Roger Stone just took Mueller to the CLEANERS with his fiery new statement.

Roger Stone was targeted for supposedly helping to expose the Clinton crime family through Wikileaks. Yet the perpetrators who made up, and used a salacious dossier against the president get a free pass from the FBI. If you would like to learn about the Real Russia Collusion, click HERE. The problem is, the FBI is the problem. As Stone points out in his powerful statement, he was raided by twice the amount of people that it took to capture and kill Bin Laden. Stone was raided by 29-member strike force in SWAT gear.

Longtime Alex Jones associate Roger Stone pleaded not guilty in a federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, where the James Bond of politics himself is being arraigned on a seven-count indictment brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Stone arrived at court Tuesday morning amid a barrage of cheers from supporters and jeers from protesters alike, who shouted “lock him up” – a reference to chants of “lock her up” directed at Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during 2016 Trump campaign rallies.

Stone spoke only briefly, twice answering “Yes, your honor” and once “I do” when responding to the judge’s questions. He said nothing as he left the courthouse to a rather humorous scene – Russian flags flying above the mob scene of protesters and reporters.

The Beatles’ “Back in the U.S.S.R.” and the Russian national anthem blared on loudspeakers.

Attorneys in the special counsel’s office and Stone’s defense team convened for a brief, procedural arraignment, during which both sides agreed to the conditions of Stone’s release set forth by a federal judge in Florida judge last week.

Stone, donning a trademark flashy suit and a white pocket square, is out on $250,000 bond, must surrender his passport, and cannot make contact with any witnesses in the investigation.

Stone’s predawn arrest late last week shows yet another indictment with no actual connection to Russia in the special counsel’s ongoing investigation into Russian interference during the 2016 election. In the 24-page indictment of Stone, which laid out accusations of witness tampering, obstruction of justice and lying to Congress, Mueller yet again comes up empty handed on his quest to link Trump with collusion to Russia.