A bucket bomb was set off on the London Underground in Parsons Green on Friday, leaving 22 injured – many were children. Thankfully nobody was killed.

The bomb was set off on a train carriage and the train driver reported that he could see smoke. People ran out in terror as fast as they could, many people were injured on the way out – including a pregnant woman who was crushed in the stampede. The terrorist that set this bomb off is still on the run, he has only just been identified. The metropolitan police have been informed that he is a young Muslim man around the age of 18 who was an Iranian refugee.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, told the people of London ‘not to panic’ and that ‘London is one of the safest places in the world’. Khan is also famous for saying that ‘terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city’ – even though Tokyo (being one of the biggest cities in the world) has had hardly any terror attacks when compared to European cities. President Trump responded by calling the terrorist a ‘loser’ and extended his sympathy. However, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May said that Trump’s comments ‘are not helping’.

Other media outlets suggested ‘keeping an open mind’ when referring to the terrorist, even though eye witnesses said that he was an Islamic terrorist. Many outlets will call the suspect ‘asian’ for the sake of political correctness and not mentioning the word ‘Islam’. This has been put in place so that modern Unorthodox Muslims would not get offended.