Theresa May states Sharia Law is being misused to oppress muslim women and has launched an investigation into the issue. OBVIOUSLY, most of us knew this for years, but, despite Islam’s oppression of women, Theresa claims Sharia teachings still benefit the people immensely. Can you really have equality between sexes under the reign of Sharia Law? You cannot forcefully take bits and pieces of a religion, by state, and expect its practitioners to willfully follow a reform that isn’t recognized by the religion’s leaders. And what are more laws going to do in the growing number of no-go zones and Sharia zones.


Theresa has shunned an ever growing problem, and now has little power in solving the new issues. Already, the Muslim immigrants and refugees have created no-go zones, where UK law does affect much, anymore, as police are told not to go there, for fear of the new, violent population.


In 2008, the first Sharia Law court was recognized, and the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury stated that adopting aspects of Sharia Law into the court system was ‘unavoidable.’ The UK now has over 3,000 mosques and about 130 Sharia Law Courts. Despite these courts lying within the UK’s tribunal court system, they often finalize rulings that contradict the common laws of the land. As time presses onward, the local Muslim population has called for Sharia Law to replace UK’s common law. In towns with large Muslim populations, they call for Sharia Law to become the only law. Some of these towns include Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, and Leeds. Their streets are already plastered with posters stating, “You are in a Shariah controlled zone, Islamic rules enforced.”

So what exactly is Sharia Law? Well, for starters, it derives from the Quran. According to Sharia Law, backed up by scripture form the Quran, if a woman is raped, she cannot testify in court against her rapist. Four Muslim men must testify on her account(Quran 24:13). A man can beat his wife for insubordination(Quran 4:34). A husband can divorce his wife whenever he pleases, but his wife needs the consent of her husband to do so. Men can have up to four wives, but women can only have one. Culturally, Muslim men often feel they have a sexual right to any woman not wearing a hijab. We see this as they practice ‘taharrush gamea’ on the streets in Paris and the UK. Taharrush translates, roughly, to harassment. Taharrush Gamea is what they call it, and it’s when a group of Muslim men target a non-muslim woman who’s not wearing the hijab, and proceed to sexually assault and sometimes gang-rape her.


For example, watch the tragic and terrifying account of Lara Logan, below, and a brief explanation of Taharrush after:



The culture surrounding muslim women is horrible, but introducing Sharia law into the court system, wouldn’t do much, as it has already proven not to. In fact, it would only hurt the British women. Theresa states “A lot of Muslim women I know say that the men in their communities just laugh at this proposed investigation, that they will go underground so the investigation will have to be very robust.” It seems as though the Muslim men do not fear Theresa and her desire to reform the law. Theresa has been weak on punishment for immigrant criminals anyways; what do they have to fear? They clearly don’t fear her, as they tried to assassinate her just a few months ago. Overall, introducing Sharia Law, even a reformed one, just might be a slippery slope to full blown Sharia Law enforced upon Muslims and British, alike.