Over a hundred thousand Americans march in Washington to March for Life. Every year March for Life has a theme, this years was “Unique from day one: Pro-Life is Pro-Science.” We march in the hope that we can affect the change America needs and make the world a safer for the unborn. We march to end abortion in protest in protest of the courts deeply flawed decision and its devastating effect on children and families across the country.

Roe v. Wade is not only unconstitutional but harmful and unjust. 60,000,000+ innocent lives have been legally destroyed since January,22,1973.

 The March for life is in its 46th year with a goal of overturning Roe v. Wade above anything else. Abortion is wrong and should be done away with.

Most recently in reverse to the March for Life, the three-year-old Women’s March seems to spew hatred of Donald Trump rather than coming to term with real life issues.

As both movements are similar and different in various ways. Both are a gathering of passionate men and women around the country. Both are attended by hundreds of thousands of people with passionate and famous speakers. However, it begins to differ there.

The values and priorities of the pro-choice, feminist Women’s March is much more diverse rather than being focused on one issue. The Women’s March is run by social justice warrior activists and a mission of focusing on “Environmental Justice” to “LGBTQIA Rights.”

Mainstream media and CNN won’t broadcast this so here Is what we saw at this year’s March For life joined by famous political speakers:

Pro-life protester holds up sign

Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence made an appearance:

Ben Shapiro:

Rep. Dan Crenshaw greets the crowds:

Kids of all ages in attendance

Dana Homsi