Last week has been a very eventful week for President Donald Trump as he has donned the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, ‘Rocket Man’ and retweeted a GIF of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.

President Trump sparked outrage over his latest retweet concerning the former secretary of state and war criminal, most of which came from the mainstream media. CNN has called this move ‘unpresidential’ and quickly turned the story into an anti-Trump rant. The GIF shows President Trump teeing off and the golf ball hitting Clinton, making her fall over as a result. President Trump had also released a thread of retweets on his twitter, one involves him pulling a load of offshore companies towards the US on a raft (him bringing the jobs back) and an all red electoral college map saying ‘Keep it up libs this will be 2020’. The majority of his supporters loved the GIF as it represents the classic Donald Trump that they love, victorious and populist.

Many celebrities have insulted Trump over his retweet, however many people came to Trump’s defence…

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Regarding calling Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’, this is considerably more dangerous than rubbing Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss in her face. Although Rocket Man is a very memorable nickname, like ‘Crooked Hillary’, there can be serious consequences for escalating the situation between North Korea and the US.

“I spoke to President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines are forming in North Korea. Too bad!” Tweeted President Trump on Sunday. The nickname was likely inspired from an Elton John hit called ‘Rocket Man’ and also inspired by the fact that North Korea is constantly testing their ballistic missiles and doing countless nuclear tests. This name is indeed a catchy name for Kim Jong Un, but the name is a dangerous one. Although it is all fun and games when it comes to Trump giving his enemies clever nicknames, this will undoubtedly increase tensions between the US and North Korea. Kim Jong Un has a God complex in North Korea, many believe that him and his family are holy and that the world started when one of Kim’s ancestors were born.