In the 20th century, in order to be a celebrity you had to be talented. Entertainment then is different to what entertainment is now. Celebrities like Carmen Miranda and Laurel and Hardy were there for our amusement, now we have Katy Perry telling us how to vote and we have Kim Kardashian, a woman who is famous for porn and acting like a first class idiot for money. Wouldn’t it be nice to see something original?

Not only do people take a strong disliking to celebrities but they don’t care about them. Why should a working class citizen care what a multi-millionaire artist has to say when they only sing about lollipops, drugs, unhealthy relationships or whatever it might be. These people are so disconnected from the public that they live in a massive gated mansions with security guards protecting them in their all white neighbourhood whilst vertue signaling about how everyone need to take in more refugees (when they take in none themselves despite their 20 bedroom mansions). Surely a working class citizen should have a working class average joe representing their opinions and best interests; who actually has knowledge about politics.

A lot of artists, like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, are very hyper-sexualised (watch S&M by Rihanna or Anaconda by Nicki Minaj and you’ll see what I mean). This can create anxiety and even depression in young girls, thinking that they have to look just like them in order to be deemed attractive. It also shows them that all women have to be as skinny as possible and wear lots of make-up in order to fit in, this gives young women poor self images on how they view their own bodies. Obviously there is nothing wrong with being a little chubby (as long as it’s not life threatening obesity) as everyone is a little chubby, however many in the industry will have young women thing that it is wrong.

The Daily Mail reports a lot on celebrities and their lifestyle choices and what dress they decide to wear for the evening, passing it off as news. It’s not news. The North Korea crisis is news and so are the natural disasters happening in the southern states in the US.

Also people getting absolutely devastated if something bad happens to celebrities. Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie’s break-up was very sad but it should not have a massive effect on some people like it does. At this point, to some people, celebrities have become Gods who dictate over how people live their lives. A lot of people get their news from celebrities, rather than trying to actively seek the truth. This can lead to them becoming heavily misinformed.

I’m not suggesting that these people’s musical tastes are wrong or distasteful, I’m simply stating these people should not idolize celebrities. A good person to idolize is someone you can heavily relate to and know that you are truly acknowledged by this person, like your Father, Mother or Grandparent. The truth is that most of the celebrities you follow don’t even care about you anyway. Some people, like Donald Trump and Ron Paul, might care about your wellbeing; however this doesn’t mean you should put people like Donald Trump on that pedestal of admiration. That pedestal is for a family member or a close friend.

So what is the answer to this? Is it banning this sort of stuff from TV? No it’s not. Nothing will ever be achieved by ‘banning all the things’. People should be informed, especially young girls, that the image that most female artists portray isnt normal and that you are not supposed to idolize them. You have every right to enjoy the music of people like Rihanna, but also be aware of the reality that Rihanna lives in a completely different world to the average joe and she does not represent you in the slightest.