The BBC posted a video on their Facebook where it says that you can now commit blackface by posting a GIF with a black person in it. The video from the PC obsessed BBC did not imply that a GIF of a white person posted by a black person is racist, the BBC obviously doesn’t believe that reverse racism is a thing. The definition of racism is when someone discriminates against someone else because of their ethnic background, therefore what the BBC is doing (by saying black people can send GIFs with white people in them but vice versa is not allowed) is being racist. Below is the official dictionary definition of racism.


There were over 26,000 reactions to this video to this very day and most of them are the laugh react.

Is the BBC deliberately trying to push an agenda to devide people over political correctness or could it be just a right wing conspiracy? And if it is then is the reality of this just the BBC not knowing how to run the biggest news company in Britain? It is amazing how many people still rely on the BBC for their daily news.

An estimated 50% of Britain believes that the mainstream media is trustworthy, this is one of the reasons why the UK is in trouble. Half of the UK’s residents are dependant on the media, the questions to be asked is why are they so dependant on it and why dont they question it? You will not find the answer easily by Google. Google are mass censoring websites, like this one, that bring up relevant points and focus on the truth.