German leader Angela Merkel has won a fourth term as Chancellor. Merkel has been the German Chancellor since November the 22nd, 2005, and has been the leader of the left wing Christian Democratic Union since April the 10th, 2000. With this seemingly unbreakable streak of terms, it is now argued that Angela Merkel may be the most powerful woman in the world.

Angela Merkel managed to win the election by almost 34% of the popular vote. In second place is Martin Schulz from the Social Democratic Party (Socialist) and third is Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel from the right wing Alternative for Germany (Populist).

However when the 2017 election results came through, it can be compared to the 2013 election four years ago. Angela Merkel had won 41.7% of the popular vote in 2013 but only won 33.2% of the popular vote this time.

The Socialist party of Germany did terribly with only 20.8% of the vote, the lowest since 1949. Now that Marin Schulz has failed there will be more pressure on him from the other SPD members to resign. Past polls have accurately predicted this defeat in previous weeks. “[Schulz’s campaign] was a huge mistake!” said Daniela Kolbe – an SPD MP.

Merkel has been forced to form a coalition with the Alternative for Germany party, as they have received 13.1% of the vote and have enough seats to be able to give Merkel the position of Chancellor once again. For those concerned about the rape and crime in Germany committed by the imported ‘fake refugees’ then this is very good news as the AFD has plans to deal with these mass importations. ABC news has claimed that the AFD is a far right hate group and compared them to the Nazis. This is a very common action for fake news outlets to do this. The AFD does not hold any anti-semitic or any other racially motivated views.