By Will Mannion

According to a speech made by Parkland survivor, Emma Gonzales, she and others had bullied the school shooter before the mass shooting took place. To make matters worse, she shows no remorse for doing so…

‘Those talking about we shouldn’t have ostracised him, you didn’t know this kid!’ That is a clear message that these kids are not looking to take any responsibility over the shooter, they are literally saying ‘don’t blame me, blame the gun instead’.

Watch the video here:


So lets get a few things straight:

  1. Just because Nikolas Cruz was a nasty kid with no friends, does not make it ok for Emma and her friends to ostracise him. If Cruz wasn’t picked on then the school shooting may not have happened. Cruz probably lost his marbles and massacred them for that reason alone, which isn’t justifiable either.
  2. The shooter was the one pulling the trigger, people like Cruz are the main issue – not the gun.
  3. If Cruz was a well-known creep, and was as bad as his classmates say he was, his classmates could’ve reported him and he would’ve have been committed. That way he’d never have been able to legally purchase a gun, although he probably would’ve got a gun illegally instead so I don’t think you can blame guns this time around.
  4. Cruz was on drugs at the time of the shooting, however this alone wouldn’t have caused the shooting as the shooting was planned. Emma and her classmates never spoke against how easy it was for Cruz to obtain these drugs.
  5. When Emma found out that Cruz was the shooter, according to her, nobody in her class was surprised. In this case, referring to point 3, why isn’t she calling for more sanity checks for schools?
  6. Emma shows absolutely no regret for bullying Cruz, even though it may be possible that the shooting may not have taken place if Cruz were not bullied. I wonder how the parents of the kids who died feel about this?

Personally I have no sympathy for the people who bullied Cruz and I am in favour of a lengthy sentence for Cruz or for him to be put on death row, considering that he may be too dangerous to keep alive. I believe more people should hold Emma Gonzales to question over why she doesn’t regret antagonising Cruz. In David Hogg’s case, you can read my opinion on him here.