Dear readers,

I started this outlet back when all other alternative outlets were starting, mostly back in 2017. Considering that we have schooled many other alternative news sites (like the late Squawker Media and the outlet-turned-blog Ceccpoint News) we have a lot to be proud of. With our articles individually reaching thousands and thousands of people (sometimes hundreds of thousands!) we have made a clear statement to the establishment.

Due to the mass censorship by Facebook, we are going to have to shut shop – for now…

The plan is that we do a reboot in January 2020, we thought a reboot would be the right choice rather than limping around and releasing less and less content.

This isn’t goodbye, we will be back. This time we will have the money and the people to make an EVEN LARGER impact than ever before – all ready for 2020.

If you could make a donation to our site, or buy something from our store, then that will really help us with the reboot. The reboot will be happening in January so the more donations the more writers!

Thank you for your loyalty and we will see you later.

By Damien Taylor