It is very possible that BREXIT might not even happen, however there is always a chance through certain politicians like Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg and David Davis. Nigel Farage has said that he is considering making a new party, insuring that BREXIT is properly delivered.

Some of the major factors of BREXIT include leaving the single market, gaining control of the British seas (in order to stop overfishing) and regaining Britain’s border.

Jeremy Corbyn will not follow through with BREXIT even though he says he will. The Labour Party leader has his own version of BREXIT which means that the UK physically leaves the single market but with all the same preset deals still occur.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, has absolutely no interest in leaving the EU whatsoever. In fact, the Lib Dems often host marches and parades in London protesting the democratic vote to leave the European Union. If the Liberal Democrats came to office, although it is very unlikely, then BREXIT will not become a reality. Ex-Liberal Democrat and EU executive, Henry Bolton, is now the leader of UKIP – the party behind BREXIT. This means the implementers of BREXIT cannot preform BREXIT!

Theresa May, leader of the Conservative Party and current Prime Minister, says that she will leave the European Union but having voted remain last year she may not. May has proved herself to be the contrary of a right wing Conservative and more of a Centrist, having refused to denounce the Alt Left and letting in tens of thousands of undocumented migrants flood in during her tenure as secretary of state.

There are three possible ways BREXIT can be securely delivered. The first way is the most likely way to secure BREXIT and the last way is the least likely. The first way is for Nigel Farage to set up a party in order to gain some seats in the House of Commons. It is unlikely that Farage would win, although 52% voted for BREXIT in the first place. The second way would be from inside the Conservative Party. If a pro BREXIT Conservative ran for the place of Prime Minister then it would be likely that they would win. However that person is simply not there, becoming Prime Minister is a very demanding job and that person would have to give up all the fruitful parts of their life to fully dedicate his or her life to the country. The third way is a third party candidate or an independent. There are parties in the UK that stand for BREXIT and all of its policies. The trouble is that these parties are too small and, in some cases, too far right. A good party would be the Populist Party, although their numbers are fairly small their agenda correlates with BREXIT perfectly. The Populist Party was originally a part of UKIP, until it broke up in the early 2000’s.

The more BREXIT gets bashed, the more people that will come to defend it. At some point, hopefully, there will be a politician that will deliver BREXIT and bring the establishment to its knees…