This is not going to be an article dedicated to any conspiracy, no matter how believable or how much evidence the conspiracy has. This article is about one of America’s largest national tragedies in the last century.

Today is a day to remember not only those who lost their lives on September the 11th but the first responders that came and extended their help to those who needed it most. Many lives were saved that day, although even one death is a death too many. On this day, extend our gratitude to those who put their own lives at risk to save others. Many first responders also died when trying to retrieve those stuck in the rubble. People helped each other regardless of ethnicity, background or political preference, a lot like how America came together in the Houston flooding.

Around 3000 people died when the planes hit the World Trade Centre, this includes the passengers that boarded the commercial aircrafts that day.

A few celebrities were caught up in 9/11 too. The creator of the adult cartoon show ‘Family Guy’, Seth MacFarlane, was actually due to board the plane that was heading towards one of the Twin Towers. Due to a hangover, MacFarlane missed his flight which ultimately saved his life. “It’s one of those things you put to the back of your head” Said MacFarlane. He also said that an experience like this could ‘eat you up if you let it’. Another person to claim to be affected by 9/11 is Chelsea Clinton. Hillary Clinton claimed that her daughter was jogging around the Twin Towers when the first plane hit, however there is no evidence to support her claim.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was in fact an attorney for Zaharias Moussaoui and many other islamic extremists that was heavily tied with 9/11. Sadiq Khan fought for them to be set free. He also said that all of his captive clients should be released immediately without an investigation so they could, quote, ‘go back to their families straight away’.

Most importantly, we should remember the families of those who were killed that day. Some families are now without Mothers and some are now without fathers. Some families have even lost children that day. These families are constantly reminded of the empty seats that were once filled and a place in that family that is now gone. God bless America and God bless those who are still trying to mend the wounds.