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          Dinesh D’Souza, conservative author and very successful documentary filmmaker, has been pardoned by President Trump. D’Souza claimed victory over what he has characterized as a political prosecution by the Obama administration. D’Souza is seen by many as a victim of selective justice, initiated by Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, and the United States attorney in New York, Preet Bharara. Dinesh was the target because he made a 2012 movie sharply critical of Obama, named “2016: Obama’s America”

          “What happened here is Obama and his team, Eric Holder, Preet Bharara in New York, these guys decided to make an example of me, and I think that the reason for this was Obama’s anger over my movie that I made about him,” D’Souza said on “Fox and Friends,” which also happens to be one of the president’s favorite shows. “And so, this was a vindictive political hit that was kind of aimed at putting me out of business, essentially making – destroying my credibility, making it impossible for me to make movies, write books, and that since has failed. But it still left a cloud over me,” he continued. “I would be a lifelong felon. I would never be able to vote and never have my full rights.”

          D’Souza pleaded guilty in 2014 to making illegal campaign contributions to Wendy E. Long, who was a college friend that was running for Senate from New York as a Republican. He reimbursed others for making $20,000 in gifts to her campaign in what are called straw donations to evade contribution limits. This led to him being fined $30,000 and sentenced to five years probation, and eight months in a supervised “community confinement center.” D’Souza told Alex Jones of Infowars that he would describe the community confinement center as an attempt to “reeducate” him and possibly change his political affiliation.

          Many critics point to the fact that D’Souza acknowledged during the court proceedings that he knew what he was doing was wrong and apologized for it. However, in an interview with Fox, he said he agreed to plead guilty only because prosecutors added a second charge that allowed them to threaten a possible stint in federal prison, which D’Souza referred to as a “kind of legal bludgeoning tactic.” D’Souza says he was told that this second charge would carry five years in federal prison.

          Bharara, who was fired by president Trump last year and became one of his most outspoken critics, has rejected the assertion that D’Souza was prosecuted for political reasons. Carrie H. Cohen, then an assistant United States attorney who prosecuted D’Souza, noted that a judge considered the claim, but rejected it. “The court found no evidence to support D’Souza’s claim that he was selectively prosecuted,” she said in an interview. It’s worth noting however, that the FBI refused to fork over D’Souza’s file. They used their usual tactic of claiming that it could endanger informants and also risk national security, but when the file was finally released, it revealed that the documents had D’Souza down as a “right-wing provocateur who make a movie critical of the Obama administration”. This shows an obvious political bias. This all coming from the FBI under James Comey, a man who Trump later firing during his presidency because of misconduct. James Comey had been appointed by the Obama administration.

          President Trump said that he pardoned D’Souza because he was “treated very unfairly,” and not because anybody asked him to. Trump has been experiencing the same kind of unfair prosecution for months by way of the phony Trump-Russia, which is now being heavily scrutinized. The F.B.I. should be focused on where the real russian collusion was, which is with democrats, and should be putting criminal Democrats like Hillary Clinton in prison instead.

          D’Souza was called by the president to inform him of the pardon.. “He said that, ‘I got to tell you man-to-man, you’ve been screwed,’ ” Mr. D’Souza recalled. “He goes, ‘I have been looking at the case. I knew from the beginning that it was fishy.’”…“But he said, upon reviewing it, he felt a great injustice had been done and that using his power, he was going to rectify it, sort of clear the slate,” D’Souza described his conversation with the president. “And he said he just wanted me to be out there, to be a bigger voice than ever, defending the principles that I believe in.”

          The majority far-left media has consistently attacked Trump’s decision to pardon D’Souza, and some even going as far as describing the ordeal as something meant to empower the “racist fringe”. As they continue to self-destruct, conservatives rejoice the pardon of Obama’s political enemy Dinesh D’Souza.

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