“Vagina Field 5”: feminism ruins Battlefield game set in World War 2

By Nikos Tsinakis

The latest installment in EA’s popular video game series: Battlefield was officially revealed earlier this week in the form of a two-minute long youtube video. The trailer has since garnered a massive uproar from fans of the franchise for being wildly historically inaccurate, pandering to political correctness and SJWs. The opening scene of ‘Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer’ shows a handicapped female allied soldier charging into a house entrenched with Germans, not surprising that anyone who’s been educated in this period of history would feel disgusted by this absurd depiction of front-line combat during the Second World War. Furthermore, the indicates this game will be a stark contrast to its predecessors, a series that used to be defined by its tactical gameplay, realism and historical accuracy to the time periods each game was set in.

what’s with the Braveheart face paints?

In addition to the blatant feminist propaganda, one can clearly see from the bright colors and excessive visual customization also drew massive irk among longtime fans of the franchise. Giving criticism to how “arcadey” the game looks, making it seem like the game was intended to target a younger audience and women, two groups that have never been of any significant numbers among the existing player base of the game. We know this because a recent poll conducted by the Battlefield subreddit shows more than 70% of the player base are men aged between 18-34.

So why is it, that EA – once rated the worst company in the US is trying so desperately to pander towards an almost nonexistent female audience? Looks like they haven’t managed to put a stop to their tendencies of well-established video game franchises.

At the time of this article being written, the trailer video managed to gain an impressive amount of dislikes – more than 230,000, resulting in a like-to-dislike ratio (50%)  that matches the most disliked youtube video ever; Baby by Justin Bieber.

Here are some of our favorite comments left on the video from angry (rightfully so) fans:

EA keeps deleting, i keep posting.
handicapped Transgender females DID NOT FIGHT IN WW2.”

“WWII has been V A G I N A W A S H E D”


nothing to see here, just a female ww2 soldier with a modern prosthetic arm…


Cultural Marxism seeping into entertainment

Feminism and social justice ideas are running amok in the 100 billion dollar video game industry, ranging from historical revisionism by shoe-horning women into roles they never existed in, as seen in the latest World War 2 setting Call of Duty and Battlefield games but also policing over how fictional female characters should be portrayed (e.g. they shouldn’t have unrealistic body shapes that “real women” don’t have). Ideas that feminists advocate in real life are also being enforced in video games today as the game publishers seem to bend over to the social justice warriors, a keynote in how all this is connected usually goes; Game company talks about “inclusiveness and diversity” in their video games to cater towards players from all walks of life and gender/sexual orientations, then proceeds to hire a team of social justice sympathizing executives that place their agenda above the amount of entertainment the final product would provide.

‘Fahrenheit 451’: HBO repurposes classic cold-war era novel to attack Trump’s America

By Nikos Tsinakis

The classic novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1953 just received an update in the cinematic format. The unmistakably bleak, futuristic authoritarian dystopia setting seemed more than appropriate given the current political climate the world is in. Additionally, it’s been more than half a century since the last outing of this book being made into a feature film, the update seemed to be delivered well in due time.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends, despite amazing performances being delivered from a well-rounded cast featuring Michael B Jordan (Black Panther, Creed) and Michael Shannon (The shape of water), this HBO remake fails to do the famous book justice and the concepts it outlines by exhausting most of the screen time to preach a politically correct message, but it gets worse, it openly praises communism (We’ll get to that part later). This became truly a great embarrassment to the writer of the classic as the intent of the original book had to do with critiquing against limiting people’s free thought, a practice which liberals today loves to exercise.

In a terrifying care-free future, a young man, Guy Montag, whose job as a fireman is to burn all books, questions his actions after meeting a young girl…and begins to rebel against society.’ – IMDB


The film currently boasts a disappointing 4.9/10 on IMDB


Set in the backdrop of Cleveland Ohio, the film makes a quick introduction of our main fireman characters. In an early scene, the Cleveland fire department gives a school presentation. It was actually one of the only few scenes that I found engaging and believable, in large part because it’s easy to see how kids would view a charming, studly guy like Michael B. Jordan as a celebrity or public figure. But before a burning demonstration for the youngsters, both To the Lighthouse and Moby Dick are shown on screens. Each is about a paragraph long. Anything beyond that, says Captain Beatty (played by a steely Michael Shannon), is insanity.

The thought-provoking journey in the original book was completely ignored in favor of a superlinear narrative where the main character Guy Montag, played by Michael B Jordan goes through the phases to eventually rebel against an “oppressive” society without portraying to the audience the reasons behind it.  Any substance and nuance were left in the dust in exchange for a badly composed personality assault against Trump in the current political context we live in right now. No attempt was made to hide such blatant advocating for the leftist agenda as seen within the opening act of the film; the main group of protagonists in the story being persecuted clearly resemble your average college leftist today.

The politically correct narrative was demonstrated further as we see the rag-tagged revolutionaries against the oppressive system all happen to be female, racial minority or a combination of both. That point was further driven home during the last act where our “revolutionaries” revealed their plan to preserve books without trace: by memorizing one book each, a nod was made to Mao Tse Dong’s little red book, was added by HBO’s writers that I’m sure would make most clear-minded people feel flabbergasted.


A noteworthy mention should be made that Mel Gibson, one of the few conservatives left in the film industry expressed his interest in directing this remake, it makes one wonder how much better such an adjustment would improve upon this HBO sponsored liberal brainwash.

The fact that HBO’s latest outing of this cold war classic has changed so much of the original in order to appease a modern,.short attention spanned, social justice preaching audience, only increases the disappointment further.

Greek Mayor attacked by citizens for supporting multiculturalism

By Nikos Tsinakis

Thessaloniki, Greece – The Mayor of the second largest Greek city has been hospitalized after an encounter that led to head, leg and back injuries. “Far-right thugs” have been blamed for the attack.

“They were hitting me everywhere. Kicks, punches, the lot,” he told the nation’s state-run news agency. “It was a despicable attack but I am well.”


Footage from the scene of the attack shows the mayor being hurled bottles at before being kicked to the ground causing head and leg injuries.  Some of the attackers rushed him as he was being escorted to the car, even attempted to smash the vehicle’s windows.

The assault was quickly blamed by the government and opposition on fascist supporters in Greece.

Golden Dawn Party, a well known Greek nationalist organisation is being targeted as the culprits behind this attack due to its history of violent clashes with leftists. It’s also the country’s third biggest political force and not surprisingly in this age of conflict and strife caused by the tyranny of the EU, is gaining more support day by day.

Being helped to his vehicle after the attack

Summary of the event:

Thessaloniki City Council President Calypso Goula said on Saturday that Mayor Yiannis Boutaris was attending a flag-lowering ceremony intended for the commemoration of the so-called “Pontic Genocide,” the killing of ethnic Greeks by the Turks during World War I and the subsequent Greek-Turkish war.

Goula, who also was there, says about a dozen people; later branded as nationalist extremists by the media, approached the 75-year-old Boutaris and told him to leave the event, a disagreement occurred and followed by the mayor being attacked with bottles. The mayor is known for his strong cultural Marxist/anti-nationalist stance.



Golden Dawn party has been branded as neo-fascist by it’s critics. 

A city driven to the ground by left-wing politicians

It would seem like this attack happened as a retaliation to the far left policies enacted by this mayor who is a known liberal. The Greek city with more than a million inhabitants has bore the brunt of multiculturalism policies that caused a massive influx of illegal migrants from Africa and the middle east disguised as “refugees”, of course much of this is pressured on to the Greeks under the direction of the European Union. The average Greek citizen simply isn’t allowed to question such heinous acts of population replacement, and any opposition to these far left cultural Marxist policies would be labelled as “fascist”.  

Having personally visited Greece and Thessaloniki on vacation last winter, I can attest to the anger that’s been expressed by Greek citizens. I personally witnessed the results of “vibrant multiculturalism” as nothing more than dirty streets with Africans merchants and gypsy beggars targeting tourists for harassment, my Greek friends were visibly frustrated but chose to look the other way, showing the sheer dimensions of this problem is beyond their control.

The mayor also plans to exhaust the taxpayers’ money on building a new Holocaust Museum in the city as a bastion against “fascists”

I do not condone such a violent attack on a 75 year old man, but I can understand.


“F*CK TURKEY” Netanyahu’s son risks igniting World War 3

By Nikos Tsinakis 

In recent events following president Donald Trump’s decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Muslim nations around the world headed by Turkey took their protest to the international community. As a result of this diplomatic spat between the Jewish state and Ankara, 
Yair Netanyahu- Son of the Israeli Prime Minister, with a long history of making controversial social media posts, shared  an image on Instagram that portrayed an edited Turkish flag that clearly displays the words: “F*ck Turkey”

Background: Turkey has been protesting against Trump’s decision and Israel’s use of deadly force against Palestinian protesters

Jerusalem Post:

Turkey has been among the most vocal critics of the Israeli use of deadly force against protesters at the Gaza border and of the U.S. decision to open its new embassy in Jerusalem. It called for an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul on Friday.

Speaking at a dinner on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Erdogan said the majority of the international community had failed to react to the events in Gaza, and warned that remaining silent would mean “opening a very dangerous door.”

“In the face of all these events, the United Nations has ended. (It has) become exhausted and collapsed,” Erdogan said. “If Israel’s bullying is met with more silence, the world will rapidly be dragged into a chaos where thuggery prevails.”

Turkey and Israel now experience an unprecedented level of intense diplomatic tension with Erdogan describing the events on the 16th of this month as an act of genocide and that “Turkey would stand by Palestine no matter the cost”

His words were put into action after summoning Ambassador Eitan Naveh and told him it would be “appropriate” for him to return to Israel.

Israel retaliated against these actions by expelling the Turkish consul-general in Jerusalem and, on Wednesday, summoned the country’s deputy ambassador in Tel Aviv for a dressing down.

More than 60 Palestinians were killed and more than 2700 were injured during the organized protest near an Israel border fence on Wednesday.

Such a proactive stance taken by Turkey was rather unexpected as the relationship of two countries have been improving since 2016 as well as the country rarely presented itself as the leader of the Muslim world in the past due to its attempt to appeal to the EU as a secular nation.

A dangerous catalyst

There’s a real possibility that this war of words will escalate beyond the realms of diplomacy and economic matter. Israel’s actions have already pushed Turkey and Iran closer; the two were historical rivals with their majority populations following different sects of Islam, Sunni, and Shia respectively. Should an Alliance between these two major Muslim powers form, it could have the potential to seriously damage the interests of Israel.


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan in a phone call on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump’s regional policies were “miscalculated”, and should be condemned by Muslim countries.

“Muslim countries should condemn U.S. and Israeli actions with a united voice,” Rouhani was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency

One thing is clear: The United States and West European countries must not intervene should any armed conflicts occur, it’s time for the middle east to solve their own problems. America First. No more pointless wars for so called “great allies” that’ll result in nothing but wasted American blood and dollars.

Duality of Israel: Obese Jewish SJW wins Eurovision

By Nikos Tsinakis

It has been a rather historical week for Israel so far in the wake of Trump’s controversial decision to move the American Embassy in the country to Jerusalem. Celebrations and criticism have engulfed entire media platforms even amongst conservatives, due to the nature of the response that the Israeli defense force has taken to subdue the Palestinian protesters – resulting in more than 60 dead and thousands injured.  However, let us explore another story that happened earlier this week which will surely invoke some interesting emotions when it comes to discussing the uncomfortable truths of Israel’s foreign policy strategy.



Netta Barzilai’s supporters waving the rainbow flag in the town square, resembling a gay pride parade

Obese Israeli SJW wins Eurovision


There are many reasons to have mixed feelings over this year’s Eurovision song contest: First, Israel, a non-European nation just won Eurovision for the 4th time, by pandering to the show’s overwhelmingly liberal audience with repulsive neo-Marxist ideas. The obese Jewish pop singer Netta Barzilai preaches about themes such as “fat is beautiful” and “diversity is strength” on and off the stage. The sheer shock of this victory is further amplified by the stark contrast of how we all normally view Israel; a conservative state that has always been strongly against such false modern values in the name of equality and progress.

“The song has an important message — the awakening of female power and social justice, wrapped in a colorful, happy vibe,” Barzilai was quoted as saying by Eurovision site wiwibloggs last week.

The trending video of her performance has since garnered a mostly negative rating with 367,000 dislikes. Her song “Toy” was said to have been inspired by the Hollywood Feminist #metoo movement.


How come the liberals are not attacking her for appropriating Asian culture by wearing that dress?

A classic example of “Ethnostate for me but not for thee”

There’s no more curious case in international relations today than the phenomenon of Israel, a Jewish state with many sound policies that serves its people and put them before anyone else. The West certainly has a lot to learn in regards to maintaining a functional socially conservative society, something that Israel has managed to achieve in the face of modern “Progressivism”. Yet at the same time, it pushes internationalist policies onto other nations that would simply not fly in their own country. To put it into perspective, left-wing Israelis frequently express the state-sanctioned suppression of LGBT and feminist activists in their country yet somehow when the singer that is officially chosen by Israel to represent itself on the international stage is allowed to openly preach the polar opposite what the Israeli government advocates among their own populations. To connect the dots even further, we can draw the conclusion that all this marxist view of social justice and gender equality Netta talks about in her song is very much connected with multiculturalism, a problem being especially relevant in Europe today.

Food for thought; why would a country where non-jews have zero hope to immigrate to, where refugees from Africa gets deported by force, essentially an ethnostate in every sense of the word, would support multiculturalism happening in Europe?

Her victory in the name of “social justice” has been endorsed at an institutional level by the Prime Minister of Israel:

“These days Jerusalem is being blessed with many gifts,” Netanyahu said on social media.


“We received another one last night with Netta’s thrilling and suspenseful victory. The gift is that Eurovision will come to Jerusalem next year; we will be very proud to host it.”

Paris Knife Attack: ISIS terrorist shot by police

By Nikos Tsinakis

Casualty toll so far: 1 killed and multiple wounded with 2 in critical condition

French media named the attacker as Russian born Muslim and French Citizen Khamzat Asimov. The attack happened about 21:30 local time in the busy central Paris Opéra district.  Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said police were on the scene five minutes after an emergency call and the attacker was killed less than nine minutes later. Among the chaos, brave bystanders managed to fend off the knife attacker from chasing a wounded woman into a restaurant, thus greatly minimized the number of people that could potentially have been killed or maimed as well as buying precious time for the counter-terrorist police units to arrive.


A knifeman has killed one person and wounded four in a suspected terror attack in central Paris, French officials say.

The attacker was then shot dead by police in the Opéra district. Witnesses say they heard him shout “Allah Akbar”.

So-called Islamic State (IS) later said one of its “soldiers” had carried out the attack on Saturday evening.

Judicial sources told French media the attacker was a man born in 1997 in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya.

The sources said his parents had been held for questioning.

Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said the victim of the attack was a 29-year-old man, but gave no further details.”

Regardless of the rapid response executed by the French police, the goal of the terrorist has been successfully accomplished. A bloodthirsty Jihadist rampaging through the streets of central Paris while stabbing passersby for nearly 10 minutes is no doubt another demoralizing strike in the EU heartland and a reminder to Parisians that the grave danger looming over their city ever since the November 2015 truck attacks has not yet dissipated.


One thing is clear: no matter how hard the Mainstream Media and the EU government attempts to shift the blame away from their own incompetence towards “religious extremism” and ISIS, it only provides further evidence to the eventual obliteration of their refugee-friendly narrative – Terrorist attacks absolutely increased in parallel to the number of third world migrants and “refugees” arrived in Europe. The self-professed liberal and French President Emmanuel Macron announced on the day of his inauguration last year that the key to combat terrorism is to work alongside middle eastern and African nations towards the goal of eliminating ISIS. His hypothesis, however, does not seem to be remotely accurate or relevant to the current situation in Europe, where thousands of returning Jihadis and terrorist cells have been running loose despite allegedly being on “watchlists”. This begets the questions; why aren’t European governments doing enough to protect their own citizens? How many more European lives must be sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalism and diversity?


The Islamic State has been put on their back foot for years yet there seems to be no reduction in the frequency of terrorist attacks on European soil. The death toll of the terrorist attacks in France in the past three years now adds up to exceeding 230 people.

Although the terrorist has been confirmed to be a Russian born French citizen, it shouldn’t come as a shock to discover his ISIS connection due to his birthplace being the southern Russian republic of Chechnya, an area where Islamic jihadi groups have long been operating in. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombers also happened to come from the same Russian region.

Youtube’s SJW Agenda: Forced Diversity in New Karate Kid Series

By Nikos Tsinakis

Last week, the highly anticipated sequel to the much loved 80’s Karate Kid series was released in the form of a premium streaming show on YouTube – “Cobra Kai”  As some of us may have expected, due to the fact that Youtube and it’s parent company Google have had a long history of promoting and harbouring a massive leftist bias, they’ve wasted no time in injecting SJW ideas in their hot new subscription-based Youtube Red show. The show’s premise is set thirty years after the events of 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, the series focuses on Johnny Lawrence reopening the Cobra Kai dojo, which causes his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso to be reignited. This engaging story unfolds as we are introduced to a painfully forced “diverse” cast featuring a Hispanic teenager as the main protagonist along with his group of friends featuring an obese mulatto girl, a Jewish boy, and a Russian kid with some type of autism. Now I know, this story is set in California but even then, this cast does not remotely represent the average demographic of Los Angeles. One must wonder when will this trend of grossly over representing minorities in the mainstream entertainment industry will die off.



Right off the bat, we as the audience got the chance to familiarize ourselves with main character Johnny Lawrence, the antagonist from the first Karate Kid movie. Once a menacing school bully, jock and popular kid, now he’s just a washed up middle aged American guy with a set of more than typical problems that many people can relate to, working odd jobs just to pay his child support/alimony while living in a subpar apartment where the most basic utilities don’t work. I must admit, Johnny(Played by William Zabka) was undisputedly the highlight of this 10 part mini-series as the villain-turned-hero narrative of his manages to keep me engaged over the constant underlying reminders of political correctness. Although a common theme does become established as our hero begins his journey to self-discovery and reopens the iconic “Cobra Kai” Karate Gym, Johnny’s macho 80’s male mentality starts to conflict with our contemporary society’s values where everyone is oversensitive and should be policed in order to use words carefully so no one’s feelings would get hurt. This is evident when he called his young Karate students as “pussies and losers” for not willing to get rough and receive punches to the face as a necessary step to get better in this art of combat. It all starts to go a little downhill, however, when his character progression causes him to lose aspects of his “toxic masculinity” as he realises he was being too harsh on his students( so much for the “no mercy” Cobra Kai motto) because, in this day and age, you’re just not suppose to be an alpha male that says what he wants and still be a likeable protagonist.


A good example of forced diversity: The high school bully happens to be a skinny and awkward Asian kid, seriously???

If you must cast a non-white character, at least have someone with the stature and build of a football player. Just goes to show that, when hiring actors solely for the purpose to fulfill a racial quota instead of the actor’s merit, it has an extremely adverse effect on the storytelling and the audience’s immersion to it. This is an issue in Hollywood that spans across smaller production like this as well as big budget billion-dollar box-office movies such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

It is still possible for anyone to dive into this show and fulfill their childhood nostalgia while obtaining a pleasurable viewing experience if they so choose to turn off their ears at whenever preachy moments about “equality” and “tolerance” began to sprout up. This is where I’d suggest you readers to check out Youtube Red’s offering of a 30-day free trial which can be canceled immediately after you’re done with the show.

In the end, we as the consumers of these manufactured entertainment mediums must stand up to Hollywood’s SJW cultural Marxist agenda. A bottom line has to be drawn to show that we are not willing to swallow every bit of leftist propaganda they’ve been shoving down our throats. Youtube’s Premium streaming service is named “Red”, you know what else is Red? Communism. Coincidence? I think not.