At the request of the OPCW, a laboratory in Speiz, Switzerland that analysed the chemical used in the poisoning of Sergei Skipral, has confirmed that the compound in question was produced in Western Europe. BZ nerve agent was found by the analysts, a compound that has indeed never been used by Russia but is used and produced by Britain, America and other NATO countries. This has served as a red flag to many British and western European people that something very sinister may be taking place on the world stage. While these findings alone could be seen to be incendiary, the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.

The initial ‘evidence’ of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was provided by a supposedly neutral and humanitarian force named the white helmets, who are tasked with providing medical and humanitarian aid to the civilians caught in the Syrian conflict between the forces of president Bashar Assad and the rebel forces, however on close inspection, the white helmets appear to be anything but a neutral humanitarian force.


After receiving over $23 million from the US agency of international development, the white helmets have been caught on video on at least two separate occasions, actively participating in brutal and shocking executions.

Something else very disconcerting about the white helmets is they seem to be acting as a more of a propagandist force, primarily concerned with staging pictures and videos rather than actually helping those who appear to be injured.

fake rescue

Pictured Above: The white helmets ‘rescue’ a young girl on three separate occasions, yet amazingly at each of these tragedies, it appears to be the exact same young girl. Here we are rather witnessing a blatant and shameless display of propaganda directed against the Syrian government, or a the most unlucky girl in the entire world.  Many years ago when the mainstream media decided the information that the public had access to, this would never have been exposed.

Furthermore, the supposedly concrete evidence of the Syrian chemical attack that France is in possession of actually turned out to amount to nothing more than pictures on the internet that French intelligence agencies assumed were probably real. Effectively the evidence for European and American air strikes against Syrian forces amounted to pictures taken by an incredibly dubious source that have already been revealed to be propagandists and to stage tragedies, to the political gain of Isis, not to forget of course some pictures on the internet taken by the very same people.

What could be seen as more alarming is that all three nations involved in the air strikes against Syrian government forces have arms deals with Saudi Arabia, not to mention that the husband of British Prime minister Theresa May, has holdings in BAE systems (A Saudi funded military jet manufacturer based in Britain) which saw a huge spike in its share value following the recent air strikes.

Almost forgotten now is how Theresa May served as home secretary during the Rotherham child grooming scandal, as well as the assassination attempt of political activist Stephen Yaxley, otherwise more widely known as Tommy Robinson, while he was incarcerated in Woodhill prison. The attempted assassination of Tommy Robinson took place with the seeming complicity of prison authorities, as he was locked in a room with multiple Jihadists and left to be severely beaten and nearly killed.

The growing evidence of Theresa May’s true allegiance seems to grow every day, as while violent crime in London has surpassed New York, thousands of British citizens have been arrested by police for posts critical to Islam on social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. The governments own poll showed that 49% of Britain was strictly against the air strikes in Syria, while a minority was for them. There is a growing distaste and resentment in Britain, for a prime minister that is much more concerned with crushing dissenters of radical Islam and censoring speech than representing the will of the British people with integrity.


Christian Finch