Since the exposé on CNN back in 2017 proving CNN to be fake news, Americans and Europeans started to question the legitimacy of the media. After Project Veritas, the Mainstream Media became a laughing stock. Staff resigned and their ratings plummeted. Because of this, a revolution in alternative media begun. Many new media companies started to emerge all over the western world in order to deliver true and honest reporting.

So where did it all go so wrong for Alt Media?

Two major reasons: Censorship and funding.

Very few alternative media outlets are still active opposed to 2017. If Twitter and Facebook and other media giants can block or censor an organisation at a click of a button then that organisation is almost doomed to bankruptcy.

Nobody wants to sponsor something as ‘racist and evil’ as an organisation that states that modern day feminism is ruining western culture or that multiculturalism doesn’t work – especially the reality that some culture are indeed better than others. This is why Goldfire Media could never get a proper ad deal, which lead us to be a network funded by and for the people.

Now lets get down to the topic at hand, is ex-CEO Damien Taylor ever going to revive Goldfire?

Very unlikely.

Taylor has said that he will not revive Goldfire Media without it being a self sufficient entity.

“The censorship on Facebook has virtually bankrupted us. We had hired some expensive writers at the time, like Emmanuel Matos, and our funding was cut off instantly. I had to pay out of my own pocket for the last 2 months of Goldfire Media’s existence before I realised that the censorship was likely permanent then I decided to shut shop for good. If I were to ever open it again then I would have to have it self sufficient.”
– Damien Taylor’s comments on the closure of Goldfire Media.

Taylor has never asked for funding through his platform, neither has any member of the executive board.

This month marks 2 years since this website was officially launched. To recognise this, this one off unpaid article is being released to inform you of why Goldfire Media has ceased operations. Hopefully this has answered any questions our viewers have.

By Asish Samson