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          Sore loser Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, continue to destroy their party’s image and chance of winning the majority in the midterms by attacking successful policies implemented by President Trump. The newly-released job numbers were so good, as a matter of fact, that even NYTimes released an article named: “We Ran Out of Words to Describe How Good the Jobs Numbers Are”

          It should come as no surprise that spiteful democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi would do everything in their power to try and downplay the accomplishments made by our president. Pelosi wants her dwindling base to continue believing all the propaganda she spews out on a daily basis. MS-13 gang members are our friends, and low unemployment doesn’t matter, right Pelosi? This economic boom adds to the embarrassment the Democratic party is feeling over trashing policies touted by Trump. Election year is going to be hard for them this year, with the midterm average distance getting closer than ever before, and some polls even having Republicans in the lead.

          The unemployment rate zoomed on down to an astounding  3.8% in May, another indication of the strong economy and tight labor market. This unemployment figure ties the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. Since that time, the only other time unemployment was this low was in April 2000. The unemployment numbers fell for all the right reasons. We’ve had a surge of people coming into the labor market, and we saw employers digging deeper into the pool of unemployed. The latest jobs report paints a very different picture from what Pelosi claims. Trump’s ‘Picasso” of an economy has opportunities for almost everyone. Black unemployment has fallen to an even lower record low, and the gap between black and white unemployment has never been as close as it is right now.

          Job openings are at a record high, and businesses are hungry for workers. The polices that Trump has implemented are helping the “forgotten ones of America” find jobs. The unemployment rate among African-Americans and Asian-Americans has been steadily declining. So has unemployment among low-education workers and even teenagers. Over the past year, the unemployment rate among 16- to 19-year-olds has fallen from 14.1% to 12.8%. Economists also believe that the unemployment rate can dip even further because there’s still slack in the job market. The employed percentage of America’s population stands at 60.4%, still significantly below pre-recession levels. Despite many in the media having questions about employers’ ability to find qualified workers, the economy added 223,000 jobs in May, which is better than any economists predicted.

The only real factor that needs more work is the modest rate in which wage has grown. Although wage growth has picked up in recent months, economists have been puzzled for a long time about why pay isn’t climbing faster. In a job market this tight, employers are typically forced to pay much more to attract workers. In 2000, the last time unemployment was this low, wages grew at a pace of about 4%. Inflation is a lot lower than in previous periods of growth, which some economists has linked to the modest growth in wages. The erosion of workers’ bargaining power has also played a role.Another proposed explanation may be that employers are turning to new workers, such as younger people and those just re-entering the job market, to fill up positions that were previously occupied by better-paid veteran workers who are either retiring or taking new positions elsewhere.However, economists are very confident that wages will keep climbing as competition for workers grows.

Dozens of companies have already announced pay hikes and more attractive benefits to lure workers. On Thursday, Costco said it would raise starting wages for US employees by $1, to a minimum of $14 an hour.

Costco said it would raise starting wages for US employees by $1, to a minimum of $14 an hour.

Regardless of what the lying, manipulative Democrats say, our economy is full speed ahead!