Written by: Jack Bibiano  –  Twitter: @LibertyDragon1  – Facebook: Juan Bibiano

          This is it. The final puzzle piece has finally been revealed, exposing the biggest political scandal in American history. This story is the culmination of many countless hours of hard work by patriots who refused to give up on the truth.

          Former British M16 agent Christopher Steele conspired with the DNC, the FBI, Clinton campaign and a faction of the Russian government. to compile a dirty dossier full of lies as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign. One of the claims was that the Russian government taped Donald Trump watching prostitutes urinate on a hotel bed in Moscow in 2013. Even after two years of investigation, backed by the power of the deep state, the Dossier still remains unproven.

          Bruce Orh, the go-between for Christopher Steele and the FBI, is being subpoenaed to testify in front of Congress. The date is set. The 28th.

  • Christopher Steele: Former British M16 agent who compiled the phony Dossier on Trump.
  • Glenn Simpson: Co-Founder of Fusion GPS, a political research group, who
  • Bruce Ohr: A top lawyer for the DOJ during the Obama administration.
  • Nellie Ohr: Wife of Bruce Ohr; worked for Fusion GPS.

          Christopher Steele was cut off as a “confidential human source” after he disclosed his relationship with the FBI to a third-party. Documents show that there were at least 11 payments to Steele from the FBI. The FBI documented that Steele was admonished for unknown reasons during February of 2016, yet Fusion GPS didn’t even hire Christopher Steele to compile the document until June of 2016.

          The Democratic National Committee, along with the Hillary Clinton campaign, helped pay for research, through Perkins and Coie, that led to the now-infamous Anti-Trump dossier. It’s also worth noting that the Perkins and Coie is the same firm that Trump’s former-attorney Michael Cohen hired for his current case.

          The dossier eventually passed to the FBI, and was used as the basis of both the Trump-Russia investigation and the FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign manager Carter Page.

          Although Steele was cut off within weeks of the initial FISA(Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) application, yet it was still used for three subsequent renewals. James Comey, FBI director at the time, said that he didn’t know who paid for the dossier, yet chose to hide that the FBI themselves had been paying Steele.

          In other words, the Clinton campaign paid for propaganda that came from Fusion GPS, who got it from an arm of the Russian government, and then it was disseminated to the top levels FBI and DOJ who used it to open a counter-intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign. This phony investigation has polluted nearly every top official for the DOJ and FBI of the past few years.

          Bruce Ohr, one of the last needed pieces of the puzzle, has become the central figure in the investigation into corruption and unethical bias from levels within the FBI and DOJ during the 2016 campaign.

          Once Christopher was terminated as a source for doing things like talking to the media on behalf of Glenn Simpson, Bruce Ohr continued to meet with, and share information from Christopher Steele to the FBI. If it wasn’t for Bruce Ohr working on behalf of Fusion GPS, there would have never been a Trump-Russia investigation. Bruce Ohr, who was a top lawyer in the Department of Justice under the Obama Administration, was the one who continued to pass on Steele’s information to the FBI. Christopher was a British M16 agent that was also working for Fusion GPS.

          Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was also working for Fusion GPS and the Clinton Campaign. That’s information flowing from the Clinton Campaign from Russia, the top levels of the FBI and Department of Justice to open counterintelligence investigations into the Trump campaign.

          Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says that we are going to be SHOCKED at what else we find out was used in the FISA warrant to spy on an associate of the Trump campaign Carter Page. Only some of the 400 pages of the Page FISA application have been released. Most of the pages are redacted. The basis for the phony investigation was formed from a salacious dossier, paid for by the Clinton Campaign.

          “The fact that the media is ignoring this, is precisely why we’re going to need an unprecedented amount of information declassified” in order to get a reaction from the media, says Nunes.

          Devins Nunes also thinks Trump will have no choice but to release the documents. Nunes makes the point that we’re going to end up with half of America that has zero confidence in the DOJ and FBI. We have to have strong intelligence agencies that stay out of politics though. Even Paul Ryan said months ago that the FBI and DOJ need to decide if they are part of the cleanup crew or the coverup crew.

          Even with all of the resources of the FBI, and the resources of every single media outlet, the dossier compiled by Steele still remains unproven after two years. Talk about a setup!