Merriam-Webster gets all ‘inclusive’ and adds Pro-Transgender words to the Dictionary

In April 2019, Merriam-Webster Dictionary added over 640 words to their growing dictionary including three Pro-Transgender specific words. The well recognized Dictionary since 1828 added the words ‘Top-Surgery, Bottom-Surgery, and Gender nonconforming’ to it’s lexicon this month in an approach to the growing English language.

1.Gender nonconforming – Exhibiting behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits that do not correspond with the traits typically associated with one’s sex.

2.Top surgery – A type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person’s breasts are removed or augmented to match their gender identity.

3.Bottom surgery – A type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person’s genitalia are altered to match their gender identity.

Merriam-Webster published about their new word choices in a statement on their website saying “The English language never sleeps, and neither does the dictionary. The work of revising a dictionary is constant, and it mirrors the culture’s need to make sense of the world with words. There are always new things to be named and new uses for existing words to be explained. A release of new words is also a map of the workings of a dictionary—you get to see what we’ve been up to—and of how words from different contexts come to reside in the same place”.

It seems like Merriam-Webster is really focusing on society and at least trying to help make sense of all the changes in the world, with words. The term Snowflake and new additions like ‘stan,’ ‘salutogenesis,’ ‘buzzy,’ ‘gig economy,’ ‘qubit,’ and ‘garbage time’ were also added among others. Gaystar News has praised Webster’s Dictionary for their inclusion of the newly added friendly-transgender words.

Whether you can actually understand the world or make sense of it is completely up for discussion, but in way its good that those at Merriam-Webster are at least trying to make sense out of everything for everyone. If you’re honest with yourself and can get passed the mob of people who will most likely call you Trans-phobic, then we can agree that the topic of Transgender-ism is super confusing. Of course I’m not saying this to offend anyone but it’s inevitable to not be called Trans-phobic simply because you know that someone is a man or a women and understand that it can’t be changed.

I’m not sure what kind of opinion the people behind Merriam-Webster would have on the conversation of Gender but I’m glad they took time to try and define these word. I’d like to point out that this is the same dictionary who also includes terms like Gender Dysphoria and defines it as a “distressed state” arising from “conflict” between someone’s gender identity and the sex they were born as. Gender Identity in the Webster Dictionary defines as a person with an “internal sense of being male, female” or some of both. In all honesty none of that makes sense to me, just because you try and describe it; which is probably why Gender Dysphoria is considered a mental disorder and also listed in many health/medical sites that can help you understand more on it. Gender Identity Disorder was introduced in DSM-III in 1980 and years later we now know it by Gender Dysphoria.

Gender Dysphoria Falls to even Children and Supported by ‘Progressive’ Parents

Veteran columnist Thomas Sowell has often made comments I think we can all relate too, on how government and political entities seek to redefine words for their own personal gains. Sowell warned in 2015 that the left uses it’s “verbal talents to change the whole meaning of words and to substitute new words, so that issues would be debated in terms of their redefined vocabulary, instead of the real substance of the issues.” I personally agree with his concerns, I believe that although Webster may possibly have good intentions it just seems like a lot of power for a few people to decide vocabulary for all. I think there should be more regulations around adding, changing, and removing words from the dictionary. It may not be clear for some but language is import and how we debate, speak, and comprehend everything around us is too important to be in the hands of a few; who could shape anything how they’d like.

As far as Transgender-ism, I don’t believe that there will ever be enough definitions to make sense of something that truly doesn’t make sense. Reality is, you cannot change your sex and your gender has everything to do with your sex, our reproductive and sexual parts are not interchangeable like we’re Mr. Potato head. I believe Gender Dysphoria is something that needs to be approached differently so that we may help people going through these Identity issues especially when the Suicide rates in the Transgender community are among the highest with or without surgery.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Fat Therapist: Childhood Diets Are Child Abuse; Fitness Trainers are Nazis

Fitness trainers are Nazis, and healthy diets for children are akin to child molestation, students at St Olaf’s college in Minnesota were told at a recent talk given by obesity acceptance speaker Sonalee Rashatwar.

“I truly believe that a child cannot consent to being on a diet the same way a child cannot consent to having sex,” Rashatwar told students during the two hour talk on “radical fat liberation,” organized by St. Olaf College’s Wellness Center, Women’s and Gender Studies Department, and Center for Equity and Inclusion.

She went on to link anti-obesity measures to Nazism, saying: “I do not think it’s surprising that the man who shot up Christchurch, New Zealand was also a fitness instructor.” The shooting was “a clear communication that there’s still an idealized body. Nazis really love this idea of an idealized body, and so it makes a lot of sense to me that a fitness instructor…might also think about an idealized body in this thin white supremacist way,” she said.

“I experience diet culture as a form of assault because it impacts the way that I experience my body,” she added.

Rashatwar, who describes herself on her website as “a fat queer non-binary therapist working as a sexual violence crisis counselor, specializing in treating sexual trauma, body image issues, racial or immigrant identity issues, and South Asian family systems, while offering fat and body positive sexual healthcare,” first made waves in March 2018 with a similar talk at the University of Vermont.

At that event she instagramed images of posters featuring her quotes stuck approvingly around campus. One simply read “Literally throw your scale in the trash.”

Posting on the platform under the name @thefatsextherapist, she regularly makes declarations on what constitutes fatphobia. Examples include: “avoiding eye contact with fat people in public,” and “equating thinness and health.” Similarly, she decries “diet culture and fatphobia” as “forms of sexual violence.”

She also considers herself a medical expert; one Instagram post reads: “the morning after pill’s weight limit is an example of medical fatphobia.”

She returned to this theme during her talk at St Olafs, where she announced: “We should be critical of the use of science and the production of knowledge to continue promoting this idea that certain bodies are fit, able, and desirable. Is it my fatness that causes my high blood pressure, or is it my experience of weight stigma?”

Fatphobic science is “often actually eugenic science. Eugenic science is Nazi science,” she added.

Will Douty, a student who attended the lecture and who has lost over 100 pounds in weight told Campus Reform: “The entire speech was very troubling to me. I know from personal experience that health is absolutely connected with weight… When you decide to give up and claim that doctors are lying to you and you’re perfect the way you are, all you truly end up with is repressed emotions and an early funeral.

“I can guarantee that maintaining healthy eating habits will help me live a much longer and healthier life than I was originally on track to have. Your life can only improve if you take responsibility for yourself.” 

FACEBOOK: Goldfire Media Page Blacklisted, Damien Taylor Banned For ‘Nudity’ and GFM Website Deemed ‘Spam’

It is anyone’s guess that Facebook doesn’t like our website very much. But why is there such harsh censorship over a website of our size?

Facebook has altered their algorithms to not include posts by Goldfire Media on our followers’ timelines. On a post made a few days back, a recent article took 11 hours to reach 1/12000th of our audience. The page had not been unpublished during this time.

Call this a sales technique for Facebook – forcing us to pay Facebook to advertise our page – or call it censorship over predominantly right wing pages.

Reports have come in that links from are being censored on Facebook altogether. The reader may receive a warning that they are about to enter a ‘spam’ site.

Founder of Goldfire Media, Damien Taylor, was banned for ‘nudity’ in a recent post. The meme was mocking the bad pickup lines of an Indian through Facebook Messenger – where Taylor captioned ‘Bobs and vagana’. The Facebook community standards were not broken, especially not on the grounds of nudity. No nudes or revealing photos were posted by Mr Taylor.

No appeal could be sent and Mr Taylor is now serving a 30 day ban. The ban will be present on the day of the local UK elections in May, where the 19 year old openly-bisexual Ukipper and political commentator is cast away from his political following on both his personal account and Goldfire Media. Mr Taylor had been campaigning for and promoting UKIP candidates in the upcoming local elections.

By Harry Goldsmith

Obama & Hillary: Call Christians Murdered in Sri Lanka Easter Worshipers

On this years Easter Weekend a Muslim Terrorist Group bombed several locations in Sri Lanka, killing hundreds of people in the process. The story continues to develop but so far Muslim Suicide Bombers took the lives of over 300 and wounded more than 400 after their attacks on three hotels, a housing complex, and three churches. A majority were killed attending church for Easter Sunday Service, Sri Lanka’s Government suspects that the Islamist terror group behind the attacks are called the National Thowfeek Jamaath. Among those killed or injured some happened to be tourists visiting Sri Lanka including Americans. After the attacks many rushed to social media to denounce the attacks against Catholics and Christians in Sri Lanka but Obama, Clinton, and other democrats including those who want to run for our 2020 presidential election refuse to identify the victims as such.

Former President Obama, Hilary Clinton, Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren and other democrats referred to the victims of Sri Lanka this weekend as “Easter Worshipers”. It’s almost as if they couldn’t find that one simple word to describe these “Easter worshipers”… if only their was one word to describe them. Even ABC News and Main Stream media have decided to token the term “Easter Worshipers” just to avoid using the C word that apparently frightens them so much. I mean why is it that even Homeland Security refuses to acknowledge that Christians were murdered?

None of these Democrats have ever had an issue calling attacks on Muslims exactly what it is, an attack on Muslims or Islamophobia. Countless of times have they voiced themselves when it comes to the Islamic community and many times have they came to its defense. Granted, no one deserves this but to ignore the community that this effects by calling them Easter Worshipers really shows you what kind of people they are. There’s never been a time where Hillary or Obama referred to the Muslim community as the “Hijab Worshipers” or the “Ramadan Worshipers”. Why is it that they couldn’t bring themselves to simply say Christians, it was Christians and Catholics who were attacked and have been seeing a huge growth in persecution specifically by Muslim Terrorist groups all around the world. Christians are the highest persecuted Group around the world, but also the most ignored.

I’m not sure about you but as a Christian I find it very disrespectful to call us Easter Worshipers. I and no other Christian worships Easter, we worship Jesus Christ. After all the lives that were lost and all the people who were injured you dare to write a tweet referring to them as Easter Worshipers just to act like you care about Christians? The sad part is, these tweets look almost as if they were all on face-time group chat, one of them said “oh yeah, add Easter Worshipers so we won’t have to mention Christianity” and boom the tweets were formed. It’s just so ironic how all these tweets use the same phrase and say the same exact thing with different structure. You ever “copy” your friends essay but change up a few words, well there it is in these tweets. Democrats, you could try to ignore the fact that Christian persecution is real and its happening almost daily all you want but “Easter Worshipers”…Really… that’s just Shameful. I rather they not have said anything, none of you have ever fought against christian persecution don’t start acting like you care now just because the news is trending.

Honestly though, was there a memo sent out that the world should know about because the statistics behind all of this being accidental.. I’m pretty sure is close to some type of negative number. I guess that the left must believe that this is just another case of, some people who did something, to Easter Worshipers.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Kim Jong-Un Meeting with Vladimir Putin FOR THE FIRST TIME, Kremlin Says

Russian President Vladimir Putin has formally invited North Korean President Kim Jong-Un to a meeting with him in Russia for the first time later this month, according to the Kremlin.

Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov confirmed that an “invitation has been handed over.”

“We are awaiting our North Korean counterparts’ response,” he said. A date for the meeting will be confirmed after the invitation has been accepted by Jong-Un.

September 2018 Russian press reported that plans for a meeting between Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin were accepted by Jong-Un, but that no meeting took place.

The meeting would be the first Russian-DPRK summit in eight years (2011, the year Jong-Un came to power), and third since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“One of the biggest questions remaining is where exactly Kim would meet Putin,” Russian foreign policy analyst Anthony Rinna for the Sino-NK research group said.

According to news companies such as Al Jazeera, “Russia’s Izvestia newspaper cited a diplomatic source on Wednesday as saying the talks would likely be held in Russia‘s far eastern city of Vladivostok, before Putin flies on to an April 26-27 summit in China.”

Translated into English, according to the Russian news company RIA Novosti,  Jong-Un’s manager Kim Jang Sung was spotted allegedly inspecting Vladivostok station:

“FNN news service of the Japanese television company Fuji TV reported that Kim Jang Son, who is considered the manager of the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, was spotted on Wednesday near the railway station in Vladivostok, which may indicate that the head of the North Korean state was preparing for it. On the FNN website, a photograph of Kim Jong Sung was posted near the Vladivostok station, allegedly examining the surroundings for the preparation of Kim Jong Un’s visit.

“They haven’t yet been informed about the reinforcement of the security regime, but they have told everyone that it is necessary to be alert in connection with the imminent arrival of Koreans… We can not confirm, as well as to refute. We have no right to talk about it,” said the deputy head of Vladivostok station.”

By Penny Hoffmann

Hellsong Church: The Apostasy of Hillsong

I remember first hearing about Hillsong only two years ago from a friend who claimed to me that they started going to church, in 2017. The strange part is that this friend would send me pictures and I honestly presumed she was at some sort of nightclub or concert, definitely not a church. I really was shocked and at a loss of words because I’ve never seen a church like this in my life but my friend claimed to like it. By 2019 I assume that even non-religious folk have at least heard whispers of the Mega Church, more so because they keep their foot well buried in celebrities and the entertainment industry. Hillsong is not only a Mega Church but also a Music Group that does extremely well with millions of sold and streamed music world wide. Now all of that may seem great until you realize that you actually want to live for Christ and Hillsong may not be the place to help you succeed in doing that.

History of Hillsong

Hillsong didn’t start off as the Hillsong you know today and it wasn’t even in America or all the places that it’s in today. The Mega Church started out as two separate churches, the ‘Sydney Christian Life Centre’ ran by Frank Houston and the ‘Hills Christian Life Centre’ ran by his son Brian Houston in Australia. They Joined forces in 1983 with a following of 45 worshipers and became the Hillsong Church in the early 90’s. Frank Houston was then removed from the congregation by his son years later when it was discovered that he had molested a 7 year old boy and potentially 9 others. Brian Houston allegedly tried to pay $10,000 in hush money to a man his father sexually abused and was investigated for potentially covering up the crimes of his father. The man who was abused as a child for about 4 years by Frank Houston claims Brian knew about it but for some reason told his church leaders and not the police. Hillsong as well as Brain Houston denied the accusations and the story seems to have died down since. Hillsong continued to succeed in the music world and the music seemed to be the hook that brought many people to congregate at the churches around the world. Hillsong later split from their original denomination in Sydney, Australia and apparently became their own denomination but have associated themselves as being Evangelical or Pentecostal.

How Much Money Does Hillsong Make

Trust me, as I’m typing I can’t wait to get to the part where this should really affect your faith. Right now, it seems appropriate to give you some information and history on this beloved Mega Church in order for you to get a solid sense on what you’re walking into. This is where we jump into money and honestly many won’t think too deep into this but I hope you can follow me here. When you walk into a Hillsong as I stated before, it is not the regular Church environment and that environment definitely costs money. The thing is God didn’t ask the church to prance around as an expensive concert, neither did he call on us to reach people in this way, so lets get something straight-this is not needed. Regardless the Mega Church does an amazing job when it comes to entertainment and music and racks up more than $100 million Dollars per year, they also don’t pay taxes. Majority of the money comes from donations but where does the money go and what does it get used for? Hillsong asks it’s members for 10% of their income and they use their money in 3 specific areas; less than 15% goes towards Charitable missions, 13% in corporate services, and a whopping 40% in Church services which includes paying its pastors and others.

Well, what’s the issue right? I mean if you don’t find something wrong with the fact a tax free ‘church’ makes almost $200 million per year and uses 40% to enrich themselves then that’s fine I guess. All I can say is that while you struggle to pay your bills Hillsong Founder Brian Houston has a net worth of $10 million and other pastors like Carl Lentz has a net worth of $2.5 million. I’m just saying, when millionaires like Co-Founder of Hillsong Bobbie Houston tells me “… I want to encourage you with your giving this morning, because that’s what it’s about. Malachi 3 says, bring the tithe and offering, bring it into the house of God that there might be food in my house. And in context it’s saying when you withhold or draw back you actually rob God, well we don’t rob God because we can’t rob God, but we rob His heart for the earth…” I suddenly don’t feel too comfortable or quick to open my wallet. It’s so cute how they twist God’s word and tell you that you’re robbing his heart for the earth when you don’t give money to fuel their weekly concerts and millionaire pockets. I mean Brian Houston even wrote a book called ‘You need more Money’ in 1999. “And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” Matthew 21:12-13

I Went To Hillsong

Did I forget to mention that I went to Hillsong myself? I heard the strange rumors especially about the money and celebrities but I didn’t want to judge Hillsong until I went for myself. I was already attending my regular local church but one Sunday I decided to grab a friend and we traveled to Hillsong NYC. What shocked me at first was the huge line complimented by the huge security dressed in all black and all the young people like myself in a line the stretched down the block. What was really strange is that we had to get a pat-down by security and had to go through metal detectors just to go to church and praise. When we got inside it was huge and the place filled up quickly, it did indeed feel like a concert but at no point did it feel like a church. There were a few seats but a majority of us were left standing with out a place to sit within the first 15 mins of our arrival. I won’t lie to you, I tried to get into the whole nightclub church vibe and even sung along but I didn’t feel God, I just felt fun. Baskets for donations went around about 4 times, a young man with blonde long hair and hipster clothing preached for 10 mins-15 mins if you include the five he spent talking about money. Suddenly they jumped right back into the music, the people stood, lifted their hands, smiled, and 20 mins later the building was left empty. We basically wen’t to a concert / donation station for 1 hour of the day and felt emptier than the building was as soon as the music stopped. I never wen’t back again and never will, even my friend who by the way isn’t a church goer was remotely impressed by any of it despite trying his best to engage in everything. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the saddest part of that day was the fact pretty much no one had a bible with them especially the younger crowd.

Hillsong’s Music & Entertainment

The most attractive part that catches the eyes of many young people looking for God and honestly captures the attention of smaller churches as well. Where a Hillsong is built you can definitively see their influence even within smaller congregations. If you’d ask me a year ago I’d tell you their music is awesome regardless of the truth behind the church, but not anymore. As my relationship with Jesus Christ continues to grow so does my discernment and so does our understanding of the word of God. Although the music produced by Hillsong can be catchy and audibly pleasing we really have to take a moment to listen to exactly what these songs are saying. I’ve found a majority of songs pumped out by the Mega Church actually don’t support the word of God, the doctrine of Jesus Christ and actually some can be pretty creepy. We have songs like Alive by Hillsong Young and Free that is full of false teachings through out the entire song. Don’t even let me get started on their P.E.A.C.E music video which they cleverly also turned the comments off on Youtube because of backlash for their very suspect imagery.

Can’t stop Hillsong at just music when their entertainment is as bad or even worse. Hillsong is the same church that decided it was a good idea to dress up as Spiderman, Spongebob, and a series of other characters to welcome in the New Year. If you don’t have an issue with Spiderman on the same stage where the word of God is supposed to be preached then maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the naked cow boy they brought on stage as the church cheered and jumped around. What kind of Church that respects God, respects his word, and respects his house treats their pulpit in that manner? I know who, Hillsong the same Church who allowed the most sickest, twisted version of the Crucifixion to play out on stage in front of hundreds of people that’s who.

Ignore the title of the Youtube Video focus on the Actual Easter Special at Hillsong

Hillsong Yearly Conferences & Celebrities

If you didn’t know already, the massive Church holds conferences around the world where thousands show up including our worldly celebrities. As you already may know a bunch of the pastors at Hillsong are not just wealthy but they’re popular with the world too, which doesn’t make sense when Jesus Christ told us the world will hate us because we’re not of it. Regardless of what Christ told us its hard for the world not to love the Church that’s all inclusive, hip, and won’t tell you to die to yourself and pick up your cross. How could the world not love a Church that plays them their favorite Rap and R&B songs from artists like Lil Wayne, Ciara, and encourages them to sing along and dance their way into the Church. New Age Christianity that just speaks about love, prosperity, and the law of attraction- that tells you come as you are but never change and live for Christ is easy to love. The Church that doesn’t correct you and instead brings you celebrities like Justin Bieber who wore an Anti-Christ Marilyn Mason Shirt to one of the conferences is what the world loves.

Carl Lentz

My short lasting relationship with Carl reminds me of a video I attached to this article where he was being filmed by another Christian that had some hard questions for him, which he refused to answer on camera. The same way he tried to silence that man or at least stop him from posting the confrontation publicly is the same way I feel today. Once I learned the truth about Hillsong I wanted to unfollow Carl but for some reason I didn’t, I had faith that he might just be a little lost. Carl began to appear more and more on my news feed with these super long captions on his pictures that were far from the gospel, so I decided to call him out on it. Out of maybe 9 separate comments he actually responded to one and then messaged me about it too. Unlike my other comments on his Instagram page this one called him out for being a false prophet and a fake pastor, clearly he didn’t like that and decided to message me.

“My man… so I saw your comment about me being fake, went to send you a message to ask why the hate, and sure enough, I see this! Def didn’t see it in April. Love to meet you, not sure what I did that would generate that kind of comment, but I’m many things. Fake ain’t one. Holler at me anytime my brother. Peace!” said Carl

The message previous to his was a message I sent to him in April of 2017 letting him know I was going visit his Church and it would be awesome to meet him. After his response that he called “hate” I let him know how I felt and mentioned the word of God to him. He responded back and basically called me Judgmental and that he could judge me too but won’t because he’d like to talk first and find an understanding. He then gave me his number, I didn’t ask for it, and said “I gotta roll! So there is the lifelong invite for coffee and conversation, I look forward to it.”

I said you know what, okay. I texted him and we spoke a few times through text, nothing deep. I sent him some of my work and pretty much that was it, we never met up- he unfollowed me and never responded to my texts again. He did a great job in silencing me and as a christian I gave him the benefit of the doubt and was going to meet up with him to speak on my concerns but instead 2 years later I’m writing this article to let you know who Carl Lentz is as a Pastor because I can’t speak on him as a person. Carl is supposed to be a Pastor called by God but what type of pastor says that anyone can be in a relationship with Jesus Christ not just Christians, last time I checked Muslims don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pastor Lentz says publicly even on huge talk shows like The View that abortion is not a sin, even Ben Shapiro corrected him. I’m not sure about you but last time I checked we don’t perform Baptisms in the bathtubs of NBA players, where he ‘baptized’ Justin Bieber.

Carl claims that Joel Olsteen is a pioneer that paved the way for younger guys like him to be able to do what he’s doing. Joel Olsteen preaches a false doctrine derived from the ‘Law of Attraction’ teachings of theosophy founder Ellana Brovaski. Joel Olsteen with a $50 million net-worth is also most popular for closing his church doors to those affected and left homeless by Hurricane Harvey. He opened the doors after hours of being under fire by social media and running out of excuses even telling people the Church was flood, which clearly wasn’t. This is the man Carl claims is a pioneer and opened the doors for younger guys like him. Carl Lentz even has no problem singing Coolio – Gangsters Paradise lyrics while he preaches the word of God, I wonder if the Holy spirit guides him to do that. He loves paraphrasing and interpreting the word in his own way, he mostly reads from the Message version of the bible which gets A LOT wrong especially Matthew 6:10 which Carl claims is spot on despite the clear Heremetic/Occult teachings.

Brian Houston also claims that Carl Lentz could be the next him or Joel Olsteen, those are some big false teacher shoes to fit into. I mean I guess they’re okay with preaching and also telling the congregation to ask for each others numbers if they’re single. Instead of us being like God, Carl claims “God is like us” he said to Huffington Post Live. Among other little jokes he likes to make he also likes joking about being at Illuminati meetings, not sure what that’s about. When asked about Gay Marriage or Homosexuality he always gives a slick worldly answer, “We have a stance on love and everything else we have conversations” said Carl on Katie. I mean if none of that bothers you I’ve definitely never seen a Pastor go to the bar to drink with his celebrity friends and then strip their clothes off.. must be that New Doctrine.

HELLSONG: What they Actually Believe

The wolf in sheep’s clothing, using Christianity for the kingdom of Satan and not for God. I can’t tell you truly what their end goal is but I can give you the facts so that you could make your own decision for yourself. When it comes to sin Hillsong makes sure to stand their ground on their come as you are message. The problem with that is that they never actually save souls, in fact they claim its not their place to tell anyone how they should live. Hillsong is so strong on their inclusion that they even allow a married Homosexual couple to sing in their Choir, even though this story has been a back and forth hypocritical debate-these are the facts. Don’t misunderstand, we’re not saying that Gay people aren’t welcomed in the Church but they cannot stand and participate on the same stage that’s meant for God this goes for anyone living in sin. Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly understand this as well but have a clear goal to want to change the church.

You can find several people with testimonies about their experiences with the Mega Church, notably one of those persons is Tanya Levin. Tanya wrote a book exposing their love of money, her experience, and how they reacted to her writing a book. Rick Warren who’s part of the church signed a document called ‘Loving God and Neighbor Together’, this document is about unification and agreeing that we are worshiping the same God as Muslims. Even though he backtracked and has a clear hypocritical stance on this, Brian Houston has said this himself. “The Muslim and You, we actually serve the same God.. and of course through history those views have changed greatly..but let’s make sure we view god through the eyes of Jesus” said Brian to his congregation.

One of Hillsong’s foremost worship leaders, Jonathan Douglass wrote a Blog post on Hillsong’s website: “We are about fulfilling our Senior Pastor’s vision (not our own) It is so important that as amazing as our creative ideas might be, if they don’t ultimately line up with what our Senior Pastor and leaders want, then we happily put them aside.The church doesn’t exist to build our worship teams… our worship teams exist to build the Church!!
The problem is that the Church doesn’t exist to fulfill a leader’s “vision,” church exists to glorify God. We even have scandalous Pastors that just makes you wonder, where and how does Hillsong choose pastors like Mark Driscoll?

“The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may see, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while. While His penis is on loan you must admit that it is sort of just hanging out there very lonely as if it needed a home, sort of like a man wondering the streets looking for a house to live in. Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home. Therefore, if you are single you must remember that your penis is homeless and needs a home.”

Hillsong only dropped him after the huge backlash regardless of that fact he’s always had a strange way of preaching, if you even call that preaching. Esther Houston Wife of Joel Houston which is the son of Brian Houston, happens to also be a model but it definitely isn’t for Christ. You can see strange images of her in Egyptian clothing and not the most Modest or christian like photography on her website for yourself. Not only that but as a christian women and wife of a pastor she has no problem encouraging and promoting curse words; she even models in it.

I’m not sure what kind of people these leaders and faces of Hillsong are but I know they’re not followers of Christ that’s for sure. To me its clear they’re lost and confused, its clear they want a watered down, sugar coated and all inclusive religion. It’s clear they love the money and the fame, it’s also evident that the Mega Church is more of a cult than it is a Church. As they cherry pick, twist, and pervert Gods word they hurt the people inside and those being attracted by their music. A congregation full of lost people being lead astray, Luke 21:8, “And He said, “See to it that you are not misled; for many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not go after them.” Everything that looks good isn’t good and Hellsong is undeniably a counterfeit Christianity that’s all about Fame, Fortune and popularity not the Doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Creepy Joe Biden is ‘NOT SORRY’ for Groping Little Girls

Mr. Joe Biden, The man who once-if not still, believed in segregation of school’s is completely under fire for sexual harassment. Biden’s actions have been documented for years and have went unchecked and unspoken about for too long. In the age of #metoo it seems like what’s been hidden in plain site for Joe Biden is finally coming out to the forefront. Biden has been groping, touching, rubbing, kissing, and even sniffing on little girls and women alike since he was Vice President.


Regardless of the fact that this isn’t just an allegation it seems like Joe Biden is receiving very ‘fair’ and favorable ‘consequences’. Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Leftists have come to the defense of Joe Biden and refuse to condemn his actions. How incredibly convenient that sexual harassment and abuse by Joe Biden’s creepy nature is simply dismissed by reason of “He’s affectionate” as said by Pelosi when asked to comment on Biden’s actions. If anyone remembers Brett Kavanaugh, he was eaten alive by the Main stream media and “I believe her” people without evidence and fueled on nothing but allegations; where are all those people now? Instead of condemning his actions, Democrats still want him to run for 2020 and they’re letting him off the hook extremely easy. As Nancy Pelosi said, maybe the women coming forward should just become members of the “Straight Arm Club” apparently this is her solution as she joked and made light of the situation, down playing it completely.

Amy Lappos, one of the women speaking out against Joe Biden said in an interview this week “It wasn’t sexual, I don’t think.. but it was incredibly uncomfortable.. he did grab me by the head,”. “He put his hand around my neck and pulled me in to rub noses with me. When he was pulling me in, I thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth” she told Courant. Amy was influenced to speak out after hearing Lucy Flores come out and talk about her encounter with former Vice President, Joe Biden. In an essay published on the Cut, former Nevada lieutenant governor nominee Lucy Flores told us that Biden came up to her, smelled her hair and gave her “a big slow kiss” on the back of her head. Lucy said that she felt “embarrassed” and “shocked.. I wanted nothing more than to get Biden away from me”. Biden claimed he had no memory that he “acted inappropriately,” but if he was in the wrong, he said he would “listen respectfully.” These are only two out of more women coming out against Joe Biden, what about all the children he did this to, who’s going to speak up for them?

The “we believe women” posse must be on vacation because truthfully I don’t see them. I’m glad women who can defend themselves are speaking out but I’m saddened over the children who couldn’t defend themselves. I’m sad because Democrats are coming to the defense of Joe Biden and it seem’s like no consequences can ever touch these huge democratic politicians. I’m not sure about you but Hannity said it perfectly “Democrats seem to get a free pass on everything, abuse of power allegations, claims of racism, sexual harassment…” and the list continues, he’s completely right.

Sofie Karasek was photographed holding hands and touching foreheads with Biden at the Oscars in 2016. During a Lady Gaga performance she stood with about 50 other sexual-assault survivors and the moment soon went viral, the Post even called the moment “powerful.” This week on the other hand Sofie told the Post that Biden actually violated her personal space. She also mentioned that she wasn’t impressed with Joe Biden’s two minute video response to the growing creepy allegations against him in which he never says he’s sorry Karasek is right, she said he “didn’t take ownership in the way that he needs to.”

“He emphasized that he wants to connect with people and, of course, that’s important,” Sofie said, “But again, all of our interactions and friendships are a two-way street.. Too often it doesn’t matter how the woman feels about it or they just assume that they’re fine with it.” Apparently this video that’s supposed to be an apology was enough for most Democrats to still want Joe Biden to run as president for 2020, sadly.

Donald Trump and anyone with common sense is definitely not okay with his video and didn’t take him serious at all. Joe Biden says that it is his responsibility, only to be mindful of the fact time’s have changed as he makes excuses for his behavior. Main Stream Media has sense shifted their view away from Joe Biden and on to President Trump. They didn’t like the fact he shared and pinned the above tweet where Joe Biden Gropes himself as he doesn’t apologize; they’ve spent the entire week covering it. Those who hold a strong hatred and dislike of the president have also mentioned his 2005 “Grab her by the P-ssy” comment which by the way is completely not the same as groping, rubbing, kissing, and sexually harassing kids and women.

It’s really concerning to me when someone can hear about Joe Biden, push it to the side, and bring up a ‘he said she said’ story about Trump. It’s truly concerning when people and main stream are literally defending, excusing, downplaying and batting a blind eye to Joe Biden and what he’s done to women and children. The worst part is – these are the same people who give him the confidence to make fun of the situation and also completely let us know that he’s NOT SORRY. This is simply not okay.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Silent Genocide on Black Lives

I’m sure that many out there believe the idea that there’s a “White devil” roaming the streets and white people are just out and about killing Black people one by one. I’m also sure that others believe cops are responsible for many innocent Black lives lost. Although what ever you think is happening to the Black community is probably a very small portion of the full story no one’s talking about.

The truth is Black people are being killed faster than they are being born, not by the hands of Racism or Police brutality but Abortion. During the 1960’s the Black population in America was only 11% and then increasing only to 13% by 2005. The Black population remains at 13% while estimates by the Pew Research Center project it will remain at 13% even by 2050. This includes the fact that all other demographics especially Hispanic Americans will continue to grow as, White Americans will naturally shrink. What’s the problem here and who’s responsible for the silent genocide striking the Black community? Simple lets look at the rates of abortion and talk about some chilling facts.

Lets begin by mentioning the elephant in the room, Planned Parenthood and the fact it was founded by KKK supporter Margaret Sanger. Many people especially Liberals would argue this fact by telling you she wasn’t part of the KKK. I’m not saying she was but the fact is Margaret referred to the KKK as a “Good Group” and even went out her way to give a speech to a group of KKK woman. Shortly after her speech which those women loved, she was given no less than 12 more invites to speak to more groups of the KKK. In her biography she stated many clear points that show, she was completely aware that they were a violent group. At the end she even mentioned that she wasn’t able to call her family and let them know she wasn’t thrown into a river and was safe. It only makes you think, what did she say to these members of the KKK that made them love her so much and give her over 12 invites to speak again?

Here’s the quoted passage from her Biography that Margaret Sanger wrote herself on the night she spoke to the KKK in New Jersey:

Always to me any aroused group was a good group, and therefore I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan at Silver Lake, New Jersey, one of the weirdest experiences I had in lecturing.

My letter of instruction told me what train to take, to walk from the station two blocks straight ahead, then two to the left. I would see a sedan parked in front of a restaurant. If I wished I could have ten minutes for a cup of coffee or bite to eat, because no supper would be served later.

I obeyed orders implicitly, walked the blocks, saw the car, found the restaurant, went in and ordered come cocoa, stayed my allotted ten minutes, then approached the car hesitatingly and spoke to the driver. I received no reply. She might have been totally deaf as far as I was concerned. Mustering up my courage, I climbed in and settled back. Without a turn of the head, a smile, or a word to let me know I was right, she stepped on the self-starter. For fifteen minutes we wound around the streets. It must have been towards six in the afternoon. We took this lonely lane and that through the woods, and an hour later pulled up in a vacant space near a body of water beside a large, unpainted, barnish building.

My driver got out, talked with several other women, then said to me severely, “Wait here. We will come for you.” She disappeared. More cars buzzed up the dusty road into the parking place. Occasionally men dropped wives who walked hurriedly and silently within. This went on mystically until night closed down and I was alone in the dark. A few gleams came through chinks in the window curtains. Even though it was May, I grew chillier and chillier.
After three hours I was summoned at last and entered a bright corridor filled with wraps. As someone came out of the hall I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses. I waited another twenty minutes. It was warmer and I did not mind so much. Eventually the lights were switched on, the audience seated itself, and I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak.
Never before had I looked into a sea of faces like these. I was sure that if I uttered one word, such as abortion, outside the usual vocabulary of these women they would go off into hysteria. And so my address that night had to be in the most elementary terms, as though I were trying to make children understand.

In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered. The conversation went on and on, and when we were finally through it was too late to return to New York. Under a curfew law everything in Silver Lake shut at nine o’clock. I could not even send a telegram to let my family know whether I had been thrown in the river or was being held incommunicado. It was nearly one before I reached Trenton, and I spent the night in a hotel.

Margaret Sanger Says bringing children into the world is the greatest sin

For those of you first hearing the name Margaret Sanger, please understand that she was also a member of the American Eugenics Society. If you still don’t understand her comments in the video above and what lead her to the creation of Planned Parenthood then let me guide you even further. To best explain Eugenics we can quote Mark Passio who was also a former Satanic Priest and now exposes the Satanic Temple. This is important because Margaret was also an Atheist who strongly believed in Eugenics as much as Mark Passio did:

Eugenics is a social ideology advocating the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents, and reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization for those with undesired traits and characteristics. This practice could be described as a main religious tenet of the ruling class, who believe that it is simply the “Natural Order” for the most ruthless of humans, who’s genes are the “fittest” to rule the rest of the human herd.

They see themselves as an “elite class” of human beings that attained the highest positions of power in the world because they are genetically superior to those they rule. Ultimately, this psychopathic ruling class believe that they have every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate, and who must die.

The biggest form of Eugenics that is being waged upon the human population right now, is abortion. It’s such a hardcore war that’s being waged especially against minority populations. I mean over half of the African American populations, pregnancies in the United States end in abortion. More babies are being aborted than born, operations like Planned Parenthood are directly involved in Eugenics.

You see, abortion is destroying the African American Population in the United States. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America and has built 78% of their clinics in minority communities. Research shows that 88% target women of color. Alarming, because 80% target Black communities, 56% target Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods and 80% target one or more colleges. Black people in America make up 13% of the population since 2005 and make up 35% of the abortions. According to Planned Parenthood’s own annual report, 94% of pregnant women seeking help from Planned Parenthood get an abortion; only 0.6% get adoption referrals and 5.1% get pre-natal care. Yet it’s scary that women who choose life are offered very few ‘choices’ and close to no help. Many would defend them by stating “its not all they do” but it doesn’t change the facts; abortion is the fuel that runs the business, and increasing abortions only grows Planned Parenthood. I don’t think we need to point out that their best interest is in no way helping women, especially not women of color.

Not the entire Black community is silent or unaware about Margaret Sanger, her Negro Project or what she believed in. Ben Carson was asked
on Fox News , about Democrats’ criticizing republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood, saying they are waging a “war on women.” He responded:

“Maybe I am not objective when it comes to Planned Parenthood, but, you know, I know who Margaret Sanger is, and I know that she believed in eugenics, and that she was not particularly enamored with black people.

“And one of the reasons you find most of their clinics in black neighborhoods is so that you can find a way to control that population. I think people should go back and read about Margaret Sanger who founded this place — a woman Hillary Clinton by the way says that she admires. Look and see what many people in Nazi Germany thought about her.”

In a letter to Dr. CJ Gamble Margaret wrote “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members,”. Many come to her defense stating that she simply was referring to hiring Black ministers and community leaders that will make sure to convince other black people she didn’t want to exterminate them. She also talked about birth control being used to facilitate “the process of weeding out the unfit and preventing the birth of defectives.” You can read the full letter with context and add up what you know about Mrs. Sanger and her beliefs to come up with your own conclusion on what she ‘meant’. Pro choice supporters do their best to defend Margaret Sanger and her legacy that is Planned Parenthood but most of the time spew out myths. Margaret has literally shown her true colors over and over, yet whenever you mention any of her own quoted words someone always comes to her defense. The most famous defense is, “abortion isn’t all they do, just 3%” yet some how are the cause of a third of abortions and are destroying minority communities.

Fannie Lou Hamer, was a civil rights activist in 1964 and she also ran for Congress. Fannie happened to also be a victim of eugenic sterilization, a program which Planned Parenthood’s founder advocated. In The Afro-American paper, Ethyl Payne stated that Hamer called abortion “black genocide,”. At the White House Conference on Food and Nutrition, she spoke out strongly against abortion as a means of genocide on black people.
In 1969 Hamer denounced voluntary abortion as “legalized murder,” she said that she “regards it part of a comprehensive white man’s plot to exterminate the black population of the United States.’”

Then there was Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Dr. Mildred was also the first woman employed as a general surgeon at Boston University Medical Center. She was definitely pro-life, and the co-founder of the National Right to Life Committee. Dr. Jefferson was committed to defending human life from, as she described it, “conception to natural death.” Dr. Jefferson warned many that abortion would target the Black community specifically, and in 1977 she stated, “Blacks suffer more from abortion because what looks like help is actually striking against them. Blacks are fewer. They will disappear sooner….”

Erma Craven served on the board of the National Right to Life Committee and was the chairman of the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life as well as African-Americans Against Abortion. In 1985, Erma explained why she was against abortion, “Having served women on welfare, I feel that the pro-choice movement is a male cop out,” she said. “I vowed on my dear grandmother’s grave that as long as there is breath in my body I shall fight for the right of the Black child to exist.” Craven also wrote wrote an article titled “Abortion, Poverty and Black Genocide– Gifts to the poor?” and called abortion Black genocide:

Throughout the course of American history, the quality of human life has always been improved at the expense of the weak and oppressed…. It takes little imagination to see that the unborn Black baby is the real object of many abortionists….

The quality of life for the poor, the Black and the oppressed will not be served by destroying their children….

[T]he womb of the poor Black woman is seen as the latest battleground for oppression. In times past the Blacks couldn’t grow kids fast enough for their “masters” to harvest; now that power is near, the “masters” want us to call a moratorium on having babies. When looked at in context, this whole mess adds up to blatant genocide….

Government family planning programs designed for poor Blacks will emphasize birth control and abortion with the intent of limiting the Black population is genocide. The deliberate killing of Black babies in abortion is genocide- perhaps the most overt form of all…. The prevalent Black attitude toward birth control and abortion is distinctly in opposition!

Candace Owens at CPAC 2019 said “In New York City for those of you who don’t know, more black babies are aborted than born alive”. “A hard hitting truth is that the most unsafe place for a Black Child is not on the streets, it’s not when they see a police officer, it’s in their mothers womb…”, she said. “The black population would be double today if it wasn’t for abortion, we’ve lost 18 million black babies since 1973 how’s that for a progressive policy, is that what they’re celebrating, The left needs God” Candace questioned. She’s right too, If not for abortion, the total Black American population would be approximately 62,350,000, or 48% greater than it is today.

The truth is, Black lives are being lost everyday and it’s not by anyone else except Black people themselves. Abortion is literally taking the future away from black babies and the black community is engaging in this silent genocide called “Pro choice”. To me its clear what Margaret’s agenda was and it’s working till this day while masquerading itself as a way to ‘help woman’. In reality its a way to decrease the population, from what eugenicists believe are unworthy lives, and the fact is it’s affecting Hispanic American communities and Specifically Black American communities.

Not only is abortion taking Black lives but according to the FBI’s uniform crime-reporting data for 2016, 90.1 percent of black victims of homicide were killed by other black people. I know race-on-race crime happens to more than just black people, for example 83.5 percent of whites were killed by other whites. While no life is inconsequential, we have to remember that Non-Hispanic White People in America make up 60.7% and 49 percent of the Abortions. Black Americans only make up 13% and 40 percent of abortions while at the same time killing themselves at a rate of 90.1% of homicides, do you not see the problem here? I think this is something we should take very serious and do something about, we have to speak up and find solutions. The Black population is the only population in America that’s actually starting to decrease, it hasn’t even grown in population since 2005 and in some states for every born black baby there are three black babies aborted, this is very-very troubling.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Media Black Out: Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ exposes Planned Parenthood

If you’re first just hearing about this movie, what are you waiting for, ‘Go watch it’! Unplanned is the story of former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Abby Johnson and how she went from overseeing 22,000+ Abortions to becoming a huge activist in the Pro-Life movement. Abby Johnson was also nominated as the best Employee of the year before ‘What she saw’ would change her view on abortion forever and make her an enemy in the eye’s of Planned Parenthood.

Unplanned Official Trailer

Pureflix’s ‘Unplanned’, has done an amazing job telling the story of Abby Johnson and exposing the truth about Planned Parenthood and what goes on inside their facilities. From book to movie the story, was a story; done right. Megan Harrington came up to the would be Directors of ‘Unplanned’ Chuck Konzelman & Cary Solomon, giving them the book and suggesting they turn it into a movie. A couple of the team read the book including Daryl Lefever (producer) claimed it was “a powerful story” and as soon as he read the book decided he was on board. A year and a half ago now Chris Jones (producer) tells us they were praying for direction and discussing ideas. “We felt specifically at this time, it was time to make unplanned” Chris said to viewers on the Unplanned Sneak Peak edition. Chuck Konzelman would later go on to reach out to Abby Johnson and create ‘Unplanned’.

The making of the movie could be described as faith based and it definitely struggled in the beginning. The team wasn’t sure if they’d even be able to pay people all through prep. They didn’t know if they’d even have the money needed for the movie until they got close to shooting. Some employees that were on for 10 weeks didn’t know if they’d have a job by the next week, there was a lot of commitment involved within the making of this movie. Despite being faced with some challenges everyone stayed. They were committed, hard working, and wanted to see the project through as much as Daryl Lefever who said “We moved forward in faith”. With a week left, shooting on a Monday morning, in a 400 sq ft set, 200 people working, and millions of dollars on the line; by Thursday night they still didn’t have a lead to play Abby Johnson. Cary Solomon & Chuck Konzelman started going through the list “literally one by one” Carl said, “the last person on my desk was this person, Ashley Bratcher”.

Unplanned released March 29th 2019, with amazing reactions across the board. I personally went to watch the movie myself and I definitely suggest that whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice you go and watch it as well. The movie does not condemn pro-choice thinkers and it doesn’t attack Planned Parenthood or anyone who has gotten an abortion. It simply tells a story we should all be familiar with, it simply exposes the truth. In the theater I noticed tissues in the hands of most people, tears are guaranteed with a purchase of a ticket; I know I cried. Everyone clapped when Abby finally said she’s quitting her job at Planned Parenthood and after winning the lawsuit against them. Cheers, Cries, and loud applause’s filled the entire auditorium as the movie came to a climax and even when it ended people sat patiently as credits rolled down, wanting more.

In the social climate we currently live in where the conversation of abortion can be really difficult to have, the team behind Unplanned struggled to get movie ads. They faced many oppositions creating the movie and as we all know were bound to clearly make some big enemies in the world of Hollywood. In fact Ashley Bratcher (Lead Role Playing Abby Johnson) said “I was warned by multiple people, even people who knew I had auditioned and just read the script said, you’ll never work again, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, don’t do it” and she responded “There’s no way that I can’t, not do it”.

TV Networks have been refusing to sell Ad time to Unplanned, in fact when I wen’t to watch the movie at Empire 25 here in New York City not even one poster was found. The auditorium for the movie was on the last floor all the way at the end of the hall next to the bathrooms and again not one poster or advertisement for Unplanned. Upon release, the movie was met with a lot of hate and push back from the opposite isle regardless of the fact the movie doesn’t attack anyone. Even before it’s release the MPAA gave Unplanned a targeted R-Rating yet the movie doesn’t include even one sex scene, vulgarity, or violence. The sad part is that in many states a girl can be as young as Thirteen to get an abortion without parental consent, but some how can’t watch a movie about abortion.

Social media platforms have refused to verify the official Unplanned pages, Instagram being the only one to finally give them a badge. Twitter on the other hand has deleted their page mysteriously and claimed it to be an “error” relating to another account that has nothing to do with Unplanned. After twitter brought back the page they must have not liked the fact Unplanned received a lot of attention after being mysteriously deleted; jumping from 7,000 to over 140,000 subscribers. Suddenly Twitter began to automatically unfollow the Unplanned page from people’s accounts and blocking them from following or finding the page again.

The Unplanned team has been able to combat against attacks through Prayer and gaining the support of some influential people. If you haven’t joined the Unplanned Prayer Team feel free to join now. Vice President, Mike Pence said he felt good seeing movie theaters across America showing Unplanned and embracing the sanctity of life. Unplanned has the support from a threshold of influencers and conservative voices like: Joy Villaus, Brittany Martinez, Emmanuel Matos, Jason Wesley, Anomaly, Fleccas, Live Action, Always Right, Elisa Love Steele, Graham Allen, and Autumn Lindsey.

None of this has stopped Unplanned from succeeding! They are doing amazing in the Box office and currently Rank at #4 only 3 days after releasing. The film opened in 1,059 theaters across the country on Friday March 29th. Since then the movie by writer/directors Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, distributed by PureFlix, earned over $6,110,000 through Mar. 31 after three days of release, according to Box Office Mojo. This movie was meant to happen and this was the perfect time for this story to be told. When Abby Johnson told her story to Jeff Paradowski, the attorney that represented her and Shawn Carney (40 days of Life co-Founder) he said he was blown away. Jeff told her “this is probably going to be a book one day. They might even make a movie out of this”. Matthew West (song writer/singer) who sings ‘Unplanned’ said “you’d think its a film about life ending, but in many ways it’s a film about life beginning again”. Lila Rose (founder of Live Action) tells viewers “You actually get to encounter what women go through, you actually get to see what the reality is. I think that’s going to be huge for people and mind changing”.

Ashley Bratcher has also shared her personal story about her own mother and how she almost aborted Ashley, but then turned around and chose HER. Although hard for Ashley, she also has mentioned in an interview that she had to have that conversation on abortion with her son which brought her to tears. Truly it seems like nothing can stop this movie from succeeding and the numbers clearly don’t lie, like Walter Hoye (Issues4Life Fondation) said “What this film does, is allow us to look behind the curtain. Look behind all the social media, see what’s really happening in the clinics from an insider perspective.” and I think he’s right, everyone should definitely go watch this movie.

Ashley Bratcher and Abby Johnson

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Third World Countries responsible for 95% of Plastic Pollution in The Ocean

Plastic polluting the ocean has been a relative issue since the 1960s. Throughout time pollution of our waters have became worse. There are five Asian Nations that are the cause of majority, of the plastic pollution in the ocean: China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. These third world countries are massively dumping great amounts of plastic; more plastic than the rest of the world. Indonesia’s Citarum River is considered to be one of the most pollute river in the world. This matter has become so crucial and so urgent that the Army had to be called to remove the plastic waste and prevent dumping in the waterway.

Plastic polluting the ocean is not just a problem that belongs to Asia. It is not a problem that Asia should face alone. This is one of the greatest environmental challenge facing the entire world and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to South China Morning Post, Hong Kong goes through 5.2 million plastic water bottles a day. Since 2008 Hong Kong has thrown away over 12 billion plastic bottles.

It has been reported that a third of a 1.67 million tons of domestic waste disposed in Singapore, consisted mainly of plastic bags and food packaging. The amount is enough to fill more than one thousand Olympic size swimming pools. The Asian Nations have been importing waste from around the Globe.

Plastic Polluting the worlds ocean come from these then Rivers:

According to Dailymail, pollution costs 7.9 billion in damage to Marines ecosystems. Approximately one million sea birds, one hundred thousand sea mammals and hundreds of fishes are killed.

There needs to be an awareness created for this global issue. Once the awareness has been created, we the people must take action and do anything and everything necessary to stop and prevent this problem. This is effecting all sorts of ecosystem, marine life and sea life.

Written by Jazmin Minier

Christians in China Worship in Caves and Secret Farms

To be a Christian in China, like in most countries in the Eastern part of our world is a demanding and grueling decision. In America for the most part and western civilizations we are very comfortable and often don’t realize that not everyone shares in our lucrative rights. The protection of speech, thought, or religion does not apply to a majority of the world we know. The freedom to even read this article and surf the web for anything and for however long you want is another right we often over look. China is a populous nation in East Asia ran by Communism with a population of 1.4 Billion people; the largest in any place. China is also a place where you are heavily monitored and not as free as you are in America; because of this persecution continues to grow at a scaling pace.

In the Chinese constitution, Article 36 says that citizens “enjoy the freedom of religious belief.” It’s supposed to ban any discrimination based on religion and doesn’t allow state organs, public organizations, or individuals from compelling citizens to believe in or not believe in any particular faith. In February 2018 new Regulations were passed on religious affairs, they would allow state-registered religious organizations to possess property, publish literature, train clergy, and collect donations. These rights come hand and hand with government controls and restrictions. The Government controls religious schooling, the times and locations of religious celebrations; including monitoring of online religious activity and reporting donations that exceed 100,000 yuan. Sophie Richardson, a Human Rights Watch China Director says that even though it may seem like religious beliefs in China are protected, they “do not guarantee the right to practice or worship.” The State only recognizes five religions: Buddhism, Daoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism. Religious organizations have to register with one of the five state-sanctioned religious associations, which are also supervised by the State Administration for Religious Affairs.

Although Christianity is not Illegal in China and it is one of the five accepted religions, it can surely feel that way. Being monitored and controlled is not freedom but it’s what Churches have to go through or face repercussions. Pastor Jin Mingri has firsthand felt the pain of not falling in line with the Communist Party. Jin’s Zion Church in Beijing, a huge unofficial congregation in China, was completely demolished by authorities who then sent him a bill for 1.2m yuan. Jin had preached there every Sunday for many years. Jin commented on the past and how “as long as you didn’t meddle in politics the government left you alone,”. “But now if you don’t push the Communist party line, if you don’t display your love for the party, you are a target” Jin said.

The regulations that came in February 2018 required tighter control of places of worship, with many Churches forced to install Security cameras that fed live footage to local authorities. Shortly after, officials all around China have removed crosses from church buildings and demolished Churches viewed as “too large” in the hope of reducing the public visibility of religion; because of this Chinese Christians find themselves worshiping in secret places like caves and farms. Many don’t own Bibles and many aren’t allowed to worship the way Jesus Christ intended Christians to; which can be frustrating I assume.

In September of 2017, the Chinese government announced that anyone who organizes a religious event that’s unapproved will be fined 100,000 to 300,000 Yuan. Chinese residents who rent or provide venues for any of these events will also be fined 20,000 to 200,000 Yuan. The Chinese Communist Party has been working on a 3-phase, 14-year operation to smoke out Underground churches and “annihilate” them. The Chinese government first had to ease up on the persecution of the underground church, tricking them into surfacing and being identified. As soon as the Churches began to felt safe and came out publicly, the Chinese government invited and then pressured the underground churches to register and become Three Self churches. Once they got what they wanted, their true goal was revealed as both the remaining underground churches and even Three Self churches are being persecuted using Mao-era brute-force, as well as mass surveillance, artificial intelligence, and big data. The arrest and abuse of Christians especially those who are vocal is now something very common.

Christians in China Detained and Abused by Authorities

Christian persecution is not a new problem for the country and it does make sense that it would be problematic to an atheist Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as a challenge. The Government has completely launched an offensive attack against them and have gone as far as to try and rewrite scripture. They have banned the online sales of The Holy Bible and most Christians in China don’t own one themselves. Beyond that, officials have been burning bibles and forcing Christians to denounce their faith. The growth of Christianity clearly is making the Chinese Government uncomfortably nervous, which is leading the ‘Sinicisation’ of religion in the country.

Regardless of what Christians in China are experiencing, they remain strong and Christianity has been growing larger in popularity. The number of Christians in China has grown by an average of 10 percent annually since 1979. Clearly Christians in China are faced with some difficult challenges but even though that’s true, there are still as many as 115 million Protestants in China, and it is one of the fastest growing religions in the country. With 1.4 billion people, China’s population is overwhelming and within that large group of people, Christianity is on its way to being the largest religion. Many have speculated that do to the growth that’s been present for Christianity in China, by 2030 it is very likely that there will be more Christians in China than in the United States combined. If you don’t know the United States is home to the biggest population of Christians, Brazil and Mexico following behind.

Christians in China continue to Worship and Fight for their right to be Christians and followers of Jesus Christ

In the United states where we have access to Bibles even in our Hotel rooms, we don’t think twice about a day someone says we can’t have it anymore. As Christians in America continue to feel comfort in going to Church when ever they want or opening the bible when ever they want others like in China wish they could do that freely every day. As we take for granted our rights to be Christian in America and barely go to Church and barely open our Bibles; as we let our bibles collect dust, in China they are smuggling them. “This is what we needed the most” says a youth pastor in China as the congregation smells, kisses, and hugs their newly smuggled bibles.

Written by Emmanuel Matos

Muslim Call To Prayer Will Be Broadcast Across New Zealand This Friday

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has announced that the Muslim call to prayer will be broadcast across New Zealand this Friday on national television and radio channels, following a two minute silence to mark the Christchurch shooting.

Speaking at a press conference in Christchurch on Wednesday afternoon, Ms Ardern said:

“I know from many there is a desire to show support to the Muslim community as they return to mosques, particularly on Friday.

“There is also a desire amongst New Zealanders to mark the week that has passed since the terrorist attack.

“To acknowledge this, there will be a two-minute silence on Friday. We will also broadcast nationally via TVNZ and RadioNZ the Call to Prayer.”

The Adhan or call to prayer is a statement of Islamic faith which is broadcast from the minarets of larger mosques, or the door of smaller mosques, to gather in faithful Muslims.

The words of the Adhan are as follows:

Allahu Akbar
God is Great
(said four times)
Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah
I bear witness that there is no god except the One God.
(said two times)
Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah
I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.
(said two times)
Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah
Hurry to the prayer (Rise up for prayer)
(said two times)
Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah
Hurry to success (Rise up for Salvation)
(said two times)
Allahu Akbar
God is Great
(said two times)
La ilaha illa Allah
There is no god except the One God

According to some reports, the Adhan will also be broadcast throughout the New Zealand Parliament and government buildings.

120 Christians Slaughtered by Nigerian Muslim Militia

One Hundred and Twenty Christians have been killed by Fulani Militant Herdsmen since February in the Kaduna state of Nigeria. They have relentlessly destroyed the villages of Inkirimi, Dogonnoma and Ungwan Gora. Approximately 50% of Nigerians are Muslim and 43.2% of Nigerians are Christians. Nigeria has ranked the 12th worst country in the world when it comes to Christian persecution as it continues on, in this region.

According to WorldAtlas

The attack on Monday killed 52 people and 143 homes were destroyed. Many families were badly injured and killed, most of which were women and children. Survivors of the horrific attack say that the militant herdsmen were divided into three groups. The first group shot and killed the people, the second group set buildings, people, and homes on fire and the third group, went after those who tried fleeing the scene.

The heinous incident that took place on Monday, followed with an attack the day before. In Ungwan Barde Village, Muslim Extremists massacred 17 Christians with the burning of many homes. Fulani jihadists have become a greater threat to the lives of Christians than the Islamist terror group called Boko Haram.

Nigerian Christians Burned Alive by Terror Group Boku Haram

During the first week of March Muslim extremists massacred more than 30 Nigerian Christians in the Karamar village. They also set churches and houses on fire which seems to be a pattern carried out by those who persecute Christians in the Region. The Muslim extremists mercilessly shot at any families that tried to escape the fire, killing 32 innocent Christian people. 

According to the Christian Post, in 2018 thousands of Christians have been killed. Many are calling this Massacre a Christian Genocide in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. CSW a United Nations well known organization that advocate’s for persecuted Christians worldwide, believe that the violence could have been amplified by Kaduana Governor El Rufai. His claim of 66 killed Fulani’s on the eve of Nigeria’s presidential elections, caused the death of 133 Nigerian Christians. Not all Muslim people are extremists but we can’t continue to pretend that Islam is the religion of peace it claims to be when the Quran supports these acts. 

Christianity Site States the Following:

“By most conservative counts, the Quran contains over 100 passages that call Muslims to take up arms against unbelievers in the name of Allah.

“Kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them… And fight them until there is no more unbelief and worship is for Allah alone” (Quran 2:191-193).

“Strike off their heads and strike from them every fingertip” (Quran 8:12).

“Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties; in exchange for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they slay and are slain” (Quran 9:111).

“Truly Allah loves those who fight in His cause in battle array…” (Quran 61:4)

“The Messenger of Allah said: I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (Sahih Muslim 1:33).

Therefore, when Muslim terrorists take up the call to arms in the name of Allah, they are fulfilling the Quran, not opposing it.

Funeral For Christian Nigerians

CSW is mandating the Nigerian Federal Government to address the uproar and slaughter against Christians. The Federal Governor seems to not want to step in and do something about the conflict; although very capable of doing so. One thing is for sure, acts of violence is not okay no matter the race, religion, or why. The silent persecution of Christians around the world continues to grow and barely get’s covered. The sad truth is that many of these acts come from the East and are being fulfilled by Muslim Extremists Groups. Around the world Christians are being Jailed or Killed for Preaching and equally not denouncing the name of Jesus Christ.

About 10 months Ago President Trump met with President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari in the Oval Office on April 30th. Buhari is the first African leader to visit Trump in the White House and although President Trump Addressed his concerns for the killings of Christians in Nigeria, since then it’s just continued. God bless the people of Nigeria and please actually do stop for one second of your day and Pray for Nigeria.

Written by Jazmin Minier

FORMER AUSSIE PM RUDD: UK trading with the Commonwealth to make up for leaving the EU is “utter bollockS”

By Penny Hoffmann

Kevin Rudd, the 26th former Prime Minister of Australia, is sometimes a quite the unprofessional politician like many of Australia’s choices. Among various situations he has put himself in from being so down-to-earth, he has become a bit of a cheeky fella in the news and on the political stage for playing handball with school kids, needing a fitness instructor to lift him up for chin ups, being caught eating his ear wax during Question Time, and saluting George W. Bush at a NATO summit which “was just uhh… it was just a joke”.

Mr. Rudd’s take on brexit will surely ruffle the feathers of many brexiteers.

Rudd tweeted the following on March 11:

“With the clock ticking down to Brexit Day, here are my arguments in the London Guardian on why Britain should remain in the European Union. In contrast to Howard, Abbott and Downer cheering on the Brexiteers – all to reconstitute a British imperial rump.”

He stated in a recent article by The Guardian that swapping the current Britain-European Union trade agreement and relationship with a Britain-Commonwealth one is “the nuttiest of the many nutty arguments that have emerged from the Land of Hope and Glory set now masquerading as the authentic standard-bearers of British patriotism”:

“I’m struck, as the British parliament moves towards the endgame on Brexit, with the number of times Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India have been advanced by the Brexiteers in the public debate as magical alternatives to Britain’s current trade and investment relationship with the European Union. This is the nuttiest of the many nutty arguments that have emerged from the Land of Hope and Glory set now masquerading as the authentic standard-bearers of British patriotism. It’s utter bollocks.”

Rudd stated that Britain should remain in the European Union, and that “Labour and the Conservative remainers should unite to defer the exit date beyond 29 March 2019. They should then support legislation for a second referendum”.

Kevin Rudd describes brexit as a suicide note that will leave a large mark in world history:

“If Britain proceeds with giving effect to what future historians will legitimately describe as the longest suicide note in history by leaving the union, the cold, hard reality is that the mathematics simply don’t stack up in terms of credible economic alternatives to Europe. Much as any Australian, Canadian and New Zealand governments of whichever persuasion would do whatever they could to frame new free-trade agreements with the UK, the bottom line is that 65 million of us do not come within a bull’s roar of Britain’s adjacent market of 450 million Europeans.”

Remaining in the EU, according to Rudd, would benefit Britain economically and politically because authoritarians around the world seek to bring down the unification of Europe on things such as values, thus weakening the west.

Rudd supports a second referendum because it offers “a clear, informed choice between two tangible, concrete proposals: either voting for Theresa May’s deal, or for Britain to remain in the Union. That’s when I believe Britons’ native common sense, as well as their wider sense of international responsibility, would ultimately prevail”.

Rudd described Australian (“Oz”) brexiteers as having a goal of returning to old Anglo-Saxon times:

“They too, like the core of the British Brexiteers, are driven by a conservative political romanticism that we can all somehow go back to that ancient Arcadia of a white Anglo-Saxon world with “imperial preference”, all consummated by the solemnity of a Lord’s Test.”

Brexit day is scheduled for the 29th of March, 2019.


Exposing the players ruins the game: how symbolism conceals the world’s deepest secrets

By Penny Hoffmann

If one desires to communicate something essential to others, but not to one’s enemy, concealing the message is important. Only those who are educated on the context of the message can truly understand it.

There are many ways that humans communicate and understand each other. These include; verbal methods such as via audio (such as speech face-to-face or on radios); non-verbal methods such as via signs, symbols, eye contact, tone, and text.

Improper usage of punctuation, spelling, tone, definitions, and other facets that relate to the context of dialogues or monologues by the sender will negatively impact the message for the receiver. Improper communication can be and is adopted by those who deliberately or accidentally hide the truth from others.

The term “symbol” is defined by Oxford Living Dictionaries as “a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation.” Symbols that were created long, long ago are still used to this day, whose meanings may not be understood by most of the humans of today.

German indologist and linguist Heinrich Zimmer states in his book Signs and Symbols that a symbol is “a visual image or sign representing an idea — a deeper indicator of a universal truth”, and elaborates further:

“Concepts and words are symbols, just as visions, rituals, and images are; so too are the manners and customs of daily life. Through all of these a transcendent reality is mirrored. There are so many metaphors reflecting and implying something which, though thus variously expressed, is ineffable, though thus rendered multiform, remains inscrutable. Symbols hold the mind to truth but are not themselves the truth, hence it is delusory to borrow them. Each civilisation, every age, must bring forth its own.”

One theory that is debated by many is that Ancient Egypt, being the earliest known location to have built the foundations for anatomical science, named parts of the human body after astrology. This, if true, was most-likely from Egyptian religious influence:

“The overwhelming majority of Egyptologists seem to not be familiar with the details of the age-old Hindu tradition surrounding the Third Eye. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that they seem largely unaware of the Third Eye’s central importance in the Egyptian religion.

The Third Eye is a key concept in Hinduism’s Kundalini Yoga, which teaches initiates to “balance” or “unify” our lunar ida left-bodily side with our solar pingala right-bodily side.

This “balance” or “unity” of our twin opposing natures makes us whole again—just as the balance or unity of China’s twin opposing Yin and Yang halves completes the perfect circle.

This “balance” or “unity” also awakens a serpentine power, which rises up our spine (through seven invisible “chakras” or energy centers) and activates a Third Eye hidden in our foreheads.”

Thus, things that may seem like they aren’t symbolic may have hidden meanings that are known by only those who understand the message properly.

Secrets are valuable for many reasons; to name a few, secrets protect and reveal identities, reputations, build and break apart relationships, and prevent justice or injustice. But secrets conceal the truth, and truth is the remedy to much of the world’s problems.




Covington teen suing CNN for more that $250M over direct attacks causing reputational damage

Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann plans to sue CNN for at least $250 million over “direct attacks” and false reporting, his lawyer told Fox News.

High profile libel attorney L. Lin Wood discussed the lawsuit and decision to CNN in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” that aired on Sunday 10 p.m.

“CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post. And CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes,” Wood told Fox News host Mark Levin

CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy with a young boy, that Make America Great Again cap on. So they go after him

— Lin Wood, attorney

The media is continuously slandering Trump supporters and targeting them for wearing MAGA hats. Let this be a reminder to the left-wing media that fake news has its consequences.

Sandmann is a minor, not a public figure. CNN went after him with false claims causing reputational damage, no child should have to deal with this attack at such a young age.

CNN smeared a young boy over his support of the president, this goes to show that they will go after anyone who doesn’t share their ideologies and hate for the president, even if it means going after a defenseless teenager. CNN has stooped so low and they will have to face the aftermath of their consequence’s.

“Why didn’t they stop and just take an hour and look through the internet and find the truth and then report it?” Wood asked. “Maybe do that before you report the lies. They didn’t do it. They were vicious. It was false. CNN will be sued next week, and the dollar figure in the CNN case may be higher than it was [against] The Washington Post. This suit will be carried out today.

Opinion is protected by the second amendment, any media that stamps down on freedom of speech should be tried for their actions, weather left or right-wing. A nation that goes after freedom of speech is no longer a free nation.

Dana Homsi