Nationalism a side effect of a neglected majority

By Borislav Ignatov

Philosophy → Ideology based on philosophy → Policies  based on ideology→ Political party leading by example → Way of life → Consequences that come with that way of life.

Politics should be handled with reason and evidence. However, timing is everything with political events can have a massive impact on the political views of the people, here are some examples: New Year 2015 Cologne or this case, Sweden cases ( 1, 2, 3), Italy cases ( 1, 2, 3) UK cases ( 1, 2, 3), Self defense cases ( 1, 2, 3), France cases (1, 2 → multiple examples), even Canada is beginning to feel the consequences of mass immigration due to their kind-hearted nature and progressive nature (1 & 2).

There are only a few of many cases around Europe, and still there is cases that remain unreported, as the mainstream media sees this as an attack on the narrative which they are trying to push. This has led to increasing opposition for the EU, through the rise of nationalist parties such as: National Front (France), Five star movement (Italy), AfD (Germany), National Democrats (Sweden).

Such cases can easily infuriate people and make them harbour extremist views, on the other hand of the spectrum people can also be too accepting, allowing their kindness to bring about their own demise through the disguise of ethical decisions. Helping people is the right thing to do, but at mass immigration is unsustainable if there is no future plan to move back these displaced individuals and even then what happens if they do not want to leave?

In mainstream media nationalistic views are often said to be alt-right, or they are racist, xenophobic, fascists, bigots and the list goes on. However, it is important to understand why people are called those names and why they hold the believes they do. First of all it is important to establish the fact that mass immigration is not good for the asylum seekers or the people/country responsible for harbouring these individuals.

Through mass immigration there is a larger amount of competition when it comes to finding jobs (more competition lowers wages), and people need to eat. Therefore, immigrants whom have not been fully or if at all integrated into these foreign countries that they seek asylum,  may result to a life of crime due to a lack of education, language barrier or even personal choice.

It is difficult to integrate massive amount of people without creating areas that mostly populated by migrants, as a consequence there is no incentive to learn the language, no incentive to accept cultural differences and no incentive for a better life style. Education is a crucial part of any society, and integrating people requires re-education as the only law some of these refugees know, is the law taught in the Quran which in itself goes against the laws of most developed countries.

In addition, can western countries truly afford to house and support all the refugees they are taking, it is simply a ticking time bomb as some countries such as England, the government struggles to look after its own people. By putting the needs of those abroad before the tax contributing citizens, the UK government has shown how their priorities are clearly not in order.

People are tired of being neglected because they represent the majority of the population. People are tired of the religious persecution that comes with harbouring muslim refugees. People are tired of being treated like second class citizens in their own country.

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One massive problem the EU refuses to acknowledge is refugees and asylum seekers lying about their age and other details in order to be granted asylum. We cannot allow for the people we attempt to help, to allow to divide us and ruin our way of life. When someone goes to the UAE they are expected to abide by their strict if questionable rules, but yet in the western world its different.

Sharia courts and councils have found their way into the UK , and they are a way of avoiding the British justice system, and by law they should be illegal according to the Bill of Rights Act 1689.


Not all muslims are bad of course, but the silent muslim community that disagrees with what is going needs to stand up.

War Analysis: Steps towards a NWO

By Borislav Ignatov

What if a war did happen in Syria right now?

Well it is certain that it would not be just the US and Syria. The UK, France, Russia and Israel have already gotten involved in some sort of way. Therefore, there is two scenarios, one of which includes using Syria as the battle ground to avoid expanding the conflict area (involve other countries). Realistically, that would not bode for well Syria as the foreign countries can afford to use autonomous technology to avoid losing troops. Russia is powerful not powerful enough to push a way multiple different countries. Nevertheless, what Russia has on their side is way more powerful than weapons, Russia has reason to defend Syria and there is people who see that.

Scenario two involves the war expanding into several different fronts, this will likely happen because people will start to take sides, different countries will start to take sides. Political disagreement is one thing, but acting above the pre-established rules and laws that govern us without clear evidence, purely on the basis of trust and news corporations that refuse to debate when caught in the wrong. It will be a call for the people, because no matter what they believe they must act, and do what they think is right.

Scenario two is the most likely one, but in the case that all information is suppressed, communication services are down, or people just choose to stay distracted, scenario one will happen. Consequently, only the information against the narrative will be suppressed, escapist activities will be more and more focused on politics, filling people with biased information and more ways for someone to catch themselves, as well as hold themselves in a spiritual trap (God is replaced by the Government, difference is the Government controlled life forces you to sin/lose some of your moral integrity depending on the situation). Through information emotions will be controlled and outcomes will become predictable, if there is no opposition on the inside that is. As a consequence, stimuli can be created to for an event to happen, and public opinion can be manipulated that way.

Example: September 11th, was a very upsetting day for Americans and even people world-wide, just like school shootings are upsetting for parents. Another way of looking at it is like this → people are protective of whats close to them and will do anything to protect whatever that is. Which is fair enough, we all want that but you do not want to punish good, honest, responsible, hardworking people for the actions of people who are stupid, deluded, controlled or those that simply had bad intentions.

What I am trying to say is that our response to a situation should not be controlled, instead people should be encouraged to question and investigate to deal with the issues that haunt them, instead of trading their freedom for security.

Of course these are not all the scenarios, and these scenarios are not necessarily for the better of the world either. However, it is not as if we could expect the west to admit to their mistakes and wrong doings without a fight, after which we all shake hands and act nice. Even then they could lie or justify their actions till the end. A realistic solution requires the collaborative power of good minds, with the necessarily knowledge, resources, influence, time and most of all trust in those that have seen and experienced Government corruption.

Even if I knew the solution I could not share it as that sort of knowledge would be illegal, however what I can do is provide you with the necessary colors to paint a part of the bigger picture but you will need to learn how to paint.

The solution I can conceive is that everyone makes an attempt to make the world a better place through small kind gestures, good deeds and through acceptance of their own personal demons. We have the inherent power to act in a good or evil way, but these are all one, because you have to be evil (kill) to be good (protect) in some cases. A Canadian family that had protected their daughter and potentially other girls from a pedophile, could face charges (Report). Of course such stories are becoming all the more frequent, where the blame is shifted and the talking point is changed.

And when it comes to being a vigilante, there is times where citizens need to enforce the law to show villains that the police may not be able to do anything, but that will not stop civilians who do not tolerate crime, especially when it comes to pedophilia, child trafficking, genocide of another group of people.



The International Fight For Democracy

By Borislav Ignatov

Around the world mainly in Europe and in some other countries such as Canada, nations are losing their sovereignty day by day, with new laws that overrule old laws (creating more loopholes), government controlled media that uses the power of suggestion to try to manipulate people. People are being manipulated in to make decisions that are not necessarily  beneficial for them, but for someone else by using buzzwords to disguise a their own malicious intents/agenda, virtue signalling to demonize anyone that is against them and willing to listen to the people.

Currently the fight is focused on free speech, but what comes after free speech. Well, more information will certainly come to light and there will be a greater access to information, as the through the declassification of information, people will be allowed to know what was previously kept out of the public view. The reason this will happen through freedom of speech is because intelligent people have been suppressed from teaching others, patents have been suppressed,  people have lost their lives for sharing classified information that is in the public’s interest.

Patents and information is kept by various bodies with a lot power in the form of money, influence and or military power. These include governments, and corporations only interested in wealth. The patents and information that Nicolas Tesla possessed has been taken from the people.

What other way can it be put, information is the key and the more you know the more doors you can open. However, there just happens to be some doors that horrors that no one wants to know, why would one depress themselves, get upset, get angry, on top of that the ego protect people from ideas that may cause ones world to collapse.

Living on a lie can be dangerous, just look at broken marriages, and the consequences of giving disinformation or scamming someone, and in the victim finds out. Emotions can take over with some people but it is certain that, the response is not going to be pleasant. It is certain that the person/people responsible will try to avoid any consequences if that is possible.

By putting yourself in the shoes of a criminal, you will understand that criminals do not want to get caught, which can make them dig a bigger hole for their grave.

In this case, you are married to the state and the state has cheated on you, what do you do? The whole system is against you, the majority of the population will not listen to you and you will be misrepresented.

Realistically, in the worst possible scenario, the military must be on the side of the people. Otherwise the military will become simply a tool for one to abuse,  in the same way arguments lead to physical altercations, when someone refuses to reason and then results to violence.

People are fallible beings, it happens to the best of us. We can all lose sight of what is important because of one reason or another. In the case of the government, well those are people elected by the country and they are expected to be competent, they receive plenty of help by other individuals  within the government. I am sure some can accept there is things we cannot know, but we should expect some sort of transparency and honesty. Freedom of information requests are not always the best way to get through as they can get denied without a reasonable explanation.

The government is in the best possible position when it comes to lying, and money comes to the people who help the agenda, whilst threats of violence, slander comes to those who question it. I am not denying the fact that there is extremists on both sides of the spectrum, but I believe in always questioning systems of hierarchy because some people have questionable morals and tactics.

People such as Edward Snowden show how hypocritical system is. It is as if, governments play God over us and we should not question them because they work in mysterious ways. Obey voluntarily or there will be consequences.


Politics, a modern ethical nightmare

By Borislav Ignatov

With the recent bombings in Syria, an ideological divide has become even more apparent, between logical and impulsive thinking. Quick, decisive action is required in a time of great distress, which hopefully we can all agree on, nonetheless reason should still be provided for why the actions occurred in the first place, along with solid evidence. Legal or not, such actions indicate a clear abuse of power.Whatever way one looks at the middle East, it can clearly be seen as a humanitarian disaster which has led to the deaths of many individuals most of whom are innocent civilians, estimated death toll is over 500,000.

It is already public knowledge how various groups of people have been supplied with resources and weapons in Syria and the surrounding area, some of which have gone to the terrorists. So why does the UK intervene when they clearly do not know who to support, or why does the UK not stop with its funding to Syria considering the UK is facing disasters of its own, and the solutions are hindered by a lack of funding (same can also be said for the USA and France).

Therefore, politicians should be answerable to the general public and the intelligence of the people should not be undermined. After an alleged chemical attack, Theresa May had decided that she is above the UN council and international law, after all it is not as if Syria has been chemically attacked before by insurgents.

At this point the culprit is not the biggest issue, but the solution to the issue, as such a response would only destabilizes the country more and considering the size of Syria (71,500 sq miles, smaller than the UK) it seems outrageous to have multiple countries bomb such a small place because of a chemical attack. Surely it seems more reasonable for the rebels to attack using chemical weapons, as the US was retreating as they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Nevertheless, this could be a false flag to increase the duration of US military presence and in order to impose further sanctions on to Russia, by giving people more reasons to hate Russia. The social consequence of such events lead to a divide in the people, as some believe what they are told by the MSM while others make an attempt to piece together the whole situation.

Disasters such as this lead to refugee scenarios, which are economically and socially damaging for Europe, but beneficial for the globalist agenda as then Europe becomes a war front. Not to mention such an event also distracts people from problems much closer to home.

Russia has evidence to disprove the British narrative which could be one of the reasons for the west to bomb Syria, in an attempt to remove any evidence. Of course whatever the motive was, it surely was not productive as only after the bombing run, has the  OPCW been granted access to Douma.

Russia and America clearly do not get along very well in Syria but Syria should be used as a battleground to wage personal wars. Both countries appear to have the same goal in mind, but clearly there is interest beyond our knowledge. Russia has previously helped Syria regain some of their main infrastructure, and has economically benefitted. Therefore it is clear to see that Russia may interested in gaining natural resources, but in supporting the Assad regime and they gain a portion of the natural resources anyway . Whilst America has been known to go against the regime and has established multiple military bases around the country, thus they are in a very good strategic position as they have plenty of access to natural resources and very little opposition that can match their power.

The Syrian regime does not pose any national security concerns and the threat of ISIS is decreasing. National security concerns should be surrounded by ideological warfare, that has spread across the world, peace can be achieved in different ways but if a war starts in the name of peace, then the opposite result is achieved.

It would be of great help if governments were more transparent, as they work for the people and not against them. Information is kept classified in the name of national security, not because it would be a threaten the nation, but because it exposes the hypocritical sides of the government and the extents they are willing to go to achieve their goals.

Actions should be based on morales, and not the other way round, the reason I think that is because we have seen the extents ISIS are willing to go to,  and they do not answer to no one but God. In a war the means justify the end, at least to some people.