By Borislav Ignatov

Around the world mainly in Europe and in some other countries such as Canada, nations are losing their sovereignty day by day, with new laws that overrule old laws (creating more loopholes), government controlled media that uses the power of suggestion to try to manipulate people. People are being manipulated in to make decisions that are not necessarily  beneficial for them, but for someone else by using buzzwords to disguise a their own malicious intents/agenda, virtue signalling to demonize anyone that is against them and willing to listen to the people.

Currently the fight is focused on free speech, but what comes after free speech. Well, more information will certainly come to light and there will be a greater access to information, as the through the declassification of information, people will be allowed to know what was previously kept out of the public view. The reason this will happen through freedom of speech is because intelligent people have been suppressed from teaching others, patents have been suppressed,  people have lost their lives for sharing classified information that is in the public’s interest.

Patents and information is kept by various bodies with a lot power in the form of money, influence and or military power. These include governments, and corporations only interested in wealth. The patents and information that Nicolas Tesla possessed has been taken from the people.

What other way can it be put, information is the key and the more you know the more doors you can open. However, there just happens to be some doors that horrors that no one wants to know, why would one depress themselves, get upset, get angry, on top of that the ego protect people from ideas that may cause ones world to collapse.

Living on a lie can be dangerous, just look at broken marriages, and the consequences of giving disinformation or scamming someone, and in the victim finds out. Emotions can take over with some people but it is certain that, the response is not going to be pleasant. It is certain that the person/people responsible will try to avoid any consequences if that is possible.

By putting yourself in the shoes of a criminal, you will understand that criminals do not want to get caught, which can make them dig a bigger hole for their grave.

In this case, you are married to the state and the state has cheated on you, what do you do? The whole system is against you, the majority of the population will not listen to you and you will be misrepresented.

Realistically, in the worst possible scenario, the military must be on the side of the people. Otherwise the military will become simply a tool for one to abuse,  in the same way arguments lead to physical altercations, when someone refuses to reason and then results to violence.

People are fallible beings, it happens to the best of us. We can all lose sight of what is important because of one reason or another. In the case of the government, well those are people elected by the country and they are expected to be competent, they receive plenty of help by other individuals  within the government. I am sure some can accept there is things we cannot know, but we should expect some sort of transparency and honesty. Freedom of information requests are not always the best way to get through as they can get denied without a reasonable explanation.

The government is in the best possible position when it comes to lying, and money comes to the people who help the agenda, whilst threats of violence, slander comes to those who question it. I am not denying the fact that there is extremists on both sides of the spectrum, but I believe in always questioning systems of hierarchy because some people have questionable morals and tactics.

People such as Edward Snowden show how hypocritical system is. It is as if, governments play God over us and we should not question them because they work in mysterious ways. Obey voluntarily or there will be consequences.