UKIP Leader Claims “Party Is Probably Over” If Forced Out

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

United Kingdom – UKIP leader Henry Bolton has come under scrutiny recently after it being revealed that his former girlfriend Jo Marney texted racial slurs about future Princess Meghan Markle. When Mr. Bolton discovered this, he said he found her comments “abhorrent, unwise and offensive,” but that “I don’t believe I did anything wrong.” Ms. Marney apologised and resigned from the party subsequently, and Mr. Bolton said it was time to “draw a line” under the matter. When asked about the current status of their relationship, Mr. Bolton conceded that they were “still in touch,” but said in an interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain that “the romantic side of our relationship has ended.” Mr. Bolton and Ms. Marney were, however, spotted holding hands together at a private members’ club in Westminister on Wednesday, and Mr. Bolton have been reporting the death threats she has received to the police. Several UKIP figures have stated publicly that they’re angry at Mr. Bolton for continuing a friendship with Ms. Marney after what has been revealed about her.

Mr. Bolton has stated firmly that he refuses to quit, and that the party “faces collapse and bankruptcy” if he is forced out. “A leadership contest now,” he claims, “would be financially unviable for the party.” He went even further in another recent interview, where he opines that, if further infighting and attacks against himself continues, “the party is probably over.” He says that the party “needs cohesion, it needs direction going forward and it needs to continue the agenda that’s been initiated to reform the internal workings of the party,” and think that a fight for the leadership of the party will only be for the worse for the party. He concedes that his “personal life is a bit of a mess at the moment,” but insists that he is not “letting it distract one iota from my job as a leader.”

Nigel Farage, who stepped down as leader of the party in 2016, have been concerned about the future of UKIP and Brexit, and have been reported to have plans for a “UKIP 2.0,” but dismissed this completely on Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC).

Red Cross Builds Only SIX Houses In Haiti After Being Given 4.5 Billion Dollars To Rebuild Homes

By Steven E. White

On January 10, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Port au Prince, killing around 220,000 people and destroying about 105,000 homes. Another 188,000 homes were severely damaged, forcing 1.5 million people into the streets to become homeless. By the time the quake ended, 19 million cubic meters of rubble and debris lined the streets of Port au Prince, strewn with the crushed bodies from those living under poorly built cement roofs.

Many agencies, religious groups, and humanitarian aids were quick to respond, some having fundraisers up within the hour. LDS Helping Hands and the DEC of the UK were speedily on scene to help the victims. The red cross set up a fundraiser and raised, after a while, 500 million American dollars to go toward Haiti victims. People couldn’t believe it, and so the Red Cross set out to rebuild Haiti. On their return from Haiti, they claimed to had helped 4.5 million people, of the ten million that lived there. The Prime Minister at that time, Jean-Max Belleville, stated that was simply, “not possible” that they had helped as many as they claimed to help.

Due to a language barrier, and Haitian laws on land ownership, only six houses were built by the Red Cross. Red Cross eventually claimed it would take 9% overhead and spend 91% of fundraisers on Haiti; but calculations show they only spent around 60% of proceedings on humanitarian efforts. A large chunk of the 40% got sent to other nonprofits, who then took their own portion of overhead. So, basically, the Red Cross used its 500 million in donations to build a whopping six homes, though almost 300 thousand homes needed rebuilding or restructuring. This wasn’t the first time Red Cross had misused donations or neglected victims, and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Not even a year after the earthquake, cholera spread throughout Haiti, killing almost six thousand and infecting another 216,000. Red Cross did not sufficiently combat the situation. Years later, when the ebola virus began spreading around West Africa in 2014, Red Cross was quick to raise funds. The Associated Press stated that the Red Cross employers most likely stole millions of dollars meant to combat the virus. According to a Red Cross internal investigation, workers fraudulently used funds marked specifically for aid; 6 million dollars lost to this type of spending.

Just this last year, Hurricane Harvey struck south central Texas, causing upwards of $180 billion to rebuild the state; the most costly natural disaster to ever hit the US. The category 4 hurricane tore through buildings and cars, damaging or destroying 135,000 homes. Millions of cars were wrecked and the death toll sat at 82, as the 27 trillion gallons of rain damaged the residence below with the historic flooding. Some parts of Houston received more than 50 inches of rainfall, and, according to a California geophysicist, the weight of the water sank most of the city, temporarily, by two centimeters.

Red Cross was sluggish to respond to the disaster, though taking in millions of dollars from donations. While the Houston councilmen expressed gratitude for the individual helpers from the Red Cross, Dave Martin of the councilmen had harsh words to express concerning the ‘Red Loss;’ “Every time I turn on the TV, I see million of dollars in donations(to the red cross)” He says the company is the “most inept, unorganized organization I’ve ever experienced.” and urges the citizens to not “waste your time, and don’t waste your money. Give it to another cause.” The local Government there had done all of the heavy lifting, according to Dave, and provided most of the resources, despite the millions raised by the Red Cross. It seems that the Red Cross has become a cash-grab company, who wait for natural disaster to strike, to benefit off of people’s generosity.

Macron: UK Can Keep Participating In The Single Market If They Accept Brussels’ Laws

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

President Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Theresa May of United Kingdom spoke this Friday about the future of trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. Macron stated that he would not punish or reward Britain, but that they would have to obey EU laws to retain access to the single market. “If you want access to the single market – including the financial services – be my guest. But it means that you need to contribute to the budget and acknowledge European jurisdiction,” the President said.

What the single market means, to those who are unfamiliar with it, is a type of trade bloc where most trade barriers for goods have been removed, with common policies on product regulation, freedom of movement of capital and labour, enterprise and services. The single market in question here is the European Single Market – which, confusingly enough, is also called the common market. You can read more about the European Single Market (ESM) here.

Macron stated firmly that “there can be no differentiated access for the financial services,” a statement May might have found slightly disappointing, but she expects a mutually beneficial deal to be done between the EU and UK after leaving the EU and no longer being full members of the ESM. She told reporters: “There will be a different relationship in [the] future … but I believe that it is actually in the interests not just of the United Kingdom, but also of the European Union as it goes forward to continue to have a good economic relationship and partnership with the UK. I believe that should cover both goods and services. I think the City of London will continue to be a major global financial centre.”

Whether the City of London will continue to be a major global financial centre is up to fate to decide, but according to Macron, the United Kingdom has two choices: (1) leaving the union, lose the benefits of the single market, and create a new trade agreement with the EU similar to those with Norway and Canada and; (2) remain in the union and keep the benefits of the single market.

Even though Britain has voted in favour of leaving the union, it turns out that the Brexit referendum weren’t actually legally binding, according to Adam Payne of Business Insider. This thus become a possible outcome, but one which we shall be careful of expecting. As the first year since the vote has almost passed, the clock is beginning to tick for getting all the laws and treaties in place before next year, 29 March 2019.

The Canadian Nationalist Party Isn’t The Alternative To Trudeau

By Will Mannion

Despite the concerns over the far left Canadian governments, heading to an Ethno-Nationalist party in Nationalist clothing will not do any good. More and more Canadians are looking for better alternatives to the major political parties that are currently toe to toe, many Canadians have seen the populist uprising happening all over Europe and the Western World.

The Canadian National Party are a group of Ethno-Nationalists, similar the the British National Party, who try to lure Nationalists into their party – Nationalists, of course, believe in putting their country first where Ethno-Nationalists vocally believe in putting their race first. The CNP was recently denied public venue by taxpayer funded organisations over their extreme views. Unfortunately, this can be interpreted as ‘forbidden fruit’ to those outside of the party that may now want to join. This has been the case with Milo Yiannopoulos’ Berkeley speeches where he was banned for speaking because the grounds on which he was speaking on decided that what he was saying would offend students. This made more people become fans of Milo’s work, Canada is at risk of having the same happen with the CNP.

The CNP has very strong standpoints on social issues which aligns them with the Alt Right; such as holocaust denial, worship of Odin and the leaders of the party affiliate themselves with The Soldiers Of Odin – who target and physically attack foreigners. In conclusion, the CNP aren’t nationalists – they are fascists in sheeps’ clothing.

The Dem’s Golden Sh*thole: California’s Poverty Rate Through The Roof!

By Steven E. White

California leads the rest of the United States in poverty, at 20.6%, despite having one of the highest minimum wages, at $10.50 an hour. While the Golden State accounts for around 12 percent of the U.S. population, and one of the largest economies in the world, Californians use one third of all Temporary Family Assistance for Needy Families. In 2013, California alone had the 7th largest economy, creating nearly 250 trillion in gross domestic product. So why are Californians so poor?

Nearly one in five Californians live below the poverty line, as minimum wage continues to rise each year. Though the average is 20.6%, large, democratic cities suffer the most. For example Los Angeles’s poverty percent spiked at 23%. The Los Angeles unemployment rate ended 2017 at 5.4 percent. The poverty percentage of San Bernardino recently reach 32.3%, and is currently the tenth most dangerous city in California.

There are many factors causing the spike of poverty. The great demand for housings outweighs the supply, driving up the price of a home. The cost to buy a house in California, on average, is about $440,000. That’s two and a half times greater than the national average for a home. The second closest state, in cost of housing, is Massachusetts, which sits on an average of $330,000. Rent in California, averagely comes out to $1,240, which is 50 percent higher than the national average. Perhaps the great influx of illegal aliens over the past few years, has had this effect; to drive up the demand.

In 2015, according to the most recent data, about 10 million citizens in California were immigrants(including legal and illegal immigrants). Around 70% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, almost 1 in 10 California workers were illegals, in 2015, making up 1.75 million of the workers in the labor force. The majority of those people live in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Orange, and other large or major cities. These cities did not have the supplies to take in these immigrants, as the large influx of people drove up the price for everyone.

Another factor is the rising minimum wage. Los Angeles county passed an ordinance that will have the minimum wage set at $15 U.S. dollars an hour, by 2021. In 2017, the minimum wage increased from $10.50 to $12 for large companies. This year, $13.25 will be the new minimum wage, and will increase next year to $14.25. In 2020, the wage for large companies will be, at minimum, $15. The ordinance affects smaller companies as well, but at a slightly slower rate. They’ll still reach $15 an hour by 2021.

The problem with this increase, is inflation, and a near impossible task to start a business in California. The Golden State has the highest failure rate for small businesses; only one out of every four businesses will survive the first two years. Trump helped small businesses around the U.S, California included, with his major tax cuts, decreasing the percentage that businesses are taxed at. Many believe the tax cuts will not be enough, as democrat-run California always finds a way to tax their citizens, and take money out of their pockets.

Already, prices in every commodity has gone up over these past few years, and are expected to skyrocket as the minimum wage goes up. The average price of gas in California is $2.78, compared to $2.21 nationally. In bigger cities, the price is, predictably, higher. Los Angeles gas prices are sitting, now, at $2.86. In a ten gallon tank, to fill up your car in L.A. would cost you almost seven dollars more.

Nearly everything is more expensive in California, including the amount of taxes you must pay to live and work there.

Damore, Who Was Fired By Google For Being Conservative, Sues Google

By Kenneth Mansion

Last August James Damore was fired from his post at Google as an internal memo authored by him encouraging internal discussions on political correctness was leaked to the media at large and generated a PR blacklash for his employer Google. Google didn’t take kindly to tarnishing its hard-earned image of a diverse, non-discriminatory workplace as it’s “not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes, or encourages,” according to Danielle Brown, Google’s vice president of diversity, integrity, and governance.

Fast forward to the present, Damore, joined by David Gudeman—another ex-Googler fired under similar circumstances, filed a class-action against their ex-employers due to unlawful termination, discriminatory practice and harassment due to conflicting views. The suit defines three plaintiff classes: Political Class Period for being discriminated against for holding conservative views; Gender Class Period discrimination due to being male; and finally, Race Class Period representing discrimination due to being Caucasian.

The suit alleges Google discriminates in favor of minorities and females by undermining the rest of the racial and gender traits, namely male and Caucasian, for being superior by political or other bias in name of social justice. In addition, Damore and Gudeman’s suit highlighted circumstances where co-workers were encouraged and rewarded for harassing them for airing opinions nonconforming to Google policies or the “Googley way” as it’s supposedly termed internally.

While Damon and Gudeman are portrayed as standing up to systematic left-wing discrimination, their opponents view them as right-wing trolls bent on undermining Google’s benign efforts to create a more inclusive work environment. However, the plaintiff and their supporters consider the notion of rejecting qualified workers to balance the diversity numbers heavy-handed and discriminatory as opposed to the “benign” intentions of the diversity promoters.

Ultimately, with public exposure of the conflict, the court of justice shall decide whether such diversification programs are legal or otherwise. Resolution on moral and ethical debates on the subject is yet to be sighted.

Henry Bolton Wont Stand Down: Forced To Leave His Mistress Over Her Racist Messages – UKIP Embarrassed

By Will Mannion

The leader of UKIP, Henry Bolton, has been forced to break up with his mistress, Jo Marney , over racist texts sent by his Marney regarding Meghan Markel (Prince Harry’s wife-to-be). The Ex-Liberal and Member of European Parliament was threatened by his party saying that he should either step down as UKIP leader or leave his 25 year old girlfriend, Jo Marney.

Marney’s text messages were leaked to The Mail On Sunday where one message she stated that Markel’s seed would taint the Royal Family, adding the possibility that there may be a ‘black king’ someday. As one can imagine, this sparked outrage amongst Great Britain. Not only has these remarks embarrassed the Royal Family but these remarks have tainted UKIP in such a way that the left wing media (like the BBC) can always refer back to Jo Marney’s racist messages and use them in such a way that it slanders the whole of UKIP as being a bunch of racists. This, of course, is not true as the policies of UKIP prove that they are not racially motivated.

UKIP has disavowed Marney’s comments to try to ensure no backlash will happen on their party. Henry Bolton even made an appearance on This Morning in order to inform the British public that he has left Marney over what she said.

Marney gave a statement over her text messages: “I apologise unreservedly for the shocking language I used. The opinions I expressed were deliberately exaggerated in order to make a point and have, to an extent, been taken out of context. Yet I fully recognise the offence they have caused. No offence was intended and, again, I apologise unreservedly for any such offence or hurt that my messages have caused to members of the public, members of UKIP, my friends, family and loved ones. I have disappointed them all and let myself down. I cannot sufficiently express my regret and sadness at having done so.”

Bolton (54) met Marney (25) when he was still married to his wife, who had just recently had a child. The two had an affair and were caught last week, Bolton decided to leave his wife for Marney. Jo Marney is younger than Boltons eldest daughter, who is 32, which brings to question if someone should morally be dating someone who is younger than their daughter.

UKIP MEPs are claiming that Bolton is unfit to lead UKIP. Bill Etheridge had something to say on the matter:

Candidate for the UKIP leadership, Anne Marie Waters, retweeted this tweet in response to the incident:

Will Bolton leave in shame? Yet some UKIPers are still rooting for him. It is fairly obvious that the party of UKIP is now divided and a regroup would be in order.

All There Is To Know About The Hawaii False Alarm

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

Hawaii, U.S. – On the 13th January, all residents and visitors of Hawaii got a message warning them that there was a “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” This seems to be one of the most terrifying messages it is possible to receive at 8 AM on a Saturday morning.

Several officials and government agencies were quick to warn of the illegitimacy of the alarm, with both Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (Hawaii EMA) , U.S. Pacific Command and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard notifying the people of Twitter about it.

Lindsay Walters, the White House Deputy Press Secretary, later said that the President had been briefed on the issue, and that it was “purely a state exercise.”
Hawaii EMA themselves does not seem to understand what happened, as their spokesman Richard Repoza said they were still trying to figure it out, and according to Fox News, it took 35 minutes between the false warning alert and the EAS message retracting it. This almost exactly the amount of time it has been estimated to take for a North Korean missile to reach the states from the time it was launched, assuming it was detected already then. There also exists warning systems to detect pre-launch conditions, for instance noticing rising heat from missile silos, to warn of a potential missile being fueled. Some state officials have even claimed that a North Korean missile could strike the state within 20 minutes from launching.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard estimated that around a million of Hawaiians received the horrifying alert, causing panic, and spread quickly on social media. As it is the closest American state to North Korea, the fear wasn’t illegitimate or unrealistic, as they have been reported to possess ballistic missiles capable of reaching the state. Even then, Hawaii EMA still assesses North Korean missile threat to the state as “low”, but have been concerned about their ongoing missile tests.

The Hawaiian government reactivated missile warning sirens from the cold war due to concern about North Korean behavior, following efforts to develop a plan for dealing with an attack from the regime. Hawaii EMA’s Vern T. Miyagi stated the following:
“We do not want to cause any undue stress for the public; however, we have a responsibility to plan for all hazards. We don’t know the exact capabilities or intentions of the North Korean government, but there is clear evidence that it is trying to develop ballistic missiles that could conceivably one day reach our state. Therefore, we cannot wait to begin our public information campaign to ensure that Hawaii residents will know what to do if such an event occur.”
The Director of Communications of Tourism in Hawaii, Charlene Chan, warned of misinterpretation of reports about the necessity to prepare for an attack, and also noted that it might cause travelers and groups to stay away from the state.
This all elaborates the need for exercise alarms, and surely reminds of the likelihood of an actual attack, but it is still unknown what the false alarm was related to. Let’s just hope they don’t keep screaming “fire” in the theatre.

UK Police Closing In On Facebook Users Who Say Derogatory Things About …Muslim Grooming Gangs?

By Will Mannion

Whilst being arrested over mean tweets towards Muslims in general can get you arrested, it seems that criticism of Radical Islamic grooming gangs is now inappropriate in Britain. Showing concern for those who are effected from being raped by Muslim immigrants simply does not fall under ‘British values’ anymore, as you can now have your door kicked down, get handcuffed and be held in a cell. The penalty would usually result in a hefty fine or, worst case scenario, some have been known to be sent to prison for up to 3 months – as criticism of Islam can be seen as a hate crime by the British justice system.

According to an independent study in Britain, at least 3,395 people were arrested in 2017 over potentially ‘offensive online comments’ by British police. This is nearly 10 people every day, nevertheless a violation towards freedom of speech and what it stands for.

An official from Northumbria Police made a statement over offensive comments made over Facebook and social media when it comes to the Muslim grooming gangs. “We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people using social media that they should do so responsibly and ensure they do not post anything which could be considered offensive.”

This investigation by the police force was in retaliation to the trafficking of young white girls in Newcastle where Muslim grooming gangs would groom them, seduce them and (in some cases) rape them and then sell them all over Newcastle as sex slaves – not one 3rd wave feminist was in sight protesting these unfortunate events.

The attitude displayed by the British law enforcement implies that their main concerns are not concerning the well-being of those affected in the illegal and indefensible human trafficking rings but whether someone making offensive comments should be charged or not. This makes many Britons increasingly uneasy and distrusting of their government, which can in fact lead to more British people growing a hatred towards the religion of Islam. As soon as the Quran is introduced into the argument of whether Islam is peaceful or not and as soon as the British people are educated over Islamic culture, that is how anti-Islamists are created. These people may simply oppose Islamic rape culture for moral reasons and then they will become racists and bigot by default for not accepting culture, according to the short sightedness of the Mainstream Media.

Multiple polls have estimated how much of the UK is Islamophobic. One of the lowest estimates is at 28%, one of the highest estimates surveys Islamophobia at 55%. The last poll was conducted over whether that citizen would feel threatened over having mosques being built where they live.  Whether it is 28% or 55%, the number of people who are growing a dislike towards Islam is increasing, including when people are starting to look into the controversial background of London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

In conclusion, the Northumbria Police is only fuelling the fire on the war against Islam – with more and more people seeing Islamophobia as the sweet forbidden fruit that could end all the troubles caused by Islamic grooming gangs and other Islamic organised crime.

Sadiq Khan Gets Heckled, Londoners Begin Being Educated Over Their Sh*thole City And Mayor

By Steven E. White

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, was interrupted by a group, calling themselves the ‘White Pendragons’ on Saturday morning, during a speech to the Fabian Society, a socialist organization. They shouted Trump and Brexit slogans, calling for the arrest of Sadiq Khan, for undermining the constitution, and for his affiliation with the Fabian Society. It is believed this demonstration was partly in protest of Khan’s remarks over Trump not visiting London, but the Pendragons say otherwise…

A member of the right-wing group announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here today to make a non-violent, peaceful citizen’s arrest.” Just then, security tried to seat the individuals, but they cited law, saying, “We are under common law jurisdiction, if you touch us, you’ll be gone for common assault. Do not touch us.” as well as, “Stand back! We’re not leaving, I paid for a ticket.”

“Why are you doing this?” a guard asked, to which a camera man, later to state his name as Dave Russell, of the Pendragons responded, “because Sadiq Khan doesn’t speak for everybody. Sadiq Khan is subverting the constitution.” The guards continued to tell them to leave, saying this could be done outside. In response to the question of why they are interrupting a democratic event, Dave said he is in protest of every part of the Fabian Society. “They’ve subverted every part of our constitution. They have subverted every part of our education system. Also, every part of our political system. If you wonder why certain countries are such a mess, it’s because of people like this!”

Minutes passed until police finally arrived, and escorted the group out of the building, peacefully. As the Pendragons left the building, Khan spoke with contempt for Trump and his supporters, “It is a pleasure to be here, even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call ‘very stable geniuses.’”

This attempted arrest came one day after Khan tweeted on January 12, “Many Londoners have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here while he is pursuing such a divisive agenda. It seems he’s finally got that message.” Some reporters have stated this was the reason for the protests, which, wasn’t mentioned at all by the Pendragons. In Dave’s recording, it is clear they were there to protest the Fabian society, and Khan’s affiliation with them. Dave calls for an investigation of Khan, asking to speak with the head inspector, saying that, “Just because he’s the mayor, doesn’t mean he’s above the law…. They have broken their oaths of office, and we’re here to let them know, if they do that, we are coming for them. We, the people, are suffering. Not them in parliament.”

According to the MSM, the White Pendragons is a white-nationalism, racist, alt-right group. That is not true. It seems to be about patriotism and complete rule of law. They seek to maintain unity throughout Europe, accepting all people from different walks of life in their fold. Of course, though, the MSM has to make every issue about race. The Pendragons, simply, are calling for their freedoms back, and chose to heckle Khan about those freedoms. It is unfair and misleading to label them as racists.

Breitbart Reveals Partisanship in Twitter Management

By Stefan Matias Klovning

Silicon Valley, US – After holding several interviews with former employees of Twitter, all of whom wished to remain anonymous, Breitbart discovered the secret behind this social media giant, as reported by Allum Bokhari just recently.

One of the main findings was that the Twitter management is built into three separate groups: “hardline leftists,” the “ACLU type” who still believe in free speech, and those who join through H1B visas, who it is claimed are mostly “apolitical.” They also found that “the majority of Twitter’s management … believes … that ‘hate speech is violence.’ They ‘absolutely’ believe in the idea that ‘abuse scares people off the platform.’ And that certain types of speech ‘silence’ other speech.” This is certainly a big finding, but after the James Damore incident regarding Google, it should perhaps not be too surprising that this also counts for other members of Silicon Valley.

A second source told Breitbart that the company openly celebrates when right-wing figures are banned from the platform. A perfect illustration of this was in the case of the banning of Milo Yiannopoulus, according to the source: “There was a great deal of celebration [at Twitter] when Milo was banned.” The source also said that they had started to estimate the backlash over banning someone controversial in “units of Milo,” meaning their media reach, number of followers, and ability to respond to negative headlines and backlash from members of the public. “It’s like, ‘He’s two Milos, so we can’t ban him!’ or ‘He’s half a Milo, so we can!” said the source to illustrate the case.

It was also reported that Twitter, like Google (as presented in Damore’s lawsuit against them), keep tampons in their men’s restrooms “because some men menstruate.” To make matters even worse, they also replaced the sign on the men’s restroom with a “gender confusion” sign, though just temporarily.

The sources were also familiar with senior executives “on the verge of tears” after Donald Trump won the election, describing scenes of shock and despair at Twitter: “People were huddling up in groups and crying. SJW ‘ally’ men were white knighting to comfort the women, and management sent out a memo saying that if anyone was too distraught to be productive at the office, they should take the day off.”

There is also allegedly an enthusiasm in the company to remove the President from their website, as shown in an undercover Project Veritas video revealing Twitter employee Clay Haynes who said that he and the others at Twitter wanted to “get rid” of him.

Trump and Norwegian Prime Minister Meeting Summarised: ‘Trump Is Doing Very Well’

By Steven E. White

President Donald Trump hosted a joint press conference with Erna Solberg, the Norwegian Prime Minister, on January 10, in the East Room of the White House. They spoke of their relationship and the problems facing their respective nations, covering various topics such as trade, climate, Russia collusion, and the Paris Agreement.

Trump opened the conference with, “Good afternoon, I’m honored to welcome Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway, to the White House.” He then proceeded to give a brief history of their countries’ long time alliance and friendship, expressing pride in fighting side by side on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, during World War ll. “The Prime Minister and I are both committed to strengthening the NATO alliance,” Trump stated that they are doing ‘very well’ in Afghanistan, and that things have turned around. “Norway is also a vital and valued member of the campaign to defeat ISIS; because of us, ISIS has lost almost 100% of the territory it previously held.”

Trump was happy to announce that economic ties between the countries are ‘robust and growing.’ According to the foreign trade census, American exports to Norway have exceeded imports from them, setting the trade deficit for 2017 at a positive 381 million. A positive trade deficit with Norway has never been achieved, at least since the annual census began in 1985. The closest year to obtain a positive trade deficit was in 1991, when the deficit ended at -135 million. This was another huge win for the American people, and the Trump administration. “I want to thank the people of Norway for their commitment to fair and reciprocal trade…. A word(reciprocal) that you’re going to hear more and more coming from this administration, and it should’ve come from other administrations before me.”

“Together we’ve fought against fascism, communism, terrorism, and we face threats always together. Our partnership has advanced peace, cooperation, and respect for human dignity all around the world.” Trump ended his monologue.

Solberg then spoke with great respect and admiration for America and Trump, “Our norwegian constitution, the second oldest in the world, that is still in force, was inspired by American ideals. We have a long and continuous history of serving shoulder to shoulder on battlefields around the world.” She expresses that the US remains their greatest ally, trade partner, and friend. “It’s important that we are all working together to find solutions in North Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq.” Since September 11, 2001, Norway has contributed to America’s war on terrorism, including the fight against ISIS.

After their speeches, they opened the floor to the press, taking questions from various media agencies. In a question of whether or not Trump would sign an immigration deal that didn’t include funding for the border wall, he firmly answered, “No! It’s gotta include the wall.”

Trump stood firm on his Paris-trade agreement ordeal, and stated it was a good thing to pull out of, speaking that the parameters set on America was unfair. He assured that the deal, inherently, is a good thing, but that “like usual” they made a bad deal and he wasn’t going to let that happen.

Trump also continued to embarrass the press which kept prying for information on a Russia collusion. Solberg stated, in regards to a collusion, “This has affected those outside of America.” She spoke on how they felt the need to investigate their own elections in fear of tampering, but, like America, they haven’t found any collusion or tampering.

Secretive Government Satellite Reportedly Lost On Deployment

By Kenneth Mansion

On January 8th, SpaceX launched the year’s first orbital mission, to put USA-280, a classified US government satellite code names “Zuma”, in orbit. While the launch had appeared to have been a success at start, the joy was short-lived as reports soon indicated deployment failure. Meanwhile, SpaceX safely landed on its reusable boosters for the twenty-first time.

The satellite originally scheduled to launch in November was commissioned by its manufacturer Northrop Grumman. SpaceX delayed the launch twice while studying data collected in a test for a different customer. Unusually, neither of SpaceX’s previous governmental customers, the Air Force or the NRO, announced or claimed the satellite to their name.

SpaceX publicly live streamed camera feed of its first stage, as it usually does, and showed successful separation of the upper stage with the payload and eventually safely landed at Landing Zone 1.

However, on Monday Dow Jones cited unnamed officials to have said lawmakers being debriefed on the loss of the payload. In response to the queries by Ars Technica, SpaceX spokesperson responded, “the data indicate Falcon 9 performed nominally,” while Northrop Grumman tersely denied any information: “we cannot comment on classified missions.”

The payload is speculated to have failed to release from the upper stage and burned along with it during re-entry into the atmosphere.

Government investigation is expected with results reported to classified congress committee meetings. SpaceX, for its part, is continuing with its schedule including a demonstration flight of its upcoming Falcon Heavy rocket, claiming “no design, operational or other changes are needed” in a statement on Tuesday morning. Northrop Grumman did not make additional follow-up statements.

Oprah 2020? The Hype, The Speculation And The Facts

By Will Mannion

Oprah Winfrey spoke at the golden globes last night to speak about the traumatisation of sexual assault victims and now Oprah fans are buzzing, saying she should run for the presidency against President Trump in 2020. Despite Oprah’s massive popularity and net worth, how much of this is possible and will Oprah be willing to give up her luxuries for the presidency?

NBC released a statement on twitter saying that Oprah Winfrey was planning a run in 2020 and then was forced to retract it after the statement was called fake. According to sources close to Oprah, she is actively considering a run in 2020. “Some of Winfrey’s confidents have been privately urging her to run,” the sources said.

At the golden globes, Oprah gave a speech on how rape victims should always be given a voice and celebrities all across Hollywood fled to twitter and called her speech ‘the best speech ever’ and said that she should run for President.

“For too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. But their time is up… Their time is up. So I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say ‘Me Too’ again!” – Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globe awards.

Celebrities called this the ‘best speech ever’, considering Oprah was once a rape victim herself, and the liberal elite called for her to run against Trump in the next election.

Previously, Oprah has endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 – because she thought it was time the United States had a woman President. A lot of Clinton’s campaign was focused on the fact that, if elected, she would be the first woman President and many saw this as a reason alone to vote for her. Will we see a repeat in this if Oprah decides to run?

‘Oprah 2020’ is also receiving backlash from right wing political commentators and celebrities over Oprah’s close relationship with serial sex offender and pervert, Harvey Weinstein, over having countless pictures together – which implies that Oprah’s speech was nothing more than a publicity stunt as everyone knew what Harvey Weinstein was up to.

There is currently a long list of names of those who may be running against Trump in 2020. Shall Oprah be a contender, she will have to join the list of likely democratic candidates: Elizabeth Warren 2020, Bernie Sanders 2020, Joe Biden 2020, Mark Zuckerberg 2020, Michelle Obama 2020, Andrew Cuomo 2020, Terry McAuliffe 2020, Kirsten Gillibrand 2020 and so on… Many of these may be millennial fantasies but make no mistake, anything is possible in this political climate. In a world where socialism is mainstream, where communism is favoured by 50% of US millennials over capitalism and where a reality TV star and entrepreneur can beat lifetime politicians, who says Oprah 2020 cant happen?

The Death Of The Prophet Of The Latter Day Saints Church Brings Mourning To Millions

By Steven E. White

Thomas S. Monson, the Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-Day Saints, died Tuesday night, the 2nd of January. He passed during his 90th year, in his Salt Lake home, surrounded by family.

Monson spent 54 years as a general authority for the church, 32 of those years in the First Presidency; then completed the final ten years of his mortal ministry serving as the head prophet. The church grew to almost 16 million during his service, the majority of members living outside the United States. Thomas began his prophetic ministry February 3, 2008, after the passing of Spencer W. Kimball. Russell M. Nelson, the current presiding head of the Quorum of the Twelve, is expected to take Monson’s place, as President of the Mormon church.

One of the major changes to the church during Monson’s ministry, was the age change for men and women to be able to serve missions; lowering men’s age requirement from 19 to 18, and women’s from 21 to 19. The following year, 2013, saw a massive influx of new missionaries, eager to rise to the call to serve.

Monson was often described as a man of the people, always ‘on the Lord’s errand’. He was well known for making personal visits to those who were sick in their homes, or at their hospital beds. He’d take the time to make a phone call, or simply check in on someone he felt prompted to. “His name forever will be linked to compassionate endeavors, service to others,” The church said in a tribute on its website. Frances Johnson Monson (1927-2013) stated in a 1998 conversation, that she’d seen her husband “work himself nearly to exhaustion as he has gone about blessing the lives of those in need”

Monson was asked on his 81st birthday, what he would consider the ideal gift that members worldwide could give him. He responded without hesitation, “Do something for someone else on that day to make his or her life better. Find someone who is having a hard time, or is ill, or lonely, and do something for them. That’s all I would ask” Monson always seemed more interested in what people do with their religion, rather than what they believe.

He was viewed as the steady hand of the church, as it came under fire during of the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney, who is LDS. Despite the scrutiny he may have caused, Mitt Romney spoke with great respect and sincerity, on twitter, stating on Wednesday, “Thomas S. Monson walked where Jesus walked, lifting the downtrodden, comforting the wounded, healing the sick, brightening the lives of the lonely at heart. More even than his words of strength and inspiration, he will be remembered for the abundance of his love and the overflowing of his compassion for every one of God’s children. Ann and I and our family join the widows and orphans and homeless and countless others who today mourn the life of a true prophet of God and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Trump also stated on twitter, having met with church authorities the previous month, “Melania and I are deeply saddened by the death of Thomas S. Monson, a beloved President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…”

It appears that Thomas S. Monson, simply, was a leader among millions of members who mourned his death; he was a loving, outstretched hand, and a caring friend, to all he met.

Starbucks Boycott Proven Effective, Company Begs Back It’s Customers

By Stefan Matias Kløvning

United States – One year having passed since Starbucks announced their plan of hiring thousands of refugees as a reaction to Trump’s immigration ban from seven Islamic countries, Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schulz seems to finally have understood the seriousness of the issue, as his company lost 24% of its brand value.

Schultz will be replaced as CEO for the company this month.

This has been the result of Conservative withdrawal from the business over the past year, showing that as a business, Starbucks can’t get easily away with such political partisanship.

Consequently, Starbucks announced this Wednesday to greatly expand their veteran hiring program. So far, they’ve hired over ten thousand veterans and their wives, but with this program they plan to increase it to 25000.

That is certainly something which will please Conservatives, but the customer will have the final word on whether they will return to shopping there or not.