For those who don’t know, DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Many call these people ‘dreamers’ as many of them dream of living a life in America. However, a dreamer is an illegal immigrant and many argue that it is immoral to deport a child as they don’t pose any major threat to the United States and should be allowed to stay. Many counter this argument by saying “If a thief stole your car and gave it to their son then does he have the right to keep it?” Illegal immigration is against the law, just like stealing a car, and if people want to come into the United States then they must come in legally – just like how people must buy/rent their own cars like the law instructs.

DACA was originally passed as an executive order under the Obama Administration in June 2012, 5 years ago. This move is unconstitutional and illegal because a programme like DACA must have been passed through congress for it to be applied as an official law, Obama skipped this part. If DACA would have been left alone at the time and if Obama would have been left out of the equation then congress would have stopped DACA from existing. President Trump has stopped Obama’s illegal action and has left it up to congress if they wish to keep DACA or dispose of it. Strictly speaking, President Trump has not abolished DACA but has left the decision to congress.

In order to make President Trump look like a racist minority hater, CNN has stated that he wishes to deport immigrant children (they left the word ‘illegal’ out to make him look bad). Outlets, like Atlantic, claim Trump’s move was ‘senseless’ and said that he repealed DACA – unlike what happened in real life when he sent it to congress where they will most likely repeal it within their own decision.

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