By Nikos Tsinakis

Italy’s government change remains as an ongoing process following the good news earlier this week when Giuseppe Conte was given the mandate to become the prime minister of a coalition composed by only populist parties. It now seems like anti-Globalist patriots around the world have held celebrations too early.

In an unexpected turn of events, Italian president Sergio Mattarella( elected in 2015) interferes with the will of the people as he treacherously rejects the new Finance Minister appointed by winning political coalition that held more than 60% of the votes. His reasoning for rejecting the proposal involves his personal ‘bottom line’ of not risking an exit from the European Union/eurozone. Mattarella’s action clearly goes against the will of Italy’s public majority, a majority that’s fed up with the Tyranny of the European Union as they voted for the two populist parties: Lega Nord(held the most votes out of any party) and the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement.

Italy’s Prime Minister-designate Giuseppe Conte speaks to the media after a meeting with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinal Palace in Rome

Five Star Movement (M5S) was outraged with Mattarella’s decision as the M5S leader Luigi Di Maio calls it “an institutional clash without precedent” in a live video streamed from his facebook page.


Italy’s PM-designate Giuseppe Conte said he’s given up on attempts to form a government after President Sergio Mattarella rejected his candidacy for economy minister. The country may now face a new election by the end of 2018.

Conte confirmed his failure to form “the government of change” in Italy, saying: “I can assure you that I did my utmost to try to fulfill this task.”

Mattarella told the media that he “agreed to all the ministers except the finance minister” proposed by the coalition. “I asked for a figure, who would mean not risking an exit from the euro,” he explained.

Such a brazen display from the acting Italian President to protect the interests of the EU is an insult to all europeans that believe in Democratic values and certainly a testament to the volatility within the Italian constitution. The elected President and Prime Minister having different motivations as well as opposing views will only stop the will of the people from being carried out.

Incoming ultimatum

Extremely upset coalition supporters are demanding the President’s impeachment and an immediate replacement. However, it seems like the leader of Lega Nord party don’t want to talk about impeachment just yet.

“We need to keep cool. Some things cannot be done in the throes of anger… I don’t want to talk about impeachment,” Salvini said speaking in a radio interview with Radio Capital.

Leader of the Lega Nord Matteo Salvini also expressed interest in the alternative to work within the system by communicating with the Five Star party to change electoral laws. Time will soon tell whether or not Salvini optimism has paid off. If not, the adopting the hardline stance to advocate for impeachment will surely be the next most effective option.

The EU is on its deathbed.