As a member of UKIP, I’d like nothing more than to see UKIP succeed in all future elections. Unfortunately however, they are doing very badly at the polls in the European Election – not to mention a massive drop in the local elections last month.

The difference between UKIP and the Brexit Party is that UKIP stands for more than just Brexit. With UKIP being the only major party with proper right wing policies, such as limiting immigration and questioning the legitimacy of refugees, there are many reasons why UKIP is still relevant post Brexit.

My theory is that UKIP needs to be completely rebranded and rebuilt from the ground up. A good start would be new logos and banners, which could even be done by supporters. This includes more memes too, meme power is very real guys!

UKIP cannot be memorable just for having Nigel Farage as a leader, now that Farage has started the Brexit Party (which without a doubt will die as soon as Brexit is delivered). Farage’s most liked trait is that he his charismatic and that he makes a strong and passionate argument when debating against establishment left wingers. I predict that the Brexit Party will make massive gains this election, followed by the Liberal Democrats, and that UKIP Leader Gerard Batten will lose his seat. I hope I am wrong but this is what I see happening.

Despite my liking for Gerard Batten, Gerard Batten does not compare to Donald Trump or Nigel Farage in the means of charisma or salesmanship. In other words, I have never seen a Gerard Batten Pepe on 4chan. Although to be completely fair, both Trump and Farage are very wealthy men and they were able to self fund their campaigns – which could be a judgable quality for the next elected UKIP leader.

By Damien Taylor

UKIP Logo Artwork, Feel Free To Steal: