Coppercab (Michael Kittrell) has stated on Twitter that he wishes to engage in a boxing match against conservative political commentator and founder of the Proud Boys fraternity (#POYB) Gavin McInnes. Coppercab had risen to fame originally in January 2010 with his viral video titled ‘Gingers Have Souls’ where he criticizes adult cartoon show South Park over an episode where they mock red headed people. 9 years later, he is now an ‘outspoken transgender feminist’.

‘You think you can run from me?! I earned this fight! I deserve a fight with you, Gavin, a proper fight! I’ve been growing my beard, I’ve been shaving my dome, I’ve been getting dome! *grabs crotch* I want it, Gavin.’

Coppercab has challenged McInnes to a boxing match in New York (McInnes’s home town)

Coppercab has taken up boxing and going to the gym in the last year, as well as signing up to WWE in hopes of becoming a wrestling superstar. CopperCab had also received criticism from martial artist, Tara LaRosa, where she pointed out flaws in his stamina – causing a new feud where Coppercab claims he can beat up the pro MMA fighter and Gavin McInnes on the same day.

Gavin McInnes is yet to give a response, despite having said that he would win in a fight against Coppercab.

The ongoing feud between Coppercab and McInnes began in February 2016 where Coppercab appeared on The Gavin McInnes show, where McInnes proceeded to roast Coppercab on his involuntary celibacy and his appearance – including his obesity. Coppercab then became a regular guest on the show, due to the success of his first appearance. The feud had gotten so rampant that one video was taken off YouTube and put onto Pornhub and other 18+ sites because the duo exposed their anuses on camera.

In 2017 Coppercab came out as transgender on the show, going by the name Çlaire Cab. Despite never completely transitioning, Coppercab still identifies as female – stating that gender is determined by how someone feels on the inside.

Coppercab’s last major interview on The Gavin McInnes Show was in July 2017 where he mocked Trump supporters and got an internet prostitute (E-thot) to slap herself for him to prove to McInnes that he was no longer an Incel and that he can act manly (despite identifying as a woman).

Many spectate that Michael Kittrell is an actor who created Coppercab in order to ultimately ‘troll the world’. Infowars Paul Joseph Watson mentions that he is a good friend of Kittrell and that he was ‘in on the joke’ when Watson feuded with Coppercab in February 2016. On the other hand, The Sun and other media outlets dare not question whether Coppercab is genuine or not, as they were very quick to defend him when McInnes roasted him when he became Claire Cab.

By Damien Taylor