By Will Mannion

Whilst being arrested over mean tweets towards Muslims in general can get you arrested, it seems that criticism of Radical Islamic grooming gangs is now inappropriate in Britain. Showing concern for those who are effected from being raped by Muslim immigrants simply does not fall under ‘British values’ anymore, as you can now have your door kicked down, get handcuffed and be held in a cell. The penalty would usually result in a hefty fine or, worst case scenario, some have been known to be sent to prison for up to 3 months – as criticism of Islam can be seen as a hate crime by the British justice system.

According to an independent study in Britain, at least 3,395 people were arrested in 2017 over potentially ‘offensive online comments’ by British police. This is nearly 10 people every day, nevertheless a violation towards freedom of speech and what it stands for.

An official from Northumbria Police made a statement over offensive comments made over Facebook and social media when it comes to the Muslim grooming gangs. “We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people using social media that they should do so responsibly and ensure they do not post anything which could be considered offensive.”

This investigation by the police force was in retaliation to the trafficking of young white girls in Newcastle where Muslim grooming gangs would groom them, seduce them and (in some cases) rape them and then sell them all over Newcastle as sex slaves – not one 3rd wave feminist was in sight protesting these unfortunate events.

The attitude displayed by the British law enforcement implies that their main concerns are not concerning the well-being of those affected in the illegal and indefensible human trafficking rings but whether someone making offensive comments should be charged or not. This makes many Britons increasingly uneasy and distrusting of their government, which can in fact lead to more British people growing a hatred towards the religion of Islam. As soon as the Quran is introduced into the argument of whether Islam is peaceful or not and as soon as the British people are educated over Islamic culture, that is how anti-Islamists are created. These people may simply oppose Islamic rape culture for moral reasons and then they will become racists and bigot by default for not accepting culture, according to the short sightedness of the Mainstream Media.

Multiple polls have estimated how much of the UK is Islamophobic. One of the lowest estimates is at 28%, one of the highest estimates surveys Islamophobia at 55%. The last poll was conducted over whether that citizen would feel threatened over having mosques being built where they live.  Whether it is 28% or 55%, the number of people who are growing a dislike towards Islam is increasing, including when people are starting to look into the controversial background of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

In conclusion, the Northumbria Police is only fuelling the fire on the war against Islam – with more and more people seeing Islamophobia as the sweet forbidden fruit that could end all the troubles caused by Islamic grooming gangs and other Islamic organised crime.