they call it, and it’s when a group of Muslim men target a non-muslim woman who’s not wearing the hijab, and proceed to sexually assault and sometimes gang-rape her.


For example, watch the tragic and terrifying account of Lara Logan, below, and a brief explanation of Taharrush after:



The culture surrounding muslim women is horrible, but introducing Sharia law into the court system, wouldn’t do much, as it has already proven not to. In fact, it would only hurt the British women. Theresa states “A lot of Muslim women I know say that the men in their communities just laugh at this proposed investigation, that they will go underground so the investigation will have to be very robust.” It seems as though the Muslim men do not fear Theresa and her desire to reform the law. Theresa has been weak on punishment for immigrant criminals anyways; what do they have to fear? They clearly don’t fear her, as they tried to assassinate her just a few months ago. Overall, introducing Sharia Law, even a reformed one, just might be a slippery slope to full blown Sharia Law enforced upon Muslims and British, alike.  

Witnesses Say Three Shooters at Douglas County High School


Three different testimonies from three different individuals lead skeptics to believe that there were three active shooters at the Douglas County High School, last month on valentine’s day. Two students, and a teacher have expressed on social media, or camera, that there were three gunmen, two of which, who pinched off and trapped students in the building they were in. The mainstream media has not reported on this, and some sites have even claimed it to be a hoax. Let’s see what these witnesses said, and then decide for yourself.


KPRC, channel two, interviewed a student on camera, named Christina Vega, who claimed there were two shooters in her building, whom cleared the halls, starting from the only two exits of the building. The students ran from the gunshots, which came from the first floor. They ran toward the opposite exit, only to be met by a second shooter. “Because there are only two exits in the building, so everyone started running to the other exit, but that’s when the other students started coming up.” She stated. A teacher instinctively opened her door and let the frantic teenagers in, locking the door behind them. “There were three shooters, that’s what I heard.”


So rumor has it there were three shooters, but Christina says, from her own experience, that there were two in her building.


Watch her interview below:


That teacher, Stacy Lippel, who let the students into her classroom, recounts her experience, given on Good Morning America. She states the gunman she saw was wearing full metal garb, as she asked the question, “Why is the police here?”


Watch below:


The third witness is Alexa Miednik, who tells the camera that she was with Nikolas Cruz right after he ended his attack, and that the gunshots were coming from the other end of the building, opposite of where they were. “There definitely had to be two shooters involved.”


Follow the link to watch on Twitter:



Another video that doesn’t add up with the mainstream reporting, on this subject, is that the cops were filmed at the time of the shooting, carrying weapons and loading it onto a truck outside of the building. Also keep in mind, that when Nikolas was arrested, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, yet Stacy claims the shooter was in full metal garb; helmet, bullet proof vest, ect.


The Twitter Video:


Mayor Removes Armed Forces From All NYC Public Schools

By Will Mannion

Bill De Blasio, the Mayor of New York, has followed through with his promise that schools in New York City would become gun free zones. This means that police officers inside the school are no longer allowed to be equipped with a firearm. This was done in an effort to make schools safer, a campaign De Blasio fought for before any of the recent mass shootings occurred.

De Blasio had written to state officials that it would cost the city 1.2 billion dollars annually to have armed officers. According to the Maven, Blasio looks to replace the armed officers with unarmed school safety agents, but how are they supposed to stop a school shooter? It is also questionable how  De Blasio can easily afford to have unarmed officers at the premises but cannot afford to have armed officers. The Maven also states that the cost of one officer at a school is £705,000 – according to Blasio. Is this a case of a Dianne Abbot level maths error or was De Blasio lying to advance an agenda?

De Blasio, in his letter to the senators, insisted the 2,300 public and private school buildings are safe with 5,000 unarmed school safety agents and 200 uniform task officers assigned to patrol inside and outside. He also noted that the Department of Education has spent $100 million to install video cameras and other safety devices.

“New York schools are the safest they’ve ever been with school crime at an all-time low. This is a direct result of the close partnership between the 5,300 members of the School Safety Division, precinct commanders and school leadership,” he said.

A possible scenario this may come in handy may be within the schools that have scanners at the front entrance, this means that the shooter would be far less likely to bring in a gun and would have to use a gun held by one of the officers. Although this scenario is very unlikely, it has now been cancelled out completely due to this gun free law. However this does mean that a shooter will have to start shooting at the entrance before reaching the scanners, this would also be very unlikely.

However, this law does have a lot of faults. A school shooter does not follow the law, gun free laws would not stop them from having the ability to smuggle a weapon onto school grounds. In a gun free zone, there is no opposing force that can match the school shooter – unlike a school that has armed officers or staff. The argument for gun free zones is based on school shooters and the fact on how dangerous guns are if they fall into the wrong hands. The same argument is used to ban the second amendment. What this argument fails to capture is the difference between a legal and illegal weapon and how illegal weapons cannot be banned by the stroke of a pen – illegal weapons are as hard to control as A class drugs.

Tommy Robinson K.O.s Aggressive African Migrant


Tommy Robinson traveled to Rome this week to report on the Italian elections. While he resided there, he viewed a video of a camera woman being assaulted by the Central African migrants in a main station in Italy, at night; while she was live on air. He thought he’d go see just how much the migrants hated the media, and brought his cameras to do some reporting. Watch below:


Not even minutes into filming, a group of men assaulted the cameraman and threatened to kill Tommy Robinson. “Within minutes they noticed the camera and went straight for my cameraman. We kept the camera rolling as I was forced to intervene to protect my crew.” Tommy stated in the video description.


They kept the cameras rolling, as the leader of the men argued with Tommy and threatened to kill him. As Tommy turned to walk away, it seemed the man lifted his fist as if to strike a blow. Tommy quickly reacted, turning around and swiftly landing a right hook that discombobulated the migrant and stopped him in his tracks. The police arrived soon after, and detained the angered migrant, letting Tommy go free.


Tommy concluded, “I was genuinely shocked to see the state of central Rome and just how little respect these migrants have for the people living there.”




Bombing Thwarted by Perceptive Students Who Handled Situation Perfectly

Steven E. White

On monday, March 5, a student whose name has yet to be released, brought a homemade bomb to Pine View High School, but was thwarted that same day, in his attempt to detonate it. Students reported, and mentioned that the boy openly supported ISIS, as it was later confirmed that he had pro-ISIS paraphernalia in his room.


The school was quickly evacuated, and the boy was promptly arrested after FBI and a Bomb Squad investigated. The St. George Police Department stated, “Based on our investigation we can confirm this was a failed attempt to detonate a homemade explosive at the school.” They concluded that after thoroughly examining the explosive device, “bomb squad members indicted that if it had detonated; the device had the potential to cause significant injury or death.”


The suspect was reported by concerned students who stated there was smoke coming out of his ‘suspicious’ backpack. Cops say there could have been many deaths and injuries if the boy was not reported. Pine view roughly has a student body of 1,100 individuals. The St. George police force praised the students, saying, “Their immediate action played a large role in this incident ending with no injuries.”


The department noted that “It was also determined that the male had been researching information and expressing interest in ISIS and promoting the organization.” When authorities searched his room, they found flags and other items that showed interest and promotion of ISIS. The boy is currently being questioned further about raising an ISIS flag at another high school in Utah, a day after the florida shooting last month. It is unclear if he would be pressed with additional charges if found guilty of raising the flag, which he has openly confessed to; as he is already guilty of manufacturing, possessing, and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. D.J. Bolerjack tweeted, “NEW: @sgcitypubsafety is charging the suspects “failed attempt to detonate a homemade explosive” inside Pine View High School yesterday with: 76-10-402: Manufacture, possession, sale, use or attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction prohibited.”  


Additional charges are still pending, as the investigation continues, while the boy resides in juvenile detention. The police force released an official statement, giving the reasons this ended in a positive manner. They stated: There were several factors that came into play yesterday which led to a positive outcome. First , we’d like to recognize and thank the students who notified faculty and the SRO of the suspicious backpack. Their immediate action played a large role in this incident ending with no injuries.


Second, the School Resource Officer program which allowed an officer to immediately be on scene to access and address the situation appropriately. He was then able to call in appropriate teams, such as; the Washington County Bomb Squad and Jax, the bomb detecting K-9 from Dixie Regional Medical Center, to identify and disarm the explosive device. We’d also like to say thank you to the Bomb Squad and to Jax and his handler for responding to the call out.


Third, the Washington County School District, who have implemented drills to practice for incidents such as this, which led to a quick and seamless evacuation of the school.


Finally, we’d like to thank the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI, who responded to assist with everything from the investigation itself to barricading roads.”

Turkey Prepared to End Anti-Kurdish Invasion of Syria by May


By Stefan M. Kløvning

Ankara, National Security – Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu informed reporters in Vienna on Thursday that Turkey hopes to end its anti-Kurdish military operation in Syria as fast as possible, hopefully before May, to ensure that the occupied region Afrin in northern Syria can “quickly embrace stability and civilians can return.”

‘Operation Olive Branch’ started on January 20 by the Turkish government to drive out Syrian Kurdish fighters with ties to outlawed rebels in Turkey. The operation took place in Afrin, and has succeeded in killing 3,055 terrorists from YPG/PKK (People’s Protection Unit) and ISIS. On the other hand, the offensive also killed 42 Turkish soldiers and over 150 allied Syrian opposition fighters.

The operation is allegedly based on “Turkey’s rights based on international law, UN Security Council resolutions, its self-defense rights under the UN charter, and respect for Syria’s territorial integrity.”

As the Turkish military seized control of the town Jinderes in Afrin this Thursday, the Turkish government hopes soon to have completed their mission, but the “other side” doesn’t seem to have given up yet. Some Kurdish-allied Syrian Arab militias announced, for instance, their plans to redeploy 1,700 fighters to the Afrin region to fight back against the Turkish offensive on Thursday. Another problem for Turkey is the United States’ support for YPG to fight ISIS in the region. The United States spoke of Turkey’s invasion of Afrin as diverting the attention from the fight on ISIS.

Now that the largest settlement in Afrin is captured, Turkey hopes to send Syrian refugees back to their homeland in the region as victory emerges. The Turkish government has suggested that between 350,000 and 500,000 of them can be sent to Afrin. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the following on the issue:

We are not in a position to continue hosting 3.5 million refugees forever. We’ll solve the Afrin incident, we’ll solve Idlib, and we would like our refugee brothers and sisters to return to their own country.

There have been raised questions, however, whether this is just “electioneering” talk to get reelected in 2019, as he has previously favored Syrian refugees receiving Turkish citizenship. He said in July 2016, “Turkey is also your homeland… We are going to help our Syrian friends in offering them the chance, if they want it, to acquire Turkish nationality.” Erdogan seems to have learnt since then that about 80% of Turks resent Syrians, according to analyst Atilla Yesilada of Global Source Partners.

Political scientist Cengiz Aktar opined of Erdogan’s statements that,

it’s clear this kind of talk – rhetoric – is intended for internal consumption of elections. It’s a pipe dream; nothing of this kind [will] happen, for a number of reasons. Will these [Syrian] people – would they like to go and live there [Afrin]? The Kurds will object to it, the Syrians will object to it, Russians will object it, the Iranians will object to it, the Arabs will object to it, the entire world will object to it. What Erdogan may do, he may relocate [pro-Turkish] Arab [militia] proxies, a kind of border force inside Syria; this is a very old tactic.

‘Hope Not Hate’ Is Britain’s Black Lives Matter – Leftist Publications Fearmonger British Public Over ‘Far Right Terror’

By Will Mannion

The far right barely exists but the mainstream media wants to put it on their headlines at every chance. Hope Not Hate is a political organisation based on fighting fascism and exposing the said far right as racists.

Many outlets, like the Independent and the BBC, are saying that terror acts committed by the Alt Right is becoming more common and that Hope Not Hate is the answer to the said hatred coming from the right. Hope Not Hate announced in their report that 26 attacks by the Alt Right were carried out last year in the UK (this list also includes attacks that were planned but never carried out). Frankly, there was no concerns risen in the report of the growing number of attacks done in the name of Islam – which was responsible for 2,038 attacks worldwide, which left 15,704 people dead and injured 14,356 others

To the untrained eye, fighting fascism may seem like a good thing but the biggest issue is determining what is considered ‘far right’ and what is considered to be ‘normal right’. Hope Not Hate has declared on their site that political commentator and journalist, Tommy Robinson, is a part of the far right. Hope Not Hate has also declared UKIP being a far right party. Britain First has been declared by nearly every organisation on the left to be a far right organisation.  This is the definition of far right politics:
“Far-right politics is a term used to describe politics further on the right of the left-right spectrum than the standard political right, particularly in terms of more extreme nationalist, and nativist ideologies, as well as authoritarian tendencies. The term is often associated with Nazism, neo-Nazism, fascism, neo-fascism and other ideologies or organizations that feature extreme nationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, racist or reactionary views. These can lead to oppression and violence against groups of people based on their supposed inferiority, or their perceived threat to the nation, state or ultraconservative traditional social institutions.”

According to the definition of ‘far right’, the term is associated with those with the same beliefs as the National Socialist Workers Party or ‘Nazi Party’. The Nazi Party believed in race supremacy, that if you have white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes then you are a part of a master race. Adolf Hitler believed that people with Jewish heritages, Gypsies,  disabled people and others who are inferior to him should not be allowed to live. UKIP, Britain First and Tommy Robinson do not share Hitler’s beliefs or goals – therefore they are not far right. This means that the left wing media is clearly lying, trying to get those on the left fighting those on the right under the false impression that half of the country is fascist. 


7 Reasons Why Sheriff Scott Israel Is Dangerously Corrupt

By Asish Samson

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been in the national limelight ever since Parkland School Shooting occurred. His departm1ent and himself have come under immense scrutiny by both the public and politicians after their debacle in dealing with the Shooter Nikolas Cruz. Sheriff Israel has been mired in controversy throughout his career over several issues. His arrogance and apparent apathy on the issue have been severely criticised by one and all on social media. Here are the seven of his sins he committed.

1.Ignoring Nikolas Cruz: It is a well established fact that Nikolas Cruz’s erratic behaviour, weapons stock, potential danger were well reported to the authorities well beforehand. Sheriff Israel’s office received 23 calls about Nikolas Cruz over the course of the decade according to Sheriff Israel himself. But further records obtained by the media revealed that at least 45 calls were made to the office about Cruz. On February 5th 2016 and November 30th 2017 the tips the office received explicitly stated his threats to conduct a school shooting and his potential for doing so. But the Sheriff’s office and the Sheriff himself have ignored this information repeatedly. This proved to be deadly to 17 innocent lives.

2. His Department’s inaction during the shooting: While the assigned officer to the school resigned due to his lack of action during the shooting, the Coral Springs officers who arrived on the scene were surprised to find at least 3 other deputies waiting outside the building while the shooting was going on. There is no doubt that these 3 officers along with the assigned officer contacted or were in contact with Sheriff Israel at this juncture. But, they didn’t even make an attempt to enter the building. Either Sheriff Israel ordered them to stand down or he couldn’t get them to obey his order. Seen any way this will always be a failure under Sheriff Israel.

3. His reaction after the shooting: As the spotlight turned to him immediately after the shooting, Sheriff Israel displayed extraordinary arrogance and apparent ignorance of his own shortcomings. In a televised town hall meeting conducted by the CNN(he was on CNN even before any investigation had begun or a preliminary facts were verified), he claimed that he had “no responsibility” over the shooting and that it was out of his control and nothing could be done about it. He even made a strange reference to the O.J Simpson case.

4.Blaming the NRA for his failure: In the above mentioned town hall meeting Sheriff Israel, a full blown democrat and Clinton supporter, took full advantage of this spotlight and began to propagate his politics. He actually blamed the NRA for the shooting implying that they were directly responsible for it. This is a shocking act of arrogance and finger pointing for a Sheriff whose own blunders caused the death of 17 innocent Americans. Either he was deliberately trying to defame the NRA for political purposes or he is too stupid not realise his own inaction caused the tragedy.

5. Praising Himself for his work: When your own ineptness and stupidity caused the death of 17 school children, you don’t tend to feel good about yourselves. But, when Sheriff Israel was confronted over this he had high praise for himself. He even outlined his “amazing leadership” and his apparent pride in leading the county. When social media erupted with calls for him resign and the tag #resignSheriffIsrael was trending along with immense public and political criticism he staunchly refused to resign claiming no responsibility.

6. Misuse of his power and position: He and his office have been repeatedly been accused of corruption and abuse of power. In 2016, a local newspaper exposed that he abused and misused his office for taxpayer funded jobs to his political supporters and their family members. When confronted about this, he compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Gandhi himself and saying he acted no differently. His department employees have also been accused of attending campaign events while on duty.

7.Accepting donations for his PAC from the Mafia: In 2014 Sheriff Israel’s Political action committee accepted thousands of dollars of donations from a convicted felon under the name Yomar Izhak. Izhak is a member of the “Cuban Mafia” an organised crime ring. It deals in cocaine trafficking, arson, gambling and murder among others. And Sheriff Israel was happy to accept money from them and made no attempt to return them when it was exposed to the public.

All in all, Sheriff Scott Israel who was more interested to appear on CNN and politicise the shooting while defaming the NRA than to take part in the investigation is now under immense pressure to resign from his post after the multitude of his sins.

Lets Round It Up: 3 Things About The Florida School Shooting That Raises Red Flags

By Asish Samson

Ever since the horrible school shooting which claimed 17 innocent lives occurred on Valentine’s day in Florida, the mainstream media and social media has been abuzz with many different views, opinions and debates. Both Gun control and anti Gun control advocates have been firing shots (no pun intended) at each other on news media and social media since the day of the incident.

While all this mainstream media has been consumed with propaganda and maintaining the Anti-Trump narrative, several facts have been revealed which raise serious suspicion on the circumstances and the narrative built around the school shooting. Let us go through four of those points.

1.FBI’s ignorance and inaction: While this has been covered a lot on both news media and social media, it is still a bit shocking to realise that the nation’s premier investigative agency did nothing to prevent the shooting even after multiple warnings. In September of last year, a user named “ nikolas cruz” commented on a Youtube video that “ Im going to be a professional school shooter”. The video’s uploader immediately reported the comment to the FBI. But, according to FBI agent Robert Lasky the FBI was “unable” to track down the user. Yes, the very same FBI which was investigating whether elite Russian hackers infiltrated and influenced the American election couldn’t track down a Youtube user with all it’s might. Then, on January 5th 2018 the FBI received a tip from a person close to Cruz that warned about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to murder people, his erratic behaviour and constant threats on social media. The tipster even warned that Cruz had all the potential to conduct school shooting and would probably do so. Yet again FBI didn’t take any action. It even broke protocol by not reporting this to the Miami Field office which could have prevented the massacre.

2. The reaction of the Authorities on present on the scene: As Nikolas Cruz was shooting down his schoolmates inside the school building there were at least three armed deputies outside the building. But, they didn’t go in and help. They just took cover outside. The armed school resource officer who was assigned to the school did not even make an attempt to enter the building. He was even trained in active shooter training but took cover for four full minutes as the shooting ensued inside. And when the Coral Springs officers arrived on the scene, they found three additional deputies along with the assigned officer behind their vehicles. This broke the Active Shooter protocol which requires an officer present on the scene to immediately neutralize the attacker without waiting for back up. The Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is under immense criticism for from the public and the politicians for his response to the shooting and the previous warnings. His office received 23 calls about Cruz over the decade. Israel, a gun control advocate and a Democrat has been photographed before in a one on one meeting with Hillary Clinton. He is also accused of having an illegal relationship with a 17 year old girl and forcing her to have an abortion.

3. David Hogg and Co. : Since the day of the shooting the Mainstream media outlets like CNN have given lots of airtime to David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and other member of the Never again MSD group. But no one has been given as much airtime and talking chances as David Hogg. David Hogg is the son of former FBI agent and has been appearing constantly on CNN and other mainstream news networks parroting the same narrative over and over again. He was even seen in selfies with the news teams. When some sharp eyed users pointed out he was also seen in a previous news interviews from Los Angeles in August 2017, they were quickly shouted down and called as Neo Nazis or Russians. When a Youtube video exposing this became the No.1 trending video on Youtube, it was immediately removed citing “harassment and bullying”. When Infowars uploaded a video showing David Hogg struggling to remember his lines, it was also removed and the channel received a “strike” against it which prevented it from uploading any videos for two weeks. Google, Facebook and Instagram have all announced that they would remove any content that would suggest an opposing view. Anyone even suggesting otherwise have been “officially” labelled as Neo-Nazis and conspiracy theorists or laughably as Russians even though all of them are full blooded Americans living the in the USA.

These points along with several others raise more suspicion than ever that the general public is not given the full picture.
All in all, the Democrats, liberals, the mainstream media and the tech giants seem to be stubbornly maintaining the Anti-2nd amendment, Anti-Trump narrative while censoring and muting the real voice of the American public.

4 Reasons Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work In The USA

By Asish Samson
The recent school shooting in the state of Florida where an ex-student opened fire and claimed 17 innocent lives shook America to its core. The entire nation watched in shock as one grisly detail after another was revealed about the perpetrator and the victims in one of the deadliest mass shootings ever.

As soon as the news broke out many prominent Democrats, liberals and celebrities took to mainstream media and social media to bash Trump and his gun policies. Many of them shamelessly politicised the issue by calling out Republicans and the NRA and proposing stricter gun control laws and also banning guns outright. Some even claimed that Trump and Republicans had “blood on their hands”. While there are conflicting views and debates about this issue, in this article let us see how gun control doesn’t even come close to solving the problem.

1. Criminals don’t follow laws: A criminal by definition, doesn’t follow the law. Therefore, no matter how strict the gun laws are, a criminal could get a gun illegally. The gun control policies could never hope to stop a criminal from laying hands on a weapon. For example Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the country but, its homicide and gun related deaths are one of the highest in the country. Strict gun law states and gun free zones have some of the highest crime rates in the country.

2. It takes away protection from Law abiding citizens: The most effect the gun control laws show is on legal gun owners. These laws take away guns from legal owners and families who genuinely use them for protection. This leaves them vulnerable to attacks and unable to defend their families from a criminal attack. There have been many incidents of families and single parents defending themselves from burglars and other criminals using a legal gun. Here, the presence of the weapon neutralised the threat. This would not be possible with the kind of new gun control laws proposed or by banning guns. Instead if reducing crime, it would increase it.

3. Doesn’t serve the purpose: Let us imagine that gun control laws have been passed and are in effect. This prevents or regulates new guns being bought. But, still there are already more than 300 million guns in the US from previous years. To confiscate them would take years and achieving complete surrender of these guns is near impossible. Add to that, the kind of black market this would create for weapons and the amount of cash that would go to criminal enterprises. These laws would hugely profit them and make them more dangerous than ever with an unarmed general populace.

4. Border Control Problems: America has a severe border control problem. Thousands of illegal immigrants, tons of drugs and huge caches of weapons from cross the border every year. These weapons are then sold or used by local gangsters and other criminals. Some lf them are sold in the black market. No gun laws can prevent this from happening. Only strict border security and effective immigration laws can. Ironically, the same Democrats and liberals who cry about guns do not support border security.

All these problems along with many other factors show that gun control is not the solution. Rather, it is used as a tool for politics and virtue signalling. Blaming guns for murder is like blaming symptoms for the disease instead of the pathogen. The real problems are mental health issues, violence in media, lack of adequate security among others.


17 Dead in Parkland School Shooting

[Photo: Divulgação]

By Stefan M. Kløvning

Parkland, FL – On February 14 the expelled student Nikolas Cruz returned to his former school and took the lives of seventeen students. The event occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, about fifty miles north of Miami. He used an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to perpetrate the attack, also wearing a gas mask and throwing in smoke grenades.


The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, talked of the incident as “just absolutely pure evil.” Cruz has reportedly told the authorities that he was instructed by inner voices how to carry out the shooting. As he has been kicked out of high school, talked of killing animals to friends, and posted several photos of guns on social media, it has been argued that the shooting could have been prevented if the warning signs weren’t overlooked. He posted a comment on a YouTube video in 2017, for instance, that said “I’m going to be a professional school shooter”, which FBI was informed of. They failed, however, to identify who was behind the comment, as it was uncertain how many ‘Nikolas Cruz’ there are on YouTube.


His math teacher Jim Gard told the Miami Herald that Cruz had been threatening students last year and had been asked to leave the campus, not being permitted to enter with a backpack on him.


The store he bought the AR-15 rifle in has been identified by Brownard County Office to have been Sunrise Tactical Supply in Coral Springs. A law enforcement officer told the Associated Press that he had passed a background test and the weapon was bought legally in February 2017. The weapon has been called “America’s most popular rifle” by the National Rifle Association, and have been a common weapon-of-choice in mass shootings such as this one. The murderers in both Texas, Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs – to mention a few – also used AR-15s in their horrific acts.


A lot of politicians have been speaking out about this event. The President, for instance, posted on Twitter:

My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.

Senator Bill Nelson highlighted the point that this is a recurring and highly problematic issue in American society, saying “I have already said my prayers to give them comfort. But this is a tough time. We say ‘enough is enough’, but it happens again.”

Marco Rubio also spoke out on the issue, saying on Twitter that “it is clear [the] attack was designed & executed to maximize loss of life.”



Riots Ensue After Philadelphia Eagles Win SuperBowl

By Kanach Peterson

Drunken fans of Philadelphia’s Super Bowl-winning team the Philadelphia Eagles took to the streets Sunday Night through Monday in violent and destructive riots, causing a considerable amount of property damage.

The Philadelphia Eagles have never won the Super Bowl before. The Eagles were the underdogs going into the big game and clinched the win versus the back to back Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots. Instead of the result of this historic event being praise and acclamation, the night resulted in thousands of intoxicated fans rioting in the streets. In some cases, riots resulted in property damage.

It is believed that a great deal of the rioting including several injured due to a car flipping, came from a Super Bowl party at Temple University that had overflowed into the streets.

The Philadelphia police and Pennsylvania State Police both made attempted to control the situation according to Photojournalist Patrick T. Fallon, who was injured by a rioter on a quad bike.

Officers expressed that they feared that they didn’t have enough resources to handle the situation. Police drones even estimated that there was a total of around 100,000 on the city streets after the game.

While the riots following the game had a huge fallout for public safety the Super Bowl Parade is still set to take place on Thursday morning.

Hawk Newsome, the President of Black Lives Matter New York, spoke with Newsweek’s Chantal Da Silva for an article where he expressed his feelings and concern on how officials handled security on Super Bowl night. “Somehow, it seems there’s a line drawn in the sand where the destruction of property because of a sports victory is OK and acceptable in America,” Newsome stated. “However, if you have people who are fighting for their most basic human right, the right to live, they will be condemned.”

Newsome also suggested that the ways officials handled the post-game riots were a “glaring example of white privilege.” It’s unlikely that the cities insufficient resources to deal with the riots were due to “white privilege”, however it is important to consider the sheer size of the riots. Remember that an estimated 100,000 people were on the streets during the riots. The police force was completely outnumbered by dangerous rioters. Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney said in an announcement regarding parade details that the Super Bowl parade will have even more security and police coverage to account for a high viewer turnout.

All There Is To Know About The Hawaii False Alarm

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

Hawaii, U.S. – On the 13th January, all residents and visitors of Hawaii got a message warning them that there was a “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” This seems to be one of the most terrifying messages it is possible to receive at 8 AM on a Saturday morning.

Several officials and government agencies were quick to warn of the illegitimacy of the alarm, with both Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (Hawaii EMA) , U.S. Pacific Command and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard notifying the people of Twitter about it.

Lindsay Walters, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, later said that the President had been briefed on the issue, and that it was “purely a state exercise.”
Hawaii EMA themselves does not seem to understand what happened, as their spokesman Richard Repoza said they were still trying to figure it out, and according to Fox News, it took 35 minutes between the false warning alert and the EAS message retracting it. This almost exactly the amount of time it has been estimated to take for a North Korean missile to reach the states from the time it was launched, assuming it was detected already then. There also exists warning systems to detect pre-launch conditions, for instance noticing rising heat from missile silos, to warn of a potential missile being fueled. Some state officials have even claimed that a North Korean missile could strike the state within 20 minutes from launching.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard estimated that around a million of Hawaiians received the horrifying alert, causing panic, and spread quickly on social media. As it is the closest American state to North Korea, the fear wasn’t illegitimate or unrealistic, as they have been reported to possess ballistic missiles capable of reaching the state. Even then, Hawaii EMA still assesses North Korean missile threat to the state as “low”, but have been concerned about their ongoing missile tests.

The Hawaiian government reactivated missile warning sirens from the cold war due to concern about North Korean behavior, following efforts to develop a plan for dealing with an attack from the regime. Hawaii EMA’s Vern T. Miyagi stated the following:
“We do not want to cause any undue stress for the public; however, we have a responsibility to plan for all hazards. We don’t know the exact capabilities or intentions of the North Korean government, but there is clear evidence that it is trying to develop ballistic missiles that could conceivably one day reach our state. Therefore, we cannot wait to begin our public information campaign to ensure that Hawaii residents will know what to do if such an event occur.”
The Director of Communications of Tourism in Hawaii, Charlene Chan, warned of misinterpretation of reports about the necessity to prepare for an attack, and also noted that it might cause travelers and groups to stay away from the state.
This all elaborates the need for exercise alarms, and surely reminds of the likelihood of an actual attack, but it is still unknown what the false alarm was related to. Let’s just hope they don’t keep screaming “fire” in the theatre.

Iraq Celebrates Liberation From IS Two Days After Syria’s Victory

By Kenneth E. Mansion

Just days after Russian president Vladimir Putin declared total eradication of IS forces haunting Syria and subsequent troop withdrawal, Iraqi prime minister and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi echoed a similar declaration as Iraqi troops conquered the last of IS-held territories in al-Jazira desert bordering Syria. “Our battle against the enemy who wanted to kill our civilization, however, we gained victory through our unity and determination that made us defeat IS in short time,” he said.

The declaration came after the Iraqi armed forces announced the success of the Upper Euphrates and Jazirah Combing Operations, and “liberation of Iraqi lands” with its completion. Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yarallah, commander of the operation has said the operation “purged more than 90 villages and over 16,000 square kilometers.” He added the troops managed to gain control of the Iraqi-Syrian border from al-Waleed to Rabia border crossings.

US state department spokeswoman Heather Nauert and UK prime minister Theresa May congratulated the Iraqi government on the occasion, but warned liberation of Iraq does not mean the war of terror and IS are far from over. Australian Department of Defence echoed similar sentiments in a statement, suggesting the conflict may continue with IS employing guerrilla warfare and terrorism.

In Saturday’s victory speech, the prime minister, noticeably left the Kurdish Peshmerga militants unmentioned as the central government’s conflict with the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government is brought into fore. On the other hand, Iranian-backed and trained Shi’ite PMF (Popular Mobilisation Forces) received glowing praises from Abadi, despite their alleged Iranian loyalty.

The day after the prime minister announced the end of war, a victory parade was held in Bagdad. al-Abadi declared the day, December 10th, to be an annual holiday celebrated as the Victory Day.






Iraq announces end of war against IS, liberation of borders with Syria: Abadi