Go Zuck Yourself Facebook! President Trump Makes a Move Against Big Tech Censorship

The White House has launched a tool that allows social media users to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The White House website states:

“Too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies. No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.”

Last month, President Trump met with Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. Twitter representatives said that the meeting was supposed to focus on what the platform was doing to aid the opioid epidemic and discuss the health of the platform. The conversation later steered into the topic of Big Tech censorship and President Trump’s Twitter account – along with suspicions that Trump was losing followers due to users being banned or censored.

Other members of the Trump family, like Don Jr., have also voiced concern of the deplatforming of right-wing activists. In a tweet last month, President Trump’s eldest son wrote “The purposeful & calculated silencing of conservatives on Facebook & the rest of the Big Tech monopoly men should terrify everyone,” after Facebook announced that it planned to ban Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannapoulos and other right wing social-political commentators.

As Trump has talked about Big Tech censorship on his Twitter, this is the first act he has taken towards the censorship.

By Damien Taylor

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