Paul Manafort, former chairman of Donald Trump’s campaign, has been ordered to secretly wear a wire before and after the election in order to spy on Trump when he was only a candidate and when he was President-elect.

Earlier this year in March, Trump had stated that he had been spied on by the Obama administration but he had only certain witnesses as reliable evidence for this. The media and even ex-president Barack Obama quickly responded to Trump’s allegations saying that they were false.

What the Obama administration has done is illegal and an extreme breach of privacy. Former advisor, Steve Bannon, had said that by the end of President Trump’s four year term that a lot of Obama’s staff (and perhaps Obama himself) would be behind bars due to all of their crimes and unconstitutional decisions. The part that would seal the deal is that Obama has consciencely lied about wiretapping Trump, which tells us that Obama had clear intentions and that he knew the law is against him.

CNN was in fact morally forced into giving out a truthful article confirming that President Trump had indeed been spied on, as they have released articles in the past saying that Trump is 100% wrong and must be forced to apologise to the Obama administration. Other public figures have told Trump to apologise too, namely: Woopy Goldburg, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, GOP senator Jeff Flake and many more… It seems that those above now owe President Trump an apology for their false accusations; Trump was telling the truth all along.


Well known upstanding outlets, organisations and public figures are now backing Trump. Julian Assange has in fact said that there had been a warrent issued in order for the CIA to investigate Trump.

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CNN has recently released an article trying to take back what they said this morning. They tried to reason by talking about President Trump’s whereabouts at the time of his original tweet. You can read on from this article here: