By Will Mannion

Despite tireless efforts made by the GOP Establishment and the Democrats, President Donald Trump has come out on top with everything he wanted. Trump has managed to deliver a massive tax cut just before Christmas, have the economy booming with record numbers and a ban that prevents potential terrorists from arriving in the US from Islamic State countries.

7 out of 9 Supreme Court Justices agree with Trump’s latest bill. The bill has taken a very long time to go through congress with many obstacles laid out by the Democratic Party, who wish to increase taxes on the middle and higher class thinking that they can tax the country into wealth. The GOP has a history of only giving breaks to the rich, which has turned voters to the Democrats over the years, and this bill allows a massive tax cut for everyone.

People seeking to enter the United States from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad will now be unable do so. Although all of the countries are Muslim countries, this is not a Muslim ban. A Muslim ban would be a ban on Muslims from all countries, a Muslim would still be able to travel from the UK to the US with this ban in place. In fact, the highest Muslim populated countries have not been banned – India and Pakistan are not on the list despite their massive Muslim population.

This travel ban contains the exact same countries as the last travel ban put forward by Barack Obama in 2011. In fact the travel ban was exactly the same, although Obama’s travel ban lasted twice as long as Trump’s version of the travel ban. The only reason someone would call Trump’s ban a ‘Muslim ban’ is only to obstruct Trump’s every move simply to make his job difficult so Trump gets nothing done – that way the Democrats would have the argument that ‘Trump did nothing as President’.

Political activists all over the world are acknowledging President Trump’s success. It may be argued that Trump still has a way to go – as the wall isn’t done, Obamacare still needs to be tackled, Hillary Clinton isn’t serving a sentence for her crimes and the fact that the US debt has reached over 20 trillion dollars. However, for a President that had inherited Obama’s problems and who has been in office for only 10 months, this is a very good start to the next 3 years and a very good end for 2017 for President Trump.