Varied reviews on Facebook about this new phone that Apple has made. The most common review was something like “It’s a lot of money and it’s not that good, oh well I’ll buy it anyway LOL!” I know what you are thinking, another opinion article done by a preppy British guy who knows nothing about phones. However I will explain my thesis and make any good points about anything I like about the new iPhone.

  1. The name is bad. One of the most exciting trademarks that the brand of Apple has is how they name their products. We had the first iPhone and then the iPhone 2 and then the iPhone 3 and so on. Of course we had exceptions like the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 3G, however these were essentially an extended life-cycle product of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 3. This meant that they carried almost the same design and functions but with certain updated features. However this phone skipped 2 numbers and went straight to 10, or X as they want to sound more revolutionary. This is because Apple wants to sound more like Microsoft, like how they wanted to update Windows 8 to Windows 10 (skipping the 9). I feel like this latest move has ruined Apple’s integrity as a business model and has ruined their brand as a whole.
  2. It costs almost $1,000. This almost as expensive as an apple computer. It seems at this point that Apple is getting greedier and greedier knowing that a large loyal market will buy their products even if they triple that price.
  3. It’s too big. Whenever Apple comes out with a new product, it always thinks it has to be bigger than the last one, that and thinner too. For all we may know, in 10 or 20 years we may all be walking around with touch screens that look like A4 paper. The iPhone 6 is the biggest a phone should get as it can still fit into a pocket, the reason I don’t have one is because the material the phone is made out of allows it to bend.
  4. It has a face scanning feature. To most people, this is in fact a good feature. However I really don’t like it. I’d hate to think that my facial structure is on a database of some kind. It’s not even needed. Nowadays you can use your fingerprint to get onto your phone, you do not need this feature.
  5. The home button is gone. In order to access the home menu, you will now need to swipe upwards. Again, Apple is truly disposing of its integrity by doing this as having the button was a trademark.
  6. Still no headphone jack. Many have told me to grow up when talking about the removal of the jack, however all the other phones have decided to keep it. What Apple tried to do is make a revolutionary step by introducing wireless headphones and forcing you to buy a £125 external jack that plugs into the iPhone charger outlet in order for someone to use their headphones. This would only work if Samsung and Android did the same thing.
  7. It didn’t work in the premier of the phone. The CEO of Apple tried to make the facial recognition feature work but he couldn’t do it. This is surprisingly one of the things I like about the new phone, there is a chance that this creepy and unnecessary feature wont work.
  8. They kept the trademark aesthetics. Apple decided to keep the layout of the buttons on the sides of the phone, which is good. A lot of the stuff I like about this phone is not physically on the phone. I like how they haven’t ruined certain features just by deciding not to change them, I like how the side buttons on the phone aren’t ruined for example.

In conclusion, don’t bother wasting your hard-earned money on something that only really costs $60 to make in the first place. The price of the iPhone 6 is going to drop so go buy that instead, it practically does the same stuff and you have a headphone jack! funny15

I would rather buy this than the iPhone X.