So if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, instead of Donald Trump, where would we be right now?

Would Obamacare be fully implemented? There would be bills passed and possibly executive orders signed in order to continue the single taxpayer healthcare. Clinton had also said that she would force taxpayers to pay for gender reassignment surgeries and she would also make it possible to kill a 9 month old unborn baby, let alone continue abortions.

Also the US would probably be at war. Clinton had said in her 2008 campaign that she wants to invade Iran. Iran has nuclear weapons and Hillary Clinton receives money offshore from many of Iran’s enemies to this day, an invasion of Iran would’ve still been possible if Clinton were elected. Last year, Clinton said she wanted to place a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria. The Pentagon administration team had announced that a ‘no fly zone’ over Syria would require the US to go to war against Syria and Russia, Clinton’s plans with Syria still remained unaltered. Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, also stated that if Hillary Clinton were elected President of the United States that he would gladly go to war with her. If Clinton had won, there would be a terrifying possibility that we would all no longer be alive due to a nuclear holocaust between the said countries.

Also it is possible that due to the stress of being the leader and representative of an entire nation that Clinton’s health would continue to decline dramatically. Hillary Clinton’s doctor claimed that she has pneumonia, which may explain the coughing. This does not explain the seizures, the strange behaviour, the passing out in public, falling over things, taking days off, being unable to stand for long periods of time and constant toilet breaks in her primary debates. It is rumoured that Hillary Clinton had a brain tumour in 2011, which required brain surgery to remove it but the surgery resulted in a loss of brain tissue resulting in seizures. There are sources to confirm this but no hard evidence, however this would explain why Clinton behaves the way she does. If she had won, would the long demanding hours of the presidency make her extremely ill?

The interesting part of Clinton’s campaign is that she offered barely any change. Her campaign was only based on a few things: continuing Obama’s legacy, calling Trump a racist/sexist/nazi (etc…) and saying that she should win because she is a woman. Her most popular slogans are ‘I’m With Her’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate’, which carry little to no actual message in her campaign over how she would change America for the better. Comparing to Trump’s slogans, that are ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘The Forgotten Will No Longer Be Forgotten’, it actually shows that Trump wanted to make a change which is probably the main reason why Hillary Clinton lost.

Another question people ask is where Donald Trump would be if the election did not come out in his favour. Some say that he would stay in politics. This is untrue. Trump has stated many times that if he had lost in the primaries or the election that he would just ‘quietly slip away’. It is unlikely that someone with the personality of Donald Trump to go into retirement, Trump would likely go back to Trump Towers and continue business as usual. The only difference being that he would have potentially billions of fans worldwide and around 60-70 million fans inside the US, making his brand extremely famous. This might have resulted in Trump being a billionaire ten times over.

Hillary Clinton has stated she has no intention of running as a candidate for 2020, for better or worse. Some want her to run again because they know that Donald Trump can easily beat her again and others want her to run again because they think she’s a good politician.