By Will Mannion

The Trump/Russia narrative was born after the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump in a landslide, announced that Russian hackers had rigged the election (despite the media saying that an election could not be rigged). President Trump’s first-born son Donald Trump Jr (also known as ‘Don Trump’) was called out for being a part in this collusion with Russia.

Trump Jr had communicated with Wikileaks and according to many mainstream media sources he talked about the rigging of the 2016 election with Russian agents through Wikileaks. This has not been proven. Trump Jr has posted the conversation between himself and a Wikileaks employee on Twitter.

To summarise what is below, Wikileaks contacted Trump Jr over concerns facing President (then-candidate) Trumps campaign and offered advice. This advice was only for links to be shared on Twitter regarding some of the findings by Wikileaks. Advice was also given to suggest that Julian Assange should become the Australian representative ambassador. There were mentions of Russia but not any mentions of any collusion. Unlike what the mainstream media has said, there was hardly any dialogue between the President’s son and Wikileaks. Wikileaks was simply informing him.


The MSM has been chasing the Trump/Russia narrative for a very long time with not only no success but a massive backfire. Operation Veritas had completely destroyed the medias narrative when infiltrators leaked footage of CNN’s administration for saying that the Russian collusion story is ‘a nothing burger’ and ‘mostly bullshit’ and how it’s all for ratings. Within a few days of the release of Operation Veritas video, CNN was in turmoil as journalists started resigning – however there was no word of apology. With CNN admitting that the story is fake and that there was no collusion, it is considerably amazing how the Trump/Russia narrative is still continuing to make headlines.

On the other hand the DNC and the MSM is in a frenzy over Wikileaks, after they exposed those in authority – like John Podesta, Anthony Weiner, The Obamas and the Clintons. CNN’s response to Wikileaks was to say that what they are doing is illegal and offers no logical argument over why Wikileaks shouldn’t be releasing confidential information.

There have been reasons to suspect a collusion with Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Russia, the media refuses to investigate these claims. During her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton has made deals with Russia where she would sell nuclear matter to Russian agents in an exchange for large donations to The Clinton Foundation. According to the circumstances, this was illegal.

With so many Liberal politicians – like Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters – sticking with the false narrative, hoping and praying that it is true, it is likely President Trump will become a two-term President in the next election.