Gillette’s new advertisement made 21 million views views on YouTube in just 4 days with a strong 573,000 to 1,000,000 like to dislike ratio. Many feel strongly about the new advertisement, with many men refusing to purchase Gillette products. For a company that caters strongly to men for shaving products, and a slight decreasing number of female clients due to the female anti-shaving movement, it seems strange that such a company would authorize such an advertisement to call the testosterone driven masculinity which makes men be men, toxic. This proposal was introduced by the advertisement agency Somesuch headed by radical feminist and anti-trump advocate, Sally Campbell, with far leftist Kim Gehrig as the film director. Gehrig was identified as a left leaning director by the Daily Mail which shows a string of anti-conservative views. The advertisement portrayed masculinity as a toxic trait which results in bullying, sexual assault, and other violent tendencies. It openly discourages from letting boys be boys, instead teaching them that third-wave feminism is how they should be raised, suppressing all forms of natural biological masculinity.

Suppressing masculinity has never been something encountered mainstream before in history and for good reason. PragerU directed a video which portrayed the benefits of the masculine traits. While leftist point out only the negative consequences, what they fail to realize is the negative consequences and positive outcomes are both of the same tool, it only depends how it’s used. Just like a rifle can be used to take innocent lives, a rifle can also be used to protect lives and provide food to a family. In the same way, masculinity is a tool that shaped society, to make civilization sustainable.  Allie Stuckey of PragerU stated “When you make men less masculine, you get more toxic masculinity. Bad men don’t become good when they stop being men, they become good when they stop being bad.” She goes on to explain that the male psyche has traits viewed toxic such as aggression, violence, and uncontrollable ambition, which can only be harnessed, not eliminated. She further breaks down these traits and how they can be used for bad or good. “In harnessing them correctly, they become tools for good. The masculine trait of destruction can also defeat tyranny. Traits that build greed, can be used to build strong economies. The traits which drive men to take careless risks can drive men to take heroic risks.”

Forcing men to be less masculine causes problems that portray defeating tyranny through power is too violent and rather should be dealt with hopeless dreams and slow, if any, change. Making an argument against peace through struggle would have justified the argument that the United States shouldn’t have stopped the Axis occupation of European and Asian countries or their mass genocides.

It’s easy to see how the left views strong economies, and how they are the epitome of evil, yet they fail to see how much they rely on the strong economy which provides them with the education and privilege to rise to the ivory towers. Ask a leftist how much they spent on their Soy Latte Gluten-Free Vegan Frappuccino with Male Tears Dairy-Free Cream and exploited illegal migrant worker picked cherry. Challenge them how much they spent on their $1,000 dollar child sweatshop worker built iPhone XS 64GB, praising Steve Jobs’s liberalism and innovation, even though he made billions of dollars off the backs of children.

When a man takes a risk, he is considered foolish and stereotyped as a Jock or Redneck by Ivory Tower bound leftists who are too pompous to perform anything risky. How many far left leaning individuals hold jobs/careers involving the military, police, firefighting departments, or emergency medical services? Most of those individuals tend to fall under right wing individuals. These heroic risks that many first-responders and military personnel take each day they do their service are attributed to bravery. While women can also fill these roles, and many do serve their communities honorably in public emergency service as well as the military, they take the same risks men do. However, women tend not to get stereotyped as reckless and risky. Rather, the stereotypical phrase of this goes “This is why women live longer than men”.

Gillette has decided to call the traits that built society from the ground up toxic. These masculine traits, which are responsible for them creating a multi-billion dollar business, are what held society together from the very beginning.

–Mike Klusa