By Will Mannion

Nigel Farage had only got his foot in the door with the BREXIT vote, little did he know that BREXIT might not even happen at all. With both the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition voted remain, can we trust that the version of BREXIT UKIP pushed for in early 2016 to be delivered?

Leaving the EU right now means that the UK can immediately enter the free market with no deal, contrary to what the BBC (who does not want BREXIT to happen) says about how Britain would be better off in the European Union and how the government should ignore the democratic vote to leave.

Brussels has been making the laws for the UK and this puts ease on the UK politicians as it saves them having to do it themselves. Brussels is demanding billions off the UK for deciding to leave the EU and Parliament seems to be standing idly by.

Nobody voted to get in the European Union in the first place, it would only be democratic to leave it. Leave your signature down below and share the petition:


The petition must get 100,000 signatures by March next year if it is to be effective in any way.